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Why are two Taurus different? The Sun, The Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus in Taurus.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Taurus Dates:

Western Astrology: April 20 - May 20

Vedic Astrology: May 15 - June 14

What is Taurus?

Taurus is ruled by Venus, is female, fixed, and its element is earth. Taurus is in Rajas Guna, and its symbol is a bull which represents the face and right eye. Taurus's motto is ‘I own’. The Moon and Rahu are exalted, and Ketu is debilitated in Taurus.

Physically Taurus are rather tall, with robust shoulders, and neck. Taurus represents framers and businessmen, and is sociable, agreeable, and composed. Also, reliable, slow but steady and in this manner builds his/her material foundations for physical luxuries. Additionally, Taurus is grounded, persevering, forbearing, realistic, dedicated, and genuine. When Taurus starts something he/she will finalise it. However, have fixed views and can be stubborn, possessive, and self-absorbed. The mindset is that this is about me, for me and mine. Still, is humble, keeps his/her word, and loves cooking. Family is important for Taurus and spends a lot of time with the family. Loves material comforts, sex, luxury, comfort, beauty, sensuality, sweet food, culture, art, poetry, and singing. Still, dislikes unexpected changes, transformations, and insecurity.

The Sun in Taurus

If your Sun is in Taurus you focus on your family and love to deal with family businesses. You are a great manager of financial corporations, generally very good with money, you need and provide financial security for the family. You love to collect valuable objects such as antics, gems, and wealth in general. However, because the Sun and Venus dislike each other, the Sun does not feel comfortable in Taurus. Thus, the soul is lost in seeking pleasure and forgetting about the other realm of existence, the real purpose of life, the real self, and losing connection with nature. Still, because of this total focus on material pleasure, you may be very good at finances from an early age.

However, to see exactly which type of Taurus you are, you must see the placement of Venus and other aspects of the Sun. For instance, if your Venus is weakened you might become a con artist or a hoarder. If your Venus is placed favourably you might be great in all jobs related to money, become a fantastic artist, or be a successful restaurant owner.

Furthermore, the sun in Taurus is divided between three nakshatras such as Krittika, Rohini and Mrigashira. This is why no two Taurus people are the same.

Krittika: ‘the star of fire’ (Goat) is from 26 degrees 40’ in Aries up to 10 degrees 00’ in Taurus (I wrote about it in my post about Aries).

Rohini: ‘the red goddess’ (Cobra) is from 10 degrees 00’ to 23 degrees 20’ in Taurus. Rohini represents production, creation, birth, evolution, cultivation, and improvement, and means that you are attractive, and stylish, like good quality items, including food. You are also charming, artistic, romantic, honest, a good communicator, and follow your own principles, and you are a deep thinker. This creates a need to find an equilibrium between the material and nonmaterial parts of you.

Mrigashira: ‘the star of searching’ (Cobra)is from 23 degrees 20’ in Taurus to 6 degrees 40 in Gemini. Thus, you are fervent, fidgety, powerful, always pursuing your objectives, and hungry for more knowledge. You are great at any type of communication. You may have quite fixed views and be moody. Although you are soft in nature, it’s hard for you to control yourself and have a tendency to overindulge.

The Moon in Taurus

If your Moon is in Taurus you have great desires for affluence, lavishness, food, and beauty, and you want to be the most beautiful possible. A Taurus Moon person is stabilised through material possessions, and your emotional sanctuary is based on prosperity. You can work like a bull, and love to collect art, and any valuable objects because the sense of possession of valuable items brings stability to your mind.

Dependent on Venus placements you may be very clever but use that to swindle others and achieve your material objectives. You are stubborn and fixed about things and views that are valuable to you. In relationships, you look for stability, loyalty, and material security. Still, you are drawn to mysterious, magnetic, and intensive partners.

Your mother is likely to be a homestay mother, who is very caring, loving, and calm. She nurtured and nourished you through her stability, and solid and grounded nature. Thus, the relationship with your mother should be good.

It is noteworthy, that if your Moon is waxing it makes your mind sattvic (you want to develop harmony between material and nonmaterial). When waning it makes your mind rajasic, (you want to enjoy life to the fullest) or tamasic (you want to destroy life to the fullest)?

Also, the Moon is the strongest at 2–10 degrees in Taurus, however, the Moon feels well in all degrees of Taurus.

Jupiter in Taurus

If your Jupiter is in Taurus then you grow money, bank accounts, family, and relationships with extended family. Also, you look and speak wisely, and can earn money through speech and food. You love to dine well. Jupiter also grows your knowledge and intelligence about wealth, accounting, finances, economy, building, wealth, art, and history, gives a lovely voice so you can be a good singer, and teacher.

Jupiter in Taurus brings good relationships, and you are caring, inclusive, and focused on family. Your security is placed in your family and friends, and you feel comfortable around familiar people, situations, and objects. You get great wealth, but you also will go through sudden downfalls in various areas of life. Bring balance between materialistic and spiritual aspects of life so you will be protected from being tested. You are a hoarder, good at saving due to your fear of not having enough. Therefore, you will be tested. You may not be calculated but also not overly empathetic towards others, so it’d be advisable to practice spirituality and get more empathy for those in need.

However, the real success depends on Jupiter’s placement. You can have Jupiter in Taurus and struggle financially or you can have Jupiter in Taurus and fulfil all your desires.

Remember, that Jupiter is Karka for 2, 5, 9 and 11 houses. So, if Jupiter is in any of these houses you may have a tendency to overspend which leads to financial disaster. Still, Jupiter is a great teacher so this can be a lesson for you about saving.

For a woman, Jupiter in Taurus provides a providing husband.

Mercury in Taurus

If your Mercury is in Taurus you speak sweetly and may have great vocals. You learn communication from the family, and you may do marshal art, or be a police officer, generally, your physique is your skill. You love to manage assets, ventures, and entrepreneurs and have a true-to-life approach which is absorbed by your family.

You are a pleasant, soft, well-articulated, even seductive speaker, a good songwriter, poet, singer, musician, artist, and lawyer. You make a good stockbroker and accountant and can write great blogs or books about food, travel, and all the above. You speak and walk slowly. You are a good business analyst and entrepreneur. You have a problem with making quick decisions but when you make one it is the right one. You have support from people, who are you are loyal to you, and this is mutual. You take things slowly, organising, and saving. You can easily earn and find friends abroad. You are multilingual, a good cook, and able to make others feel cosy. You should have a good relationship with your younger sibling. Although you are not the fastest learner you have a great recall.

Venus in Taurus

If your Venus is in Taurus you are surrounded by wealth and luxury and you find love and beauty via family. Your face is nice and beautiful. You learn about relationships, art, creativity through yourself, and the values of relationships you learn from family. You have a good family atmosphere, which is generous with material wealth. You love nature and have a secure, and stable household. You love art and are stylish, and good-looking. You build lifelong relations based on loyalty, stability, and honesty. You dread the unknown because you like predictability, but still, you attract intense partners, who may be jealous, and possessive. You may be involved in conflicts at work, go through litigations, and might find it hard to compromise. Money comes easily for you, so you bring stability and security to those around you.

If you want to know if you have any planets in Taurus just drop me an email with your name, D.O.B, time of birth and place of birth on .

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