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Why are Two Pisces Different?

Vedic Astrology: Pisces: Meena March 13–April 12

Western Astrology: February 19 to about March 20.

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The Sun

The Sun represents the soul, father, king, authorities, government, statues, career, management, persona, ego, personality, vitality & heart.


Pisces are assigned to the 12th house and are ruled by Jupiter. The element is water, precisely the deepest water of the ocean. Furthermore, Pisces relates to the subconscious, peace, purity, seclusion, humbleness, modesty, spirituality, meditation, enlightenment, self-realisation, compassion, intuition, and charity. Also, to optimism and wisdom (Jupiter) and fulfilment. Moreover, Pisces represents escapism, illusion, confusion, drugs and alcohol addictions, and bed pleasures.

Sun in Pisces

The Sun in Pisces loses some potential, and power, so you are humble, modest, and not so bold or aggressive in your approach to life. Your ego is not significant. You are creative, love to learn infinitely, compassionate, intuitive, and love to know many cultures and countries. You seek answers about the real purpose of your existence and are not motivated by materialistic gains and pleasures. Money is only a means to support the basic needs of earthly life. You are not a fan of working as you are into spirituality. You are fond of intelligent people who practice introspection. You are a highly moral idealist who is open to constructive criticism. Still, be careful, as you may be overcritical of yourself and others around you. Sometimes you may be lost between spirituality and materialism and need clarification about which direction to go. This is the duality of the sign of two fish going in opposite directions. If the ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is well placed in your horoscope, you will seek higher spiritual knowledge and wisdom. You will make a great artist of any art, anything that requires creativity. Also, you may be a philosopher, yogi, monk, or priest. You will also do well in any medical field.

However, if your Jupiter is not well placed, you may be confused, inclined more towards a materialistic lifestyle, and stay in the darkness of illusion. You feel lost and unsure of what to do, you will not find the knowledge you seek, no one will direct you to the right path, and you will lack confidence. You can often feel blue and have conditions related to feet and bones.

Nakshatras the answer to the question ‘Why are Two Pisces Different?’

Purva Bhadrapada 20 degrees in Aquarius to 3.20 degrees in Pisces. Jupiter rules it.

This nakshatra brings spiritual wisdom and knowledge that will transform you. Although the transformation is, in your case, a slow process, it will take place only if your Jupiter is well placed. You will make a great teacher, guide, counsellor, scientist, researcher, writer and astrologer, a humble astrologer who continually learns. You may be romantic, compassionate to yourself and others, and love to help others. As a deep thinker, remember not to lose contact with the natural world, as you may detach yourself from your relatives and friends, which will bring harmful consequences. Just pay the bills! Please.

When your Jupiter is not well placed, you will get lost in a fantasy world and not get the wisdom and knowledge you need to progress.

Uttara Bhadrapada 3.20 -16.40 degrees in Pisces. Saturn rules it.

You are a somewhat secretive and private person. You are practical and slowly get knowledge and wisdom through life's lessons. You are into anything related to esoteric, metaphysical, and magic dimensions. You go deep into philosophy and wisdom. You make a good astrologer, tarot reader, psychic, mystic, and spiritual leader, and you can have healing powers. However, you can use your skills and knowledge for the benefit of others or to harm others.

Revati 16.40 -30 in Pisces. Mercury rules it.

You are intuitive, modest, humble, creative, artistic, a good writer, musician, and yogi, and if your Jupiter is well placed, then you are inclined towards spirituality and higher wisdom. You utilise your knowledge to support others, are a giver, and make a fantastic astrologer, mystic, Reiki Healer, social worker, Ayurvedic Clinician, and psychotherapist. You are soft and deep, communicate gently, and tend to have a good married life and education. However, if your Jupiter is poorly placed, you struggle to find your way and feel lost, confused, and blue. Anyway, you must be constantly on the move and go somewhere while containing your inner peace, stability and your transcendental knowledge.

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