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Why are Two Sagittarius Different?

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Sun in Sagittarius

If your Sun is in Sagittarius, you are confident and you have the qualities of a good teacher, coach, priest that follows the law and your own mentor or Guru. You may be interested in the occult, astrology, spirituality, religion, higher education, administration, and science. Also, you love to travel.

If your Jupiter is well placed, then you do not follow a belief system blindly, but you try to dig deep and understand a given philosophy or religion. However, if your Jupiter is not so well placed then you may be quite selfish and follow certain religious paths without a deeper understanding of the rituals and why are you doing this. You have a low self-criticism and do not accept constructive criticism from others which in fact triggers your anger.

In general, you have a very positive and optimistic life approach but be cautious to not become over-positive and over-optimistic as you may not see the bigger picture and miss some realism and practicality. Try to keep a balance between optimism and reality/

Your father may be a professor, teacher, priest, guru, or travel agent which may incline in you the same qualities.

When your Jupiter and Sun are strong then you will be the honest teacher regardless of the area of your expertise, spiritual or material but if your Jupiter and Sun as afflicted then you will be superficial and self-important. Your father may impose on you his ideas, and ambitions and be very rigorous thus he will overlook your ideas about how to live your life and force you to do what he thinks is the right way for you.


Mula: The Root of All Things

30 degrees 00’ -13 degrees 20’ Sagittarius

You are metaphysically and spiritually inclined. You want to acquire as much knowledge as possible in the topic of your interest and the world around you. You are daring, bold and passionate about things that you love. You never give up if you decide to achieve something, however, due to the same traits you may feel entrapped if a given situation is adverse for you.

Still, if Jupiter is well placed (Ketu) you may be into higher knowledge and spirituality, and become a hermit, scholar, medic, and politician.

Purva Ashadha: The Moon of Early Victory

13 degrees 20’ -26 degrees 40’ Sagittarius

You may be successful from a very early age, feel invincible, like to be in control over others and you may be quite argumentative. However, you are still not emotionless and love to share with your loved ones. During hardships, you go into spirituality and philosophy.

Still, to see exactly what your mental construction is you need to see the position of Venus. If your Venus is well placed then you are positive, optimistic, ambitious, and goal focused but you are sustaining the balance between reality and over-optimism.

However, if your Venus is not so well placed then you will have not the balance and fearlessly follow unrealistic goals.

Still, Purva Ashadha can get you from rugs to wealth.

Uttara Ashadha: The Moon of Later Victory

26 degrees 40’ Sagittarius – 10 degrees 00’ Capricorn

You may be an idealist, humanitarian, dedicated and hard-working to achieve your objectives. The purpose of life and success will come later in your life. You create solid friendships, and you are good at communication. You should make sure that what you achieve is solid and lasting so you can carry on with your ambitions and goals. You are ambitious but in a balanced and healthy way, you care about others and follow the law.

Moon in Sagittarius

If your Moon is in Sagittarius, then you may be attracted to spirituality from an early age, fairness and justice are essential to you.

Your mother may be well educated or possess an inner wisdom that will ingrain in you along with self-belief. You are outgoing, open-minded, and full of enthusiasm and people are drawn to you. You look for wisdom, think about who you are and what is the real purpose of your existence.

You are also daring, confident, an explorer and an adventurer. You may be very sporty, a justice fighter, always fighting for the underdog, those less privileged and non-human beings. Also, you make a great orator and communicator. However, if your Mars is not well placed then you may be accident-prone so you should pay attention while you drive or even walk. Pay attention to what is going on around you. For you, wisdom and knowledge are the true wealth.

You should look for a partner that is intellectual like you otherwise your relationship will not be satisfying for you. You need mental stimulation. Also, you may go through a lot of arguments with your relatives and friends, but you do not hold resentment. You are simply very passionate about your political, philosophical and life views so you may get into fiery discussions. You are a free spirit and may be quite impulsive however you are a hard, determined working person. You wish to make the world a better place and belief that if everybody was peace-oriented and followed the ethical code then everybody would live in a happy world. You cannot stand or get along with violent individuals. You love to learn and discover about the world and your surroundings. You only get angry when facing injustice, then you become a justice fighter. Your mother is also your father figure, she ingrained in your wisdom as well as gave you love and affection. She’s your mentor, guide, and guru. You want to get to the core of the truth. However, if your Moon is placed with Ketu then your belief system may be quite fundamental and orthodox. If there is Saturn then you may be controlling.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

If your Jupiter is in Sagittarius then you are always looking for excitement, and adventures, you have a zest for travelling, you also make a good academic, teacher, preacher, mentor, and guru, and you are ethical. You may be good with finances, law, psychology, medicine, journalism, metaphysics, consultancy, and speech-related positions. You need mental stimulation in any job that you do. Also, you will have a good position and appreciation in society. If you are a woman, you will have a moral, spiritual, and religious husband. Also, you may get married aboard and be wealthy. You face any hurdles in life with optimism, nothing can put you down for long. You will always find a solution even in the most difficult situation.

Still, to see exactly the results you should look at your Moon and ascendant ruler. However, if Jupiter is well placed all the positive aspects of Jupiter will be present, so you will be ethical, knowledge-driven, and optimistic. You will follow your principles and ideas.

If your Jupiter is not well placed then you may still follow your principles and ideas however, they may be not good or even harmful to you and others. Healthwise you should pay attention to your body fat, lymphatic system, liver, spleen, and brain.

However, if your Jupiter is not well placed then your belief system may be tainted, and it will bring you and your follower distress and unhappiness. You may be delusional and not see the reality, you may be conformist, and fundamentalistic and blindly believe in wrong ideas about life, rules, principles, and religion. You may be selfish, disobey the law, even become a self-aggrandizer, feel above everybody and disregards others.

The next week I will write more about Sagittarius.

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