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Why are Two Scorpios different?

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Scorpio dates:

Western astrology: 23 October – 21 November

Vedic Astrology: 15 November – 14 December

Sun in Scorpio

If your Sun is in Scorpio then you look deeper into everything around you, you are a born detective, and you see that which is unseen by the naked eye. You need to investigate even further and deeper any topic of interest. This includes hidden knowledge, natural resources, sex and tantra, mantra, occult, and Jyotish, you need to know how and why. Furthermore, you will go through many upheavals, sudden changes, and transformations in life. You may be confused, fidgety, lack stability and be groundless. Also, you are very private and do not share your plans with others, etc.

Planets in general do not feel comfortable in Scorpio, the exception is Ketu (South Node of the Moon) which is exalted in Scorpio. Still, to see precisely what type of Scorpio you need to know the placement of Mars and Ketu as they are rulers of Scorpio.

For instance, if your Mars is also in Scorpio, you will act extremely cautiously, nightly, or behind the scenes. However, if your Mars is in Aries then you will act and fight openly and straightforwardly in bright light and may be sexually intense. Also, your father will be very pushy and go-getting, and you will get appreciation only when you accomplish something.

Furthermore, if your Mars is in Cancer then your father may psychologically abuse you which may disturb your psychological construction and you may become short-tempered, violent, and addicted to sex. If your Mars is in Capricorn then your father may be extremely harsh and authoritarian, if your Mars is in Libra then your relationship with your father will be rather balanced or at least he will try to make it harmonious. If Mars is in Cancer and Ketu is in the 8th house, then your father will be physically and sexually abusive. When Saturn or Rahu are in Scorpio it signifies rapists, paedophiles, and other sexual predators but to define it you must see nakshatras. If your Mars is well placed then your father brings a positive impact on you and your life but if it's badly placed it will bring a very negative impact on you.

It is noteworthy that there is not a middle ground here, you may be extremely positive or come through positive transformations or extremely negative.


Vishakha: The Moon of Power

20 degrees 00’Libra – 03 degrees 20’ Scorpio

You are ambitious, competitive, and tenacious, you get what you aim for. Still, you may be too obsessive so it’s advisable to bring more equilibrium and refrain from constantly moving and doing something to prevent burnout. Self-employment is beneficial for you.

Anuradha: The Moon of Friendships

03 degrees 20’ – 16 degrees 40’ Scorpio

You are friendly and cooperative, a fantastic lover, brave, passionate and gentle, well organised and fond of travels, you are very emotional and have difficulties keeping emotions under control, you will succeed abroad.

Jyeshtha: The Wisdom Crone

16 degrees 40’ – 30 degrees 00’ Scorpio

You are crafty, analytical, skilful, and subtle, magical, enigmatic but inside tumultuous. Your personality is strong, be careful to not become arrogant, or reclusive. You endlessly search for knowledge and get into the darkest corner just to discover wisdom. You become a provider.

Moon in Scorpio

If your Moon is in Scorpio, then you need to know that your Moon is debilitated. This means that you may go through traumatic childhood experiences, you might experience corporal or emotional abuse and store some heavy mental secrets concerning your mother who may be a tyrant. You either like or dislike a person and vice versa, there is no in-between, only hate or love.

In a relationship, you create a deep attachment, a connection that makes you possessive, and jealous so you want to hide your person of affection. You are more intense in your emotional connections than most people. This may create lots of turbulencies in your relationships. Your love goes very deep and you get to know your mate through sex, through intimacy you get to know your partner very deeply. The intensity of your love may scare your mate from you. However, if you are committed then you are loyal to the very end. When someone betrays you then you will not let go easily or without trouble and may use the knowledge about secrets of your betrayer against him/her.

Moreover, you will make an exceptional investigative journalist, criminologist, lawyer, tantric guru, spiritual leader, astrologer, or actor. Inside you boil emotionally from very hot to very cold. There are many suppressed emotions and tenderness in you, but you tend to detach from them due to your past lives and traumatic experiences where you encountered life-or-death situations. Therefore, you have a strong survival instinct and intuition. Also, you will go through transformations that may make you good or bad.

The best partner for you is Moon in Taurus which brings stability, balances, and grounds you.

Your mother probably is not the most stable person and the relationship with your mother is not an easy one. This creates a lack of self-belief in your abilities regardless of the bravery, willpower and aggression that you display. Still, she might implant interest in astrology in you. Additionally, your obsessiveness makes you very determined and if you want something or someone you will never give up until you will get what you want. Also, you are very secretive about your ideas and desires and keep to yourself.

Jupiter in Scorpio

If your Jupiter is in Scorpio, then you are interested in any type of deep knowledge and you are exceptionally intelligent. You may even be a teacher of astrology, science, spirituality, mysticism, and the true nature of the material world or you may be a teacher to your offspring or a younger sibling. You make a great psychic, marine diver, numerologist, and future reader. Also, you come across life-threatening situations, however, you are always protected, and your intuition always helps you. You are also able to help others in such dangerous situations. There is a great possibility that you attain great wealth, and have good luck in the stock market.

If you are a female then your husband will be powerful and is his own boss, police officer, investigator, spy, and whose work provides security and safety for you and your family. Still, to see exactly what’s going on you need to know the placement of Mars.

Still, you derive your own safety from the knowledge and the power that you gain from that knowledge. You go deep into the occult, and spiritual wisdom that brings you happiness and security. Digging deep into secrets is your passion still you do not share much about yourself with others. You are very passionate and sexual and you know how to get secrets from others. You can play dirty games and manipulate but to help others not to harm others. However, if pressed you may use the knowledge of secrets against those who threaten you.

Next week I will write about Mercury, Venus and Mars in Scorpio.

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