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What if your Venus, Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu is in Leo? Who are you?

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

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Venus in Leo

If your Venus is in Leo then you are romantically inclined, very creative, and make a great artist of any type. You are into stock market, physical activities, interested in ancient wisdom, and extravagant.

In previous lives you experienced wealth and fame so, now you still have the subconscious feeling of being someone special, and important. You are comfortable in a public position, a social butterfly and front-runner. You look great and are very stylish. You like to be on the spot and have a deep need to be admired. In relationships, you need to be appreciated, have romantic affection, and feel that you are their number one and only one. This gives you balance and a sense of security. Therefore you are emotional, you wish to support your loved ones, and you express your love by sharing and caring. Still, you may be bossy and controlling. You may appear as flirty but in fact, you are loyal and longing for a long-term and steady relationship. Additionally, you are great with money and have abilities to save unless there is Rahu, Ketu, or Mars. Then you may spend lavishly, otherwise, you achieve material security.

You have a solid ego and a good sense of self. Men with Venus in Leo are lucky as they get a gorgeous spouse. You love romance, children and stock market.

Still, the true flavour of who you are is dependent on the placement of the Sun. If your Sun is strong then the above applies if not e.g., is in Libra then there may be some issues. Remember that the Sun and Venus don’t like each other.

Mars in Leo

If your Mars is in Leo then you are established, and dignified, and your determination and anger are at equilibrium. Also, you are very go-getting, dictating, and daring. You have healthy self-confidence, and stamina, make a fantastic leader, are dependable, accomplish your objectives in every profession and are very work oriented.

Furthermore, you are doing well in politics, showbusiness, stock market, various medical fields, sports, engineering, and technical areas, in any job that requires logic. You thrive on competition; including your relatives and you shout and swear. Still, you are loyal, brave, and have power over others. You enjoy the dating stage, are romantic and into long-term connections. You love children. However, everything depends upon the placement, aspects, conjunctions and nakshatras of the Sun. If the Sun is not well placed then you become quarrelsome, stubborn, impatient, and selfish.

Saturn in Leo

If your Saturn is in Leo then you may experience conflict with your father, authorities, and government, as well as problems in relation to children. For example, your parenthood may be delayed, or your children will not be doing well in school etc. Furthermore, you can be in stock market. You may be afraid of losing money and gambling is not safe for you. You may be too proud, and headstrong, everything must go your way or the highway. You are a nonconformist but at the same time, you want to be an authority and in control. However, you make a great leader who rightly guides others, and you are very charismatic but inside you feel inadequate to the role that you occupy. Still, you are doing a great job but remember to use the position of power selflessly or not for your ego gratification and you will achieve satisfaction and happiness. Let your morality, and integrity be in the same line with your words and actions, and you will be a great source of support to others. Be yourself! Remember that Saturn crashes the ego. Still, everything depends upon the Sun's placement, if the Sun is strong, you get good results if not, then you may have some difficulties in life. Anyway, stay open to learning your lessons and accept the transformation. Changes might be painful, but you will grow and better yourself.

Rahu in Leo

If your Rahu is in Leo, you are fond of children, a mantra expert, interested in space, supernatural, psychology, and any recluse occupations. However, you can be confused about the purpose of your life, and what you should or not do. The remedy for your confusion is to serve a big company, help wild animals etc. Moreover, Rahu in Leo makes you long for admiration and gratitude. You aspire to be a great showman. Still, if your Sun is weak then you may lack confidence, be withdrawn, and be timid. However, you still dream about being a star, to perform. You experience the inner conflict between what your heart desires and how your ego feels about it, therefore Rahu and the Sun are in conflict.

If your Sun is strong you have your equilibrium in life. You are strong, charming, a good leader, stubborn, motivated, ambitious, and creative, and you love to work for your success, and own your success. You are also moral, law obeying, love material comforts, have king’s taste, are creative, and artistic and you may get what you want such as fame and respect.


in Leo

If your Ketu is in Leo, you definitively do not want to be a parent, are not keen to invest in the stock market, and are not very creative. However, if you happen to be a parent that’s fine, but there is the necessity to be socially active, get recognition, and wealth, be a part of a larger establishment, and become a CEO and rule the establishment.

Factually, you mastered performance, naturally getting recognition, and be the centre of attention etc but your heart does not desire that anymore. However, pay attention to not being pompous, arrogant, or selfish as it may bring misery into your life. Another thing to pay attention to is lack of the inner fulfilment, you can achieve what your heart desire but no matter what you get materially inside you feel empty, and this may lead to an existential crisis. You should find your spiritual path and cultivate it, otherwise, you will be agitated. Dependent on the placement of other planets e.g., if Ketu is with Jupiter then there will be a transformation. If the placement of Ketu is not good you may feel inferior or superior, angry, sadistic etc. but still in one way or another your ego will be crashed.

This is the end of the story about planets in Leo, this is a lovely and creative sign but if something goes wrong then may bring very bad traits in you or your close ones. If you want to know the position of your planets, just email me your name, DOB, the place and time of birth and I will send you your chart for free. So you can study it by yourself. However, if you need a consultation just ask and we can arrange it. Have a great time studying of who you are in this life. And see you next time.

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