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Why are Two Aquarius Different?

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Aquarius Western Astrology: 20th of January - 18th of February

Aquarius Vedic Astrology: 12th of February - 12th of March

The Sun in Aquarius

If your sun is in Aquarius then you are persistent, inquisitive, innovative, and creative but also down-to-earth, logical, innovative, eccentric, scientific, resourceful, calculative, and manipulative. You have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances and will experience lots of life changes.

Your success in life depends upon your determination and hard work. You need support and advice, but you may not get that in life, so you feel abandoned, and everything is on your shoulders. As a result, you may become introverted, and timid and avoid socialising. Furthermore, you may be very private. You may do well in fields related to technology, science, electronics, and IT. You love any type of technology. You like to dwell in the core of a topic or item to comprehend how it is made, and why it works the way it works. You see and understand the world in a way that differs from the mainstream.

You are fond of changes and the initiator of changes in your and others' life. You are driven and determined in all tasks that you take up.

You make a great adviser, researcher, and scientist. However, your relationship with your father is not great. There is emotional or physical separation between you and your father, thus you will not get the support of your father in your life. Still, to say definitively you need to consider the position of Saturn and Rahu (rulers of Aquarius). Being badly placed signifies an unsupportive relationship with your father however, being well placed brings some positive aspects to your relationship with your father.

Additionally, if your Saturn and Rahu are well placed you will achieve your objectives in life though it will take hard work and time. Still, if Saturn and Rahu are not well placed then you may have low self-esteem, be lazy, lethargic, confused, make hasty and wrong decisions, have a short focus span, have anger management problems, get easily irritated, have problems with law and authorities, feel blue, have a bad association, conflict with superiors and colleagues, you have to work hard for less, become an addict, and for sure your relationship with father will be distant. Healthwise you may experience issues related to blood, bones, eyes and feet.

You tend to work for large organisations, and communities, and gain income from work for your community, non-profit organisations UN, and NGOs where you deal with large masses. You may achieve your goals related to politics, the stock market, or the sale of your products. Your older sibling may guide you in the right direction in your life where you will serve society.


Danishtha: The Drummer (Mars)

23 degrees 20 ‘Capricorn – 06 degrees 40’ Aquarius

You are an optimistic, liberal, ambitious, hard worker, dedicated, will be powered, sociable, confident and aim to change and create the world the way you see it. You need your own space at home (Good Saturn and Rahu). If your Saturn or Rahu is not well placed you may be cruel, and aggressive, and use your position of power to manipulate and control others.

Try to keep an equilibrium and balance your drive for success with patinate.

Shatabhisha: The Divine Healer

06 degrees 40’-20degrees 00’ Aquarius

You are rather introverted, extremely independent, secretive, clever, inquisitive, practical, manipulative, scientific, psychological, philosophical, and metaphysical, and love to learn deeply about the surrounding world. In the face of a crisis, you make significant changes in your life.

If Saturn and Rahu are well placed you may do well in research, IT, technology, and aviation, however, if your Saturn and Rahu are not so well placed then you may associate with the wrong individuals and be an addict.

Purva Bhadrapada:

20 degrees 00’ Aquarius – 03 degrees 20’ Pisces

You are passionate about what you do and you spread your passion around, you are goal-oriented, hardworking, wise, eccentric and may be distrustful of those around you. Still, you transform and help others to transform too. You may dwell in astrology, the occult, and the unknown. This is the result when your Saturn and Rahu are well placed however, if these planets are not so well-placed you may have bad associations, have bad decision-making skills and get problems in life.

The Moon

If your Moon is in Aquarius in your previous life you were scientific and agnostic and you bring this approach with you into this existence. You are fond of social and political reforms,

You love to resolve social issues and have the inner need to serve society to be detached from your ego and geocentrism. Your relationship with your mother may be unique, even challenging. You may feel intellectually disconnected, as she is quite eccentric, unusual, deeply involved in her world, and her things, engaged socially and not involved in your nourishment but she wants you to follow her steps. You may lack closeness and motherly nourishment later in life.

You may experience an inner conflict between being very traditional and the boundary crosser person, but you will pick the way you want to be rather early in life.

Those around you may have a problem understanding you. Still, you are very magnetic and many are drawn to you. You are attracting people from different backgrounds, so your social circle is very diverse. Sometimes you are very sociable and sometimes withdrawn and you build walls that are very hard to break for you and others. The first impression that others have on you is that you are very extroverted but when it comes to closer, more intimate relationships you tend to build walls. You love to reform the world socially, politically, and religiously. You love to make changes in your own unique and innovative ways. You make a great innovative researcher, and scientist and you can do well in film, art and media.

Your ego and sense of self are strong therefore you are forward, eccentric and a bit distant from others, you can easily detach yourself from others just to move on and this is not understood well by your friends.

You can be interested in history and archaeology and attached to the past, however too much routine makes you tired and you crave challenges. If there is no stimulation of a new challenge, then you isolate yourself. Some may consider you lonely, but you are not as you are independent and self-contained.

By nature, it is difficult for you to make an emotional connection with friends, family, and partners. You aim to serve society at large but find it difficult to make close connections with those close to you. Still, you desire a long-term close relationship and you may get a partner who is in his/her things, with pride, and individuality, and who is ambitious. This type of partner does not invade your personal space while giving you the support that you need.

Jobwise you are very good at your job as you are focused, and dynamic, also a bit secretive. Still, there may be a conflict with your superiors, and this may lead to multiple job changes. You need an independent position at the workplace and it will work for you and others.

You will do well in business related to the internet, social media, and large companies.

Pay attention to your cardiovascular system, heart, blood circulation, and cholesterol. Alcohol and cigarettes are exceptionally bad for you, instead, try to drink a lot of pure water.

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