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The Moon, Jupiter & Mercury in Aries

What is the Moon?

The moon represents the mind, the character of your heart, mental dispositions, virtue or vice, intelligence, outlook, ability, the agility of the mind, happiness, sense of humour, emotions, mood, lust, sleep, consumption, and nourishment. The moon is an iCloud that contains your past lives’ thoughts, sins, habits, traits, and desires, and is like a Wi-Fi signal that directs you to fulfil your karma in this life. Furthermore, the Moon represents your mother-in-law, maternal uncle’s wife, wife, elder sister and your mother. Moon matures at age 24, and represents water, white, pearl, milk, rice, salt, liquor (Soma), breast, stomach, kidneys, bladder, blood, womb, milk glands, and your left eye. Moon is friends with the Sun, Mars and Jupiter and enemies with Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu. The moon is exalted in Taurus, debilitated in Scorpio, and is ruled by Cancer but behaves like cancer when it is in Aquarius. The moon goes through 12 zodiac signs and 27 Nakshatras (lunar constellations) in 28 days, in 2 1/2 days goes through 1 zodiac sign. The moon is at its brightest when it's directly opposing the Sun. Moon never retrogrades but waxes and wanes.

Moon in Aries

When your moon is in Aries then you experience very strong emotions. This is due to your past life experiences where you had to make split-second life or death decisions due to being in life-threatening situations. Thus, in this life you are decisive, act quickly, and you are an active person. You may have a difficult relationship with your mother, who is rather harsh and strict in your upbringing. Depending on your Mars's placement it might be even physical discipline. As a mother, you involve your children in sports and many activities. You are into sports yourself. You are self-determined, the boss, and would do well self-employed. You can do almost everything by yourself and make a quick rational decision. Competition stimulates you but restrictions make you feel emotionally vulnerable and frustrated because of your great need for freedom and independence. You are prone to headaches, migraines, lethargy, low iron and B12, accidents, and head injuries, thus you should always wear a helmet when riding a bike. You are not very secretive but like to have plans that you keep to yourself. You are fond of new and innovative things. You are very driven and sometimes you may feel that wherever you go, conflicts follow. This upsets you but subconsciously, you like to fight, especially for things that you strongly believe in. You may go into business with your partner or friends. This cooperation is often good for you, especially if, your partners are less emotional in stressful situations than you. In love, you crave a romantic, peaceful, and balanced partner.

Still, consider the placement of your Mars. If your Mars is in cancer, then then you are not so confident, direct in confrontations and expression of emotions. This creates frustration and suppressed anger which negatively impacts your mental and physical health. Also, you struggle more to find your individuality, to find yourself.


On a full moon day, do not get surgery on the body part represented by whichever house the moon is transiting in on your horoscope on the day of your surgery. For example, 1st house is related to the head-forehead, skull-brain, pineal and pituitary glands, 2nd is your face, throat-larynx, vision-right eye, taste-oral cavity, smell-nose, thyroid, oesophagus, 3rd hands-arms, hearing, right ear, touch-skin, shoulders, thyroid, oesophagus, lungs, 4th lungs, cheats-breasts, diaphragm-rib cage, thymus, heart and stomach, 5th heart and stomach, foregut, liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, 6th midgut, kidneys, adrenals, small intestine, appendix, large colon, 7th large colon, hindgut, pelvic cavity, bladder, reproductive organs, testis-ovaries, large colon, 8th genitals, rectum, anus, 9th buttocks, thighs, 10th knees, knee-caps, 11th left ear, calves, ankles, 12th feet-toes, left ear.

The houses are a representation of Kalapurusha – the cosmic being in the sky.

What is Jupiter?

Jupiter is a benefic planet that represents a strategist, expansion, treasure house, extravagancy, optimism, happiness, lack, income, prosperity, wealth, big houses, parties, five senses, food intake, overweight and obesity. Everything that is the best and the biggest is Jupiter. Jupiter is a general, economist, movie director, script writer and movie maker. Jupiter can be controlling and angry but also a priest, moralist, philosopher, guru, teacher, mentor, and astrologer, the wise one. Jupiter is faith, culture, ethics, and pilgrimage, also ether, as well as knees, digestive system, and the way you speak. Jupiter represents a 30-year-old person, male, husband, eldest brother, children, grandchildren, grandfather, great grandfather, close friends, and the colour white, yellow, golden, and yellowish-brown. Jupiter is also hearing, sound vibrations, mantras, and security. The placement of Jupiter by house and sign in your chart is your safety and security area in life.

Jupiter spends 1 year in each sign, so it takes 12 years to go through the whole zodiac. Jupiter retrogrades for 120 days a year.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries is a good placement, it represents your good karma. This means that you were helping others in your past lives. In this life, you are courageous, intelligent, logical, smart, deep-thinking, and persuasive. You always move forward, search for new opportunities, are not afraid of taking a risk and you see opportunities where others do not. For you, independence is your foundation of safety and security. Jupiter in Aries gives you creativity and the ability to think out of the box. You are a creative and innovative leader; CEO and you always fight for your principles. Jupiter in Aries also protects you, so you do not lose friends regardless of your fiery arguments and blunt truthfulness. Women with Aries Jupiter tend to attract a very strong, independent businessman as a spouse. However, this union is most likely to be full of arguments. However, regardless of the fiery nature of the relationship, your spouse should be your rock in life.

Furthermore, you are a justice fighter, a sports coach, a motivational speaker, self-motivated preacher, and you aim headstrong to gain individual knowledge and benefits. You like to study and can teach about diet, biology, medicine, and science, everything that improves your quality of life. You are also interested in secrecy, and the military so you may be a soldier, CIA agent or priest driven by self-benefit but also helps others. For example, once I watched a documentary about an African Christian healer. He is very rich, drives luxury cars, buys designer clothes and lives a luxurious life. The reporter who interviewed the healer had many doubts about his motivation and conducts. However, in the end, he found out that the healer while helping himself, was helping others. The healer benefited himself immensely, but he was healing others too. The healer was an inspiration to his followers. Due to the contact with the healer, his followers were given hope and motivation to change their lives instead of passively waiting for a miracle. This is a classic example of Jupiter in Aries, an action-oriented person that benefits himself while simultaneously benefiting others.

What is Mercury?

Mercury represents maternal uncle, friend, a curious trader, student, sibling, twin, relatives, study buddy, chameleon – can copy anyone, become anyone. Mercury is intelligence, logic, media, social media, bisexual, homosexual, speech, any form of communication, journalism, writing, publishing, calculations, business, maths, statistics, analysis, social meetings, recreation, and an artist, clever accountant, learned man, scientist who always asks the question ‘why’?

Mercury is always maximally 48 degrees away from the sun. Still, Mercury does not combust easily, even if combustion for a software calculation is 12-14 degrees, Mercury combusts at 2 degrees from the Sun. Mercury's movement through each zodiac sign is between 14- 30 days (a month). Mercury is the smallest planet and retrograde 4 times a year (20 days).

Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries may bring you into a conflict with people from your previous lives, it may be a conflict with your sister. Still, you are great at thinking and reacting in emergency circumstances, you do not panic so you can help those in danger. Your mind is fickle, and you get bored easily so your education may go through ups and downs, but you are a fast learner. Still, you are a superb leader, innovative, argumentative thinker, and debater. Your speech is fast, aggressive, competitive, forceful, harsh, and honest. You express your own views impulsively and without any filter which may insult others. You are great when you are self-employed and have your own business. You earn good money, but you have conflicts with superiors, co-workers and employees. You are prone to health issues such as mental disorders, bad dreams, fevers, skin, anaemia, vocal, eyes and throat diseases, and prone to fire accidents, violence, imprisonment, and debts. To know your exact way of expression and speech you need to know your Mars placement.

Remedies To soften your impulsive nature of speech you should meditate. It will help you to calm down and limit conflicts and troubles in your life.

Next week I will write about Venus, Mars and Saturn.

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