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Venus, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in Aries

What is Venus? Venus represents luxury, comfort, fame, art, music, performance, movies, literature, parties, photography, dancing, jewellery, models, designers, artists, poets, painters, counsellors, advisors, and astrologers. Furthermore, reproductive organs, romance, love, lust, perfumes, cars, ability to enjoy and be balanced. Venus is refined, harmonious, desirous, elegant, social, soothing, affectionate, and artistic. Venus is commerce, marketing, housekeeping, botany, hoarding, wife, sister, sister-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, prostitute, sex, banker, accountant, scent, intoxication, flowers, and the heart chakra – Anahata. Venus represents the earth and water elements and rules Taurus and Libra. Venus is exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo. The colour of Venus is white. Venus's stone is diamond and the direction is South-East. Venus matures at 25-year-old.

Venus in Aries If you have Venus in Aries, then you are dressed beautifully, express yourself creatively, have the zest to enjoy life, love adventures, and love is an adventure. You conquer life, love, relationships, and marriage head on- you need to live fully. In past lives you went through traumatic circumstances, maybe a war, or difficult relationships, so in this life, you derive pleasure from excitement, change, stimulation, you hate monotony, you love adventures, meeting new people, whatever hinders you makes you unhappy. You are quick to love, passionate, lustful, and direct in expressing your feelings. You need to receive as much as you give. Your partner must give you excitement. You support your partner when he/she starts new ventures. You will protect your partner and family. You can gain great wealth.

What is Mars? Mars represents strength, those who execute the command, trainers, commanders, CEO, generals, athletes, bodybuilders, and soldiers. Also, aggression, violence, assertiveness, egoism, selfishness, stubbornness, arrogancy, foolishness, domination, falling for flattery, adamantanes, heartlessness, retaliation, boldness, challenging, defending, upholding, resisting, anger, warmth, and fire. Furthermore, focus, motivation, will, intensity, irritability, and decision making. Mars also rules the digestive fire, pitta in Ayurveda, muscles, immune system, production of antibodies, bone marrow and ink. Also, those who deal with heat, engines, motors etc. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, Mars in Aries is a sportsman, and in Scorpio is a killer but of course, you must look at aspects etc. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer. Mars is bad for marriage when placed in 1, 4, 7 and 8 houses. Mars represents the fire element. Mars' colour is red, the stone is Red Coral, and the direction is south. Mars represents the solar plexus chakra - Manipura.

Mars in Aries If your Mars is in Aries, you must utilise the energy in your body, your body is your strength. Wherever you focus your energy, this is the place where results flow. If you have Aries ascendant or your Mars is in Aries you will focus on your body, building up and strengthening your body. However, you will be prone to injuries. You have the desire and motivation to work through your body for example as a police officer, physiotherapist, masseuse, cook or farmer. You act swiftly and know what to do in a moment of emergency. You are a leader that encourages others and is looked up to. You strive for adventures, and excitements and are passionate, sexual, self-centred, and competitive but moral and honest. You are direct, full of stamina, daring, and sporty, you love to win. However, if badly placed Aries' Mars may give you accidents and scars, especially on the head and face. Still, nothing can stop you or demotivate you from achieving your goals. You fight for yourself and your beloved and you are the winner. What is Saturn? Saturn represents services such as cleaning, plumbing, housekeeping, servants, manual labour, workmen, long-hours workers, and responsible and committed induvial. Also, introverts, work behind the scenes, as researchers, monks, history, geology, archaeology, and reclusiveness. Saturn represents joints, ligaments, and muscles that keep the skeleton moving and the physical aspect of the nervous system. Additionally, grieving, stability, tradition, and longevity. Also, old, dirty, dark, cold, slow but steady, withdrawn, humble, restricted, detached, eliminated and separated. Saturn is a rebel, the one that fights for underdogs. Saturn is orthodox and outcast, outsider, beggar, pragmatic, wants real things and life, quiet, and speaks only when needed. He is a pathologist, funeral worker, administrator, janitor, sanitary inspector, sewer engineer, foundations, oil, fear, worry, secrets, injury, pain, fewer, long-distance travels, and death. A strong Saturn makes a good astrologer, magician, occultist, and psychic. Saturn gives you lessons that you will never forget. Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. Saturn matures at 36-year-old and represents the base chakra - Muladhara. Stays in one sign for 2.5-2.7 years and retrogrades 4 months a year. Saturn is the Air element. Black and dark blue are Saturn's colours and West is his direction.

Saturn in Aries If your Saturn is in Aries, you feel old, you may experience arthritis, joint issues, and many injuries. You may be overweight and look older than you have grey hair, beard, and wrinkles early in life. You bring sorrow by yourself to yourself. You are pessimistic. You do not believe that you can do business by yourself and are afraid of starting something new. You may have a lot of money but live life like you don't have it and you are not well off. You are inclined to do manual jobs, and use your body, e.g., a construction worker, farmer, physiotherapist, plumber, or anything where you use your body. In past lives, you experience war, fights, and conflicts. Now you are experiencing an inner conflict, you want peace, and you want excitement at the same time. You came across many obstacles from rivals, and situations. Whenever you start something new you face problem after problem, so you always fight. Still, if you are persistent with your ventures and innovations, you will succeed. Although Saturn tests you, Mars will support you so you can win. However, there is a condition, you must act ethically. You need autonomy in professional land and personal relationships. The perfect job for you is self-employment. What is Rahu? Rahu (North Node) represents outsiders, eccentrics, unpredictable, untraceable, also, desires, passion, explosion, impulsiveness, wild, intelligence, driver, tricky, illusionary, fake, murky, a hard to contain, foreign, and not fitting in. Also, delusion, fake news, smoke, greed, and addiction. Tooth and body pain, murder, death, accident, suicide, stammering, rheumatism, bites, and insanity. Also, corruption, thief, paternal grandfather, round shape, darkness, gambling, wicked women, laziness, and a liar. The elements of Rahu are ether and air, colours black and ash, the stone is hessonite and the direction is southwest. Rahu spends 18 months in a sign and rules Aquarius, is exalted in Taurus, and debilitated in Scorpio. Rahu matures at 42. Rahu in Aries If your Rahu is in Aries you are confused about who you are, feel lost, and are not sure who you should be and what you should do. You want fame and all the best things in life. Your ego is inflated, and you want to show off, that you live a fancy lifestyle. You get a bit of this and that and present that as you, when in fact you do not know who you are. You also feel that you are different, that you have a mission in life. People are attracted to you, unfortunately, they often manipulate you and you are easy to be manipulated in relationships. It is hard for you to attract the right people. Still, through relationships, you will find yourself, mainly by a special, karmic person that comes across your path. Remember that unless you find a real-life purpose your relationships will make you unhappy. What is Ketu? Ketu (South Node) represents mysterious individuals, those with abstract and incomprehensive views, spies, inventors, mathematicians, also, detachment, delusion, and higher state of consciousness, sudden, unforeseen, subtle, abstract, universal, intelligent, insightful, psychic, things falling apart and disappearing. Ketu is a medic, theolog, astrologer, spiritual person, clinical psychologist, and languages expert. Moreover, digestion, reproduction, blood flow, bone structure, mediation, as well as extremists, terrorists, and serial killers. Ketu's colour is red, stone Cat's eye, direction north-east. Ketu spends 18 months in a sign, rules Scorpio, is exalted in Scorpio, and debilitated in Taurus. Ketu is about your area of expertise and matures at 48-year-old. Ketu in Aries If your Ketu is in Aries, you are not an expert in relationships, so you try to learn and may have many partners. You desire to experience something unorthodox, different, and unique. You desire to have many partners. You may have affairs without knowing that it is wrong. However, you are serious about business and want to be a businessperson. Additionally, since childhood, you have an intense feeling of destiny. During childhood, you feel different and isolated, or separated from your parent/s and this feeling will stay with you forever. You may be adopted, sick or experience unusual childhood circumstances. Relationships are important for you and you try hard but you are not good at communication which causes problems. When facing problems in your personal life you come back to your safe place which is you. You don't trust others. You are confident, assertive, and wise. Your look is not important to you. Ketu fulfils the desires of Rahu.

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