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Why are two Gemini different?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Vedic Astrology June 15 - July 14

Western Astrology May 21 - June 21


Gemini is the third zodiac sign in the zodiac belt and is ruled by Mercury. Gemini is represented by twins or a couple and rules the 3rd house, the element is air, and the colour is green. Gemini is a male sign and is dual, so it can be mutable

and fixed simultaneously, making it flexible (the first 15 degrees is

fixed, then from 15-30 degrees is mutable).

Gemini is clever, a great mediator that sees both sides of a coin and can communicate

with anyone. Gemini is a great speaker, loves talking, and learns easily but forgets quickly. Additionally, is multitasking, versatile, loves to question and dissect, considers pros and cons, and challenges your point of view but is indecisive.

Gemini is gentle, uses a lot of gestures, is chatty, loving, inquisitive, flexible,

loves travelling, drinking, music, books, chit-chat, and bars and is

materialistic, nervous, inconsistent, indecisive, and interested in intangible

concepts. Gemini needs to have a companion, finds it hard to meditate, dislikes

routine, and needs constant stimulation, for example, you may constantly update

home designs, and change homes. Moreover, is animated, swift, and a swindler.

Gemini may think one thing and say something else but has excellent ideas and

can see both sides of the same story. Furthermore, is sociable, funny, and

moody e.g., in one moment he/she is happy, and the next moment depressed.

Gemini learns quickly and forgets quickly. Still, Gemini is very creative and

experiences the inner feeling that there is more to life than the material

aspect. Gemini can be great at any profession related to creativity, writing,

or journalism. Gemini is a long-hour talker. If you want to stop Gemini, then

just ask ‘Are you sure about it?’ Still, the real nature of Gemini is dependent

on Mercury’s placement and other aspects.

The Sun

If your Sun is in Gemini then you express yourself through communication, performance,

trade, journalling, writing, public speeches, media, chit-chat, newscast,

dramatic art, practical talents, physical activities, and exercising. You

communicate openly about your concepts, and you have various ideas about

different aspects of life at the same time. You are also quite sexual even

uninhibited and like to toy and seduce. Of course, a lot depends on Mercury’s

placement and the house in which your Sun is. For example, if your Sun is in

the 9th house you will communicate about long-distance journeys, spirituality,

religion, higher education etc.

Furthermore, you have to consider nakshatras.

Mrigashira: The Star of Searching (23 degrees 20’ in Taurus to 6 degrees 40 in Gemini) makes you fervent, fidgety, powerful, always pursuing your objectives, and hungry for more knowledge. You are great at any type of communication. You may have quite fixed views and be moody. Although you are soft in nature, it’s hard for you to control yourself and have a tendency to overindulge.

Ardra: The Tear Drop (05 degrees 40’ -20 degrees 00 Gemini) is associated with Rudra,

so your emotions are as strong as a storm, you are deep and passionate, with

great abilities to think, and you profit through perseverance.

Punavasu: The Light Bringer (20 degrees 00’ Gemini – 03 degrees 20’ Cancer) brings peace

after the storm of Adra. You are caring, sociable, agreeable, adaptive, and into

philosophical areas of life, love art, sensitive, appreciating, love travelling

and family life, you want to make everybody pleased but it’s impossible, so it

causes troubles for you.

The Moon

If your Moon is in Gemini, you express yourself through constant communication,

travelling, writing, and looking after siblings and friends. You are very sharp

and analytical and swiftly come to conclusions and decisions. You are

multitasking and getting bored with repetitive work. You continuously crave

stimulation and challenge. However, there is an inner conflict between your

emotions and logic. Still, you are a social guru and form long-term

friendships. You are fond of long-distance voyages and discovering new places.

Travelling makes you at peace and brings you a sense of security and

business success. You get bored quickly, so you need lots of stimulation. Your

mother is important to you, but she may have some health issues concerning

mobility or communication but this is determined by other aspects. Clear

communication between you and your mother. You should pay attention to your

nervous system, lungs, and skin. Smoking is particularly damaging to you. Your

life partner is wise, sophisticated, maybe a foreigner or you meet during a

journey abroad. She/he will speak a different language. It’s very probable that

you will have more than 1 marriage, and many jobs. Changes stimulate you and

make you contented. You are flexible, skilful, and engaged, and must practice

perseverance to achieve your goals. If your Moon is waxing that you are taking

good care of your friends and if it is waning, you do the same, but you have an

agenda. Those present in your life might be individuals from your previous

existences. However, everything depends on the placement of the Moon e.g. if

linked to the 4th house your dwelling may be abroad, if connected to Mars you may

have some speech issues.


If your Jupiter is in Gemini, you love teaching, excel in communication, and earn

through writing, journalism, media, communication classical knowledge, or

dramatic art. However, you experience a conflict between the godly vs the dull

inside yourself. You are a charmer, diplomat, great orator and exceptionally

talkative. Also, adaptable, fickle, flexible, and know how to make people

laugh. You easily make new contacts and form a new relationship in new-fangled

surroundings. You are well educated, changeable, inquisitive, love new objects,

and musically and artistically talented. These talents can provide you with

wealth. Your partner may be extremely changeable, talkative, and flexible but

you may have more than one partner. Of course, everything depends on aspects,

so if the aspects are good then the relationship will last. Your weakness is

your nervous system, too much stress may affect your digestion system so you

should learn how to relax. You have an inner wisdom that you share with others

on any occasion. People are taken by the way you talk.


If your Mercury is in Gemini you are a wonderful communicator, great at martial

arts, exercising, dancing, movement, talents of hands, advertising, trade, have

nice handwriting, love reading and acquiring knowledge, like chit-chat, exchange

news, or spread misinformation (conjunction with Rahu/North Node). You are at

equilibrium in your communication and actions. In your previous lives, you used

your brainpower wisely and for the good of others, so you have high

intelligence, and logic in this existence. Therefore, you make good decisions,

have great ideas, are innovative, and are at the highest in any occupation. You

achieve academic success, are a quick learner, full of magnetism, precise in

communication, constantly composed, great organiser and leader, very logical

and academic, great medic, lawyer, teacher, and accountant. You love using your

intelligence, you dislike tediousness, and you are well composed. Only when

there is Rahu or Mars linked then you become fast, and fickle in friendships

which becomes problematic. Otherwise, create good relationships with siblings,

and sisters and meet new people and networks during your lifespan. You are also

sensible in dealing with money, articulate, and confident in your speech. You

always make the right tête-à-tête with the right individual at the right place.

You enjoy conversations with intelligent people and can write in the perfect

manner etc. It comes easy to you. However, if Rahu is present your speech

becomes fast.


If your Venus is in Gemini you excel in advertising, trades, and exercising. In

previous lives, you experienced joyful life when you helped your

relatives and friends. You cultured skills of art, science, trade, dance,

music, communication, and high intellect and shared your knowledge and skills.

Also, you socialised and made others happy. Thus, now you are great in

reporting, broadcasting, and media in general, as well as in interaction and

communication with others. You dislike conflict as well as stagnation in

relationships. You may have multiple marriages. Still, you crave your one and

only one soulmate. If your Venus is in conjunction with Rahu, or is combusted,

or retrograded then you will enter various relationships and marriages. You

will constantly look for intellectual compatibility and a friendship-based

relationship. However, experience a complex love life such as where you are

stuck between two partners at the same time. You may meet your partner abroad,

or he/she may be from a different culture.

Your communication is genuine, and you are attached to your community. You derive a

sense of pleasure from interactions with your friends, and community. As a man,

you are attracted to well-spoken women, as a woman you are attracted to

well-spoken men. You love to write, make personal relationships at work, have a

lovely voice and are peaceful. You are very sexual and sensual, know how to

create a union between man and woman, know the mating game, and still, you

crave a long-term relationship. However, if Rahu or Mars is linked to your

Venus, then you are quite sexual, lustful, and have many partners.

This is the end of part 1 about Gemini, next time I will cover Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Meantime if you want to know your birth chart contact me via

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