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Why are Two Virgos Different?

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Virgo dates

Western Astrology: August 23 -September 22 Vedic

Astrology: September 16 -October 15

Sun in Virgo

If your Sun is in the sign Virgo then you are a very rational, sensible, practical, and intellectual person. Also, you are precise and detail-focused, nitpicking, and you notice any imperfection, mistake, or error. You are simply a perfectionist thus you make a great editor, and proofreader, also you are quite critical towards yourself and others. You always aim to achieve perfection in any task that you do, and whatever you start you will finish. You may be quite challenging but for good reasons, you simply need evidence, facts, and data to understand any issue, get to the essence and solve a problem. Furthermore, you are quite pioneering and great in research in any area. You have a practical approach to your studies and know what sensible questions to ask. Additionally, you make a fantastic nonfictional prose writer. You may be slightly withdrawn but highly enjoy discovering any new avenue of knowledge. The placement in a house points out the area of expertise. For example, if your sun in Virgo is in the 5th house you will know everything about creativity, children, and romance, and in the 9th about higher education and spirituality etc. However, if is placed in the 8th house then you will come across many difficult upheavals and ups and downs in life. Have a difficult relationship with your father and conflict with the law. Although you are not a social butterfly, you love the company of intelligent people and love to discuss interesting topics. Moreover, you make a great banker, and accountant and you will do well in any job related to finances. You may find yourself well off in the government sector and any type of job-related to research. You do well and are a mediator and help to get the opposite sides to come to an agreement. Your father could have any of the jobs that I have mentioned above. You are an extremely hard-working person. Additionally, you have the need to help others less privileged or sick or face difficulties in life. You need to serve, help, and protect people, even your opponents, and you have multiple and diverse enemies including frenemies. Still, you are happy to help and heal others. However, if Mercury is badly placed then things may alter and you are prone to illness, are physically weak and use your intelligence for wrongdoings. Also, you may be too pedantic.

Uttara Phalguni: The Marriage Goddess (26 degrees 40’- 10 degrees 00 Virgo) Relationships are the source of what happens to you but be careful to not stick to a toxic relationship for too long. You are into tantra yoga and mysticism-associated sex. You are an empathetic and well-liked giver; you love helping those in need. You may work in a government section and sustain an important position where you can use your intelligence, brain, and skills.

Hasta: Skilled Activities (10 degrees 00’ -23 degrees 00’ Virgo) You have a rather complex personality, highly creative, intelligent, and hard-working. Also, you are accurate, down-to-earth, inventive, sharp, and critical towards yourself and others, but you find difficult to decide. You should always remember about helping and supporting others and to develop your skills and talents.

Chitra: The Jewel (23 degrees 20’Virgo -06 degrees 40’ Libra) You are beaming, sophisticated and magnetic and always trying to improve. You need to feel unique and try to balance your thinking and analytical sides. You have a tendency to overindulge, and do not comprehend that not all have the same skills as you. You are creative and smart and like the company of others, but you never reveal your true personality to others. The placement of the sun in a nakshatra along with the placements of Mercury are the essential ingredients to specify what type of Virgo you are. For instance, if mercury is in conjunction with the Sun but not combusted it gives very positive results.

Moon in Virgo

If your Moon, which represents your mind, is in Virgo then you only accept an argument that is supported by evidence-based logic. You are very smart, curious and have a fantastic memory. Also, you are calculative, ingenious, and like arguments. You require validation and are ground-breaking, accurate, practical, in possession of great observational skills. You comprehend the world differently than most people. Also, you are very nitpicking and detail oriented so you may be a perfectionist or even a pedant. You aim to achieve faultlessness, and everything you do must be flawless. When you cook, clean, write, dress up etc you are doing that perfectly. Moreover, you are thinking, analysing, and talking at the same time. You may be a polyglot, good in writing, research, studies, wise and rational, however, if Mercury is badly placed then it may change. Then you are confused, moody, anxious, pessimist, depressed, tense, and may suffer various mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, and OCD. Also, your physical health may be badly affected, you may suffer due to digestive issues, blood infections, laryngological, conditions as well as neurological and nervous system illnesses, you may lack patience and have a bad memory and struggle in school.

You make a great writer, academic, scientist, and medic and you do well in any field related to finances. Also, you may be a multilingual, fantastic teacher, professor, musician, and attorney.

Still, to see exactly the type of Jupiter you are, the placement of the Moon and Mercury must be taken into consideration. When the Moon and Mercury are well placed then your thinking and analysing are very innovative. However, Rahu may change everything, and you are anxious and pedantic, and you suppress your emotions. Moreover, your mother is very down-to-earth, practical, well-organised, and polite and she implemented those futures in you. Still, you cannot stand chaos therefore it destroys your mental balance. You derive emotional satisfaction from solving problems and helping others. However, you are critical towards yourself and others. You pay attention to your health and live a healthy lifestyle, but you do not know how to relax. It’d be soothing for you if you try meditation or stay in quiet surroundings. Your partner will be more chilled out, less practical or organised but it will bring harmony to your life.

If your Moon is afflicted by Mars, Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn you have obsessive-compulsive disorder. You make a great doctor or unconventional medicine healer, and great with media. Still, you are over-critical of yourself and others, but love to help, support, guide and heal others.

Jupiter in Virgo

If your Jupiter is in Virgo, then you gain knowledge due to the companionship of wrongdoers. In this life, you must pay debts to a spiritual master. You teach and do many things free of charge. You may suffer due to diseases and your spiritual master may become your enemy. You will take part in charities just to pay the debt that you owe society. Also, you may experience problems around faith so you will explore many religions. Furthermore, you are very intelligent and have great recall. You are fond of education and can get a PhD. Also, you are a fantastic organiser, and you love to deal with data, stats, and evidence. The data is the evidence that gives you a sense of security.

If you get sick you will explore any possibility, and data research to make yourselves better. You are good at schooling, and you must work with your brain, a dull job is not good for you. You will get a supportive partner, who is a handyman. However, you may be criticised by your partner. This position of Jupiter is very good and helps you to put your life in order. Still, you will not get wealth or success overnight, it will take time and effort. However, if your Mercury, Moon, and ascendant are well placed then you will have a sharp intellect, acquire knowledge easily, have great recall, and higher wisdom, and be very keen to learn many things. You are also logical, and down to earth, and need evidence, and statistics to comprehend various areas of knowledge and to understand it to the core. You are a nitpicker and detailed focused, on logical debates, diplomatic, and a practical optimist, aloof, far-seeing, and philosophical.

Also, you are open-minded, compassionate, and meek, and act accordingly to the law and rules. Also, you are a great writer, medic, and astrologer. Moreover, you are interested in yoga, languages, history, maths, and teaching. You cannot do a routine job; you must do something that requires the use of grey cells. So, you make a great scientist, banker, economist, statistician and in any profession involving digits. Still, you are good in consultancy, journalism, biology, botany, medicine, advocacy, and politics. Also, social workers can be seen here. However, if Mercury is afflicted or badly placed then you have a short attention span, and poor recall, also you are confused, fickle and an extremely self-serving person. You may suffer problems with your digestive, vascular, and reproductive systems, heart conditions and psychological issues. If you are a woman then your husband will not treat you well. Still, everything depended on the relation between Jupiter, Moon, Mercury, ascendant and nakshatras.

If you want to know in what sign are your planets and what it means specifically for you just contact me and I will send you your birth chart with a short description of your chart. Till then stay happy, healthy and safe.

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