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Why are two Cancers different?

Western astrology: June 22 -July 22

Vedic astrology: 15 July to 14 August


Cancer is a mutable, female sign. Its element is water (flowing water), and the ruler is the Moon. Cancer represents the breast, chest, lower lungs, and heart (4th house). The symbol is a crab, and it is the 4th house of the zodiac. Cancer’s motto is ‘I feel’.

Shortly speaking Cancer is selfish and selfless, mother, motherly, supportive, sensitive, emotional, nourishing, nurturing, milk, feeding, comfort, family-oriented, intuitive, emotional, psychic, moody, night-time, bliss, contentment, and religious. Represents home, a scholastic setting, a basis for learning, practical, but not technical, continuously mutable and having diverse associations.

Sun in Cancer

If your Sun is in Cancer you are linked to your emotions, and you are emotional and clingy, even possessive toward objects, people, and memories. Furthermore, you are meticulous, highly imaginative, intuitive, sensitive, empathetic, sentimental, good at keeping secrets, and a great writer, and artist. If you are a singer, then your vocal gives your audience goosebumps. You are sympathetic, loving, caring, and nurturing. Moreover, you are into fashion, nice garments, and new cars, and like travelling but also keep in touch with your home, where you feel the most comfortable. You feel good in places near water, and like baths. Your actions are dictated by your emotions, and you like to support others. You are devoted to your mother and motherland, and you care about your home and family and like to stay nearby them.

However, you can also be moody, pessimistic, a bit lazy and insecure, and tend to doubt yourself. Additionally, you can be suspicious, and introverted. When your security is endangered, you become very aggressive and unpredictable.

You are emotionally attached to your father or father figure. Dependent on the character of your relationship with your father you may become very emotional or emotionless. To see exactly who you are you need to consider your ascendant and placement on the Moon. For instance, if your Moon is in Taurus, you are emotionally balanced but when it is in Scorpio you may be overemotional, obsessive, and have a filthy mind, or when the Moon in Scorpio is between two malefic then you are emotional.

Furthermore, if your Moon is in Aries, then you are headstrong and a go-getter but your parents were harsh on you.

Punavasu: The Light Bringer (20 degrees 00’ Gemini – 03 degrees 20’ Cancer) (Cat) brings peace

after the storm of Ardra. I wrote about Punavasu in my previous post about Gemini

Pushya: Nourishment (03 degrees 20’-16 degrees 40’ Cancer) (Goat)

You get the support that you need, and you support others in need too. You are mature and have an emotional equilibrium. You are focused and persistent in achieving your objectives.

Ashlesha: The Coiled Serpent (16 degrees 40’- 30 degrees 00’ Cancer)

You derive knowledge from introspecting your dark side. You are philosophical with an all-pervading mind. You are free and withdrawn at the same time. You are sensual and instinctual. Your gut tells you about the real nature of others instantly.

Moon in Cancer

If your Moon is in Cancer, then you are close-knit with your mother who you highly respect. You are attached to your family home and country. Thus, you seek comfort and security in family life. Besides, it might change if your Moon is placed with malefic planets. You aim to achieve a peaceful life, otherwise, you are depressed, anxious, and moody. The second part of life is more prominent for you. You need security that you find in familiar areas and individuals. Still, you are the nourisher of everybody around you. The good that you give will return to you. You are very sensitive, but you learnt very early on to hide emotions. So, may be seen as quiet and timid, however, those who are close to you know your amusing and witty personality. Furthermore, you like cuisine and nourish others in all possible ways. You are loyal but find it hard to forgive and might be possessive. You make others feel comfortable due to creating an atmosphere of emotional stability. Try to not take too much on others’ issues or you will end up emotionally exhausted. You need to take care of your security, so help only as much as you can and no more or you will burn out. When you are hurt you withdraw and lick your wounds in solitude, and you may never fully openly express your feelings. Also, you can be clinging and domineering. Then, in conflictful situations, you react in a passive-aggressive way. Healthwise pay attention to your liquid consumption as you are prone to water retention. Also, observe how your body reacts to food and drink as you may be prone to allergies, and have digestion-related issues.

Concerning relationships, you may be with an older partner, a reputable person who you meet at your work, in an office. This is because your 7th house from the Moon in Capricorn represents office work. However, it is not an easy relationship as your Capricorn partner will be cold. This is because Saturn and the Moon are enemies.

As the Cancer Moon, you are forceful and strong-minded in persuading your carrier. Still, you have the inner calling to do something that involves helping others. You make an upright, and thoughtful manager. You may join military forces in your country.

The most important things for you are to have your sense of security and provide it for others. However, when you are out of equilibrium and feel overwhelmed then you are bad-tempered, grumpy, and irritated. To keep the equilibrium while helping others try to remember your own needs.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer so if your Jupiter is in Cancer, then you are lucky. Therefore, Jupiter in Cancer represents your very good karma. You may find the bona-find guru, teacher, or couch. Also, you are loyal to your customers and keep the family philosophy, tradition, and faith. You meet lifetime friends, and you are kind, ethical, faithful, and helpful and this conduct brings you opportunities. You earn respect and kindness from your family and in your professional life. You protect, nurture, and love your family, offspring, and youths. You make a fantastic teacher, although you tend to chatter. Still, you need to support and protect others, so you do it altruistically.

This brings you prosperity. Still, you can come across disputes at work, even litigation but you will be the winner. You are likeable and get promoted by your superiors at work. In the end, you will have a great home and happy family life. Good fortune comes to you unexpectedly. You find your sense of security in supporting others, tradition, religion, family, and culture. If you are a female, then you should get a moral and kind husband but this is dependent on other aspects in your chart too.

It is up to you how much will you get from this beautiful Jupiter in Cancer.

Mercury in Cancer

If your Mercury is in Cancer then you are well educated, live abroad, are fickle-minded and a womaniser, also into gossip, ill-tempered, stand up against your own family, lose wealth due to women, able to perform various jobs, are emotionally drawn to learning, your daughters, sisters and wife are unhappy while habituating with you. Furthermore, your mother is your teacher and explains how to get info, there is ongoing communication with your mother. At the family home, you have a collection of books at home. You go through hard family relationships. Therefore, the Moon and Mercury dislike each other. Also, you are overdriven by your emotions. You learn through your emotions. Still, a lot dependent on the placement, thus if your Mercury is with Saturn then you are completely reserved, on the contrary, when with Jupiter you are Mr/Mrs Chatterbox.

There is a probability that you weren’t nurtured during childhood and had issues with your sister. Still, you are a charismatic speaker, excellent in early education but not higher education. You are only happy to learn what you love. You can be an empathetic mentor, and adviser unless there are afflictions with Saturn, Rahu, or Mars. Then there will be problems with communication. You are fond of travelling but in comfort and you always come back to your motherland. You can have profits from properties, and anything connected with real estate. If your Jupiter is well placed, then you are doing well by yourself but if not then it is recommended for you to form a partnership.

This is the end of part 1 about Cancer. Next week I will write about Venus, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in Cancer. Meantime, if you wonder about the placement of your planets just drop me an email with your name, place, time and date of birth and I will send you a personalised chart of all your planets.

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