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Virgo in All Planets

MERCURY IN VIRGO If your Mercury is in Virgo you love to help anyone in need, if you could cure whole of humankind on earth, and the planet itself you would to it. As your Mercury is exalted in Virgo it gives you wonderful traits and skills. Thus, you are very practical, well organised, acquire knowledge very easily, have great and long recall, excel in research, make good friendships, good in finances, and any type of writing, including technical writing, and you communicate very clearly. Furthermore, you manage your time effectively and consciously. Also, you are detailed oriented and quite critical and self-critical (bad placement of mercury), you are reasonable, investigative, procedural and a great barrister or solicitor, teacher, artist, philosopher, astrologer and in stock market. Thus, you tend to conquest enemies via your rational and accurate communication. You like to have everyday routine so working in an office gives you satisfaction. Still, you may have difficult relationships with maternal uncles and aunts. Additionally, you should watch out because your enemies are as intelligent as you are. You approach your tasks with scrutiny, nit-picking attitude and you are good in IT and technical professions. Any takes, jobs that you do you do perfectly. Furthermore, you can be good in medicine the conventional and unconventional one. You make a wonderful mediator and finance expert. You make money grow. Although, you do not mind travelling but you prefer to stay at home and make it better and better. If, you travel you like to plan it instead to go for it spontaneously. When you travel you want to learn from it, not just chill out. You are good in problem solving and an acute observer, you look, gather, and analyse everything what you experience around you. You like to analyse and understand spirituality based on logic and facts rather than blindly engage in a religious system. Generally, you win disputes through your reason, evidence, and savoir-faire. However, to have a full picture you need to consider the placement of your Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. Furthermore, if your Mercury is afflicted then you can misuse all your skills, abilities, intelligence and knowledge to scam, hack, embezzlement etc. Also, you may suffer due to neurological or nervous disorders as well as problems with your back or skin.

VENUS IN VIRGO If your Venus is in Virgo then is debilitated, however, Venus here is also in the bureau of Mercury, who is her close companion. Venus in Virgo tells you that in previous existence you did not pay attention to your relationships, and you were focused on the more practical aspects of life. You did not find the right match, or you were childless. Furthermore, your physique is beautiful, and you are creative, but you experience a lot of pain and disappointments in area of love and relationships, including the material and spiritual one. Generally, you had no luck in romance. You may also suffer due to ill health. Thus, now you tend to distrust people. Still, you are excellent in finances, and business. You find good fortune moneywise and guru wise aboard. You may be too critical towards others and yourself. Although you have good intention therefore you always want to help and improve yourself and others. Still, your criticism towards others may ruin your friendship, and relationship, and your healthy self-esteem. You should remember that and imprint in you that you are enough. Moreover, you are very focus on details, make a great medic, both in conventional and unconventional medicine and you make a skilled, empathetic psychotherapist and great in beauty and art areas. You love long rational, and factual, analytical, and logical discussions with your partner, friends instead. This type of conversations nourishes you because you crave for the intellectual connection. You are also very passionate and intuitive person in life and in love. If men have Venus in Virgo, they will have a gorgeous woman as a life partner who is good with money and a great in business. Still to see the full picture you have to into details such as nakshatras e.g. Chitra may lead you to work in sex industry, Hast make you a loving, caring, understanding and helpful partner when Uttra Phalguni may you be rather harsh in verbal expression.

MARS IN VIRGO If your Mars is in Virgo then you are very intelligent, calculative, practical, and reasonable and you use these skills to win over debates. The only thing that matters for you is evidence and facts as you are a realist and detail focused perfectionist. You are very determined, persistent and you never give up, no matter how much obstacles you must overcome. You are a fighter. Still, you quite withdrawn and prefer the intellectual conversations and association of intellectual individuals rather than simple fun and gossip. You use your perfectionism, anger, and constructive criticism to achieve your objectives and support others. Furthermore, you make a fantastic mathematician, IT specialist, banker, and you do great in any position related to numbers such as accountant, tax worker, debt manager, creditor, as well as in section related to journalism, law, medicine, and sports. To see where exactly you will excel you must see Mercury’s position. Still, Mars in Virgo may bring distraction to your enemies, or distraction through the enemies. You focus on your health, diseases, and enemies still, you want to help those who are less privileged. You use your energy and body to fight as you love competing with others. You possess the strength to fight diseases such as cancer, paralysis and any other hard to beat over condition. When a condition appears, your Mars is ready to fight it. Furthermore, it noteworthy that Mercury and Mars are enemies. Thus, this Mars shows that in previous life you went through a lot of conflict. However, still you make a great expert in dealing with conflict, fixing stuff, and you make great handyman. You are also an analytical researcher that dwell deeply in any subject study. You are very critical to others and yourself, but you are not aggressive. You are a diplomatic speaker, sometimes you are too diplomatic. You need mental stimulation in your profession, so positions such as detective, scientist, teacher, solicitor, and accountant are good for you. Personal hygiene and in general clean house and environment are very important for you. You want to make the world a better place and actively engage in activities related to protecting the planet. Furthermore if, Mercury is not well placed then you are critical to other and yourself, which is not healthy or good for anyone. Also, you may have anger and aggression issues. Moreover, badly placed Mercury makes you less intelligent, shorten you attention span, leads to confusion, learning difficulties and lack of inquisitiveness, you may be prone to accidents, injuries, anger, blood and nervous system conditions, muscle problems, and put yourself in debts etc. Still to see it properly you need to consider Mars, Mercury placements and nakshatras. If you want to know where are placed your planet and what is the meaning of their placement just contact me and I will send you a chart with a short explanation.

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