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Venus, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in Cancer

Venus in Cancer

If your Venus is in Cancer, then you need emotional and material security. You are a caring, mother-like person and this is a source of joy for you. Venus in Cancer signifies conflict with your mother in your previous lives that may also be present in this life, however, everything is dependent upon the placement of the Moon. Most likely your mother provided you with security and advice as well as inclined in your creativity and the relationship is grounded in friendship. You are a good and caring partner and parent. You are a mother figure to your close ones, including friends. This gives you emotional security and pleasure. Providing security to others is the source of your security. You are attached to luxury and prefer a restful lifestyle. You need enough material recourses to feel at peace and secure. Thus, you are afraid of losing the comfort of your lifestyle, of losing material resources. You love but you need this financial stability too. You are afraid of losing your comfort. You are also artistic and creative, so you make a great interior designer, actor/actress or fashion creator. If you are a man then your wife will be attractive and most likely a homestay mom. Your focus and purpose are to nourish; thus, you engage in charities, helping those unprivileged, and supporting others in need in any form. Still, many of these traits depend on the placement and aspects so e.g., if there is a Saturn conjunction etc then you can be or your wife will be a businesswoman, and cold. Your partner may be older or more mature, or the marriage will take place later in life.

Still, she will give you love when you provide stability, and a mature partner, Jupiter gives you or your partner wisdom or gives you a partner from a different background, Mars there will be less nourishment and more strict rules in your relationship with your mother and others.

This Cancerian Venus derives pleasure from devotion, and attachment to its mother and homeland. Creating, cooking, eating, nurturing, and caring are inscribed in your nature. However, on the negative side, you may smother, control, and be overprotective which may lead to disputes at home. Still, you are great with finances and properties. Your home for sure will be beautifully done. You may have an emotional attachment to your car, and residence.


If your Mars is in Cancer then you may experience abuse from your mother, and family or your mother may be a victim of abuse. There can be cuts, burns, and bruises on the chest area. You or your mother may also experience emotional abuse. You never feel at ease at home. At home, you experience separations, disputes lack of coherency.

Still, this Mars is very good concerning material aspects of life. You make a great businessperson, cook, or leader. You can use manipulation to achieve your financial and other goals. You are strong, determined, patriotic, and ready to fight for your motherland and family, however, may be volatile. Still, a lot is dependent on the Moon's placement, if the Moon is not well placed then you may be unpredictable, overemotional, or emotionless.

Mars in Cancer is irritated so you may be short-tempered, manipulative, controlling, deceiving, avoiding the law, and extremely clever.

Your mother can be very strict towards you. To see the area where those traits play a role look at the house placement, for example, if your Mars is in Cancer is in the 7th house you will be unfaithful to your spouse.


If your Saturn is in Cancer, then your mother is very cold. To gain a sense of security you must own property, and your destiny always will direct you towards purchasing one. You may depart from your family early in life and there is no emotional security in your family home. Still, family and security are important to you. You have the inner need to provide security for others, the vulnerable ones. Also, you may be detached from your emotions, get away from other people, and be fearful and anxious about security and home. You may find it difficult to relate and express emotions, however, when you start your own family you will find security, that you will protect fearlessly. This Saturn may hamper giving or receiving feelings. Still, it depends on the placement in a house and the Moon. For instance, if Saturn is in the 7th house your partner will be emotionally unavailable, in the 3rd your younger sibling may be cold.

Definitively, there are issues related to your family, home, country, mother, father, being a parent, and rejection. Still, the difficult karmas create a pearl of great wisdom in you. Your childhood is full of hardships, and an absence of emotional safety, and love. For instance, your mother, parents, and family is there but there is no love or sense of belonging. This leaves a significant impact on you. You may become detached, and have low self-esteem. Although you may have many friends you have trust issues. Still, you will find security later in life. You are dependable and like a mother to people. You can be a wonderful psychotherapist. Although you may be isolated from your family -you are providing security for others. You are a devoted and loving parent, however, if you are childless then you become a parent to the world. You love less privileged animals, and love to help them. Your security and material wealth will come from the love that you give to others.


If your Rahu is in Cancer then you will migrate abroad, leave your home early and have problems with making your own family. To find the balance you should focus on your career, which may be in research, the army, supernatural, mysticism, spirituality, and healing. The right profession will do the trick and bring equilibrium into your life.

Rahu is the future and enhances all Cancerian qualities. This is a problematic placement because the Moon is eclipsed by Rahu, so this is not a favourable placement. Thus, you may be oversensitive, and overemotional as well as you are kind and compassionate, nurturing, have great intuition, mother to others and are psychic. You are protective of your country and family. Still, you may have a hidden motive, and do good deeds for selfish and self-serving purposes. However, you make an excellent politician. Generally, you need to protect others and are sensitive to those who suffer, however, sometimes you pretend to be compassionate, but this is dependent on the moon placement.


If your Ketu is in Cancer then you dislike staying at home. If you stick to your home, then you will fail and feel dissatisfied. You desire to be famous and recognised for your professional or personal achievements, and you love to work for your community and government. You want to share your talents, and skills with the public and get prestige, however, you struggle to achieve it. You know how to nourish others in the material and spiritual sense, and you can be a great inspiration to others.

Ketu represents detachment thus, dependent on the house placement, Ketu brings detachment to the area that a given house represents. For instance, if Ketu is in 3rd house, then you are detached from your younger sibling, neighbours or if in 7th from your partner etc.

If you want to know in what sign are your planets just drop me an email on with your name, date, time and place of birth and I will send you your chart.

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