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Why are Two Capricorns Different?

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Sun in Capricorn

If your Sun is in Capricorn then you are practical, realistic, committed, disciplined, grounded, hardworking, and very focused on work and carrier. You have a great ability in making the right decisions and make a great boss and leader. You are also very ambitious and slowly but surely, you will get to the highest part of the ladder. You are good at any profession related to law, technology, government, politics, sport and architecture and you achieve success in any of the chosen areas due to your patience, reliability, responsibility, determination, and organisational skills. Your father may be strict and impose discipline on you, but he would be helpful in your carrier and life, thus you will be on good terms.

Still, if your Saturn is not well placed then you may experience inner anxiety and fear although outside you may appear very confident. You may face obstacles at work including conflict with your superiors and workers and your decisions may not be good. You may achieve success and then fall off the carrier ladder. Also, you may experience health issues around your knees or feet, and you may see the world in dark colours.


Uttara Ashadha: The Moon of Later Victory (Sun)

23 degrees 40’ Sagittarius – 10 degrees 00’Capricorn

You are a humanitarian idealist, committed and hardworking, logical, realistic and very ambitious, your success comes later in life, try to find out what drives you so you can control your restlessness.

Shravana: The Moon of Listening (Moon)

10 degrees 00’ -23 degrees 20’ Capricorn

You are traditional and a good speaker, serious and committed to your studies, you are hungry for knowledge and learn continuously, you are a head worker, you may face many obstacles in early life but will achieve success later in life. You are practical and logical but be careful with the bad influence of the bad company.

Danishtha: The Drummer (Mars)

23 degrees 20’ Capricorn -06 degrees 00’ Aquarius

You are optimistic, ambitious, hard worker, you want to create the world based on your own visions. You are highly motivated and determined. You keep to yourself and are interested in philosophy, science, psychology, and metaphysics. You overcome any obstacle and you make significant changes if necessary. You are well organised, structured, and focused, respect the law and order, and are very disciplined but may come across as bossy.

Moon in Capricorn,

If your Moon is in Capricorn then it is well placed, however, you should check the placement of Saturn, your mind is strong you do not lose cold blood in emotionally difficult situations. You logically analyse circumstances and act logically and reasonably in challenging situations. You are self-confident, ambitious, have strong morals, are honest, and responsible in all areas of life, workwise and in relationships. You are reliable and stable in business partnerships and love relationships. Still, the professional aspect of your life is very important for you. Your, sense of emotional security and satisfaction is rooted in material stability. Also, you need a strong, structure, fundaments and organise all aspects of living well. You are good as a leader but also like to be of service to others. You are good with money; you always have a finical pillow for the black hour. You can control your impulse and live on the minimum thus you are prepared for the bad, thin times. You are attracted to a wife who is a homemaker and takes good care of you. If you are a woman then you are very independent, but you are into art and music, which brings a balance of female energy to your life. You are well off finically, respected, and well known.

However, you must work hard for your success. You have a good relationship with your mother, who is very logical, practical, and reasonable and she has a strong impact on you and your personality and life approach. However, if you’re your Saturn is not well placed the relationship with your mother will not be so positive.

You will do well in law-related professions, medicine, psychology, sport, politics, and governmental bodies.

Still, if your Saturn is not well placed then you will be rather lazy, disorganised, lack control over your emotions, and may be abusive, and lack determination in the realisation of your desires. You have tendencies to corrupt practices and look for shortcuts.

The minus of the moon in Capricorn is your perfectionism about the organisation and structuring everything to the last bit, try to relax and take things easy so you can be less anxious, fearful, or depressed.

Jupiter in Capricorn

If your Jupiter is in Capricorn, then you should know that this is not a good placement for Jupiter. Still, it depends on other aspects thus if let's say other aspects are good then your Saturn is good ten you are idealistic, committed, reliable, have high moral standards, are fair and just, a person of your word, a born leader, hardworking, like to be at service to others, well-educated and achieve professional success and status.

Although, everything will not come to you the night still, slowly surely you will get where you aim to.

However, if Saturn and other aspects are not so good then you will face delays and must work much harder to achieve the same thing that others achieve much easier. Someone can do just one 1 step and you must do 10 steps to get to the same place. Thus, your education and success come later in life after you come over many obstacles, stress, and limitations, and you must do a lot of labour in your life. Your moral spine is not so strong and sometimes you may get good income from unethical practices while you may struggle to earn money legally. You may focus mainly on yourself, so you are quite egocentric.

However, if your Saturn is retargeted or in a bad house then you may have a tendency to violent behaviours, not have control over anger, abuse alcohol and drugs, are very self-centred, lack education, have no moral spine at all and lack financial success. You will face marital problems due to lack of respect, and unfaithfulness that leads to a break of marriage. Your parenthood may be badly affected too, thus bad relationships with offspring or your children will experience some health issues, or you may be childless. You may experience chronic illnesses.

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