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Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in Virgo

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Saturn in Virgo

If your Saturn is in Virgo, it is like he crushes everything that he sits on. In this case your enemies, debts, and diseases. Although you may experience chronic conditions you will find a way to heal yourself. You get through a lot of hardships and struggles but in the end, you will win over your enemies and debts. You also need to be at service and help people in distress. Additionally, you are a detail-oriented hard worker and you will achieve success. Still, self-criticism may hinder you. This is ingrained in your previous life experience when you faced family disturbances. Thus, now you also must deal with karmic family situations in which you have been extremely criticised. This creates self-doubt and perfectionism. Nothing that you do is good enough. You are also critical towards others but the most acute criticism you direct inwards. However, if you only recognise your potential and the skills that you have in multiple areas you will succeed. You are great at resolving issues of others, but you should use that skill towards yourself too. Also, try to find a way to deal with stress. A good example is a mindfulness which keeps you in the present.

Furthermore, you are great in DIY, ICT, medicine, business, coaching, managing and in any area of service to others. You are into ecology, protecting animals, and the planet etc, so you may be a vegetarian for both health and ethical reasons. Furthermore, you are a

hard worker but you experience many delays that happen for a reason. Saturn in Virgo shows you your limitations along with reality and practicality, Saturn teaches you. You must follow the rules, be disciplined and be of service to others to overcome your limitations, and sorrows and transform.

Saturn in Virgo is the slowest one, and the most likely to bring results later in life (after 36 years old). Still, to see exactly what is going on in your chart you must check the placement of Mercury and the Moon. Good placement of Mercury and the Moon gives you sharp recall, and intelligence, making you a slow but good learner as you go deep into a topic, so you understand, not only recall. You have a scientific and logical mind with a significant observation ability, so you notice things that others do not. By nature, you are devoted to your family, friends, partner, studies, and work, and you are very active. You actively search for opportunities while holding a lot of patience. You scrutinise the pros and cons before making decisions and acting. You also grasp on possessions but are disciplined, responsible, mature, and competitive, you finish what you have started, but are quite challenging, a hair-splitter. You face postponements, struggles, criticism, and transformations. Everything that happens is to extinguish your false ego that is ingrained in your intelligence and knowledge. You think that you are intellectually better than others, rid of that thinking and your life becomes easier. Otherwise, you may see that others are so-called ‘less’ qualified to do better in life than you. Remember that there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom. Furthermore, you are quite nit-picking, you may treat hurdles as challenges or be very pessimistic. You have various interests.

You are doing good in many professions such as societies, science, IT, communication, medicine, finance, trade, logistic, law, writing, publishing, art, history, archaeology, sport, real estate, and philosophy.

Healthwise you should pay attention to your feet, and digestive system, as you are prone to chronic diseases.

Furthermore, if your ascendant ruler, the Moon is not well placed then you will face a lot of fight, failure, and distress, be unable to deal with problems in a practical way, and have learning difficulties. You are headstrong and unable to derive knowledge from experiences. Also, you are lazy, pessimistic, overcritical, thoughtless, unhappy, and have low self-esteem. You may face scandals, litigations, lends, debts, being jobless, and a lack of professional satisfaction. In the worst scenario, you may be very egocentric, and materialistic and have OCD and psychological issues.

Rahu in Virgo

If your Rahu is in Virgo, you are smart and happy to serve others, concerned about those less privileged, but tend to make unnecessary debts and enemies. Your enemies may be cruel criminals, but still, you will be able to win over them. A good way to get out of trouble is travelling abroad it may be for a getaway or a transcendent pilgrimage. To avoid creating enemies, try to control your speech, and think, properly think before you say something wrong to the wrong people.

Furthermore, if other aspects are good then you are bright, ingenious, canny, sensible, sound, and acquire from involvement, not from reading, from people, environs, so you are rather street smart than book smart. You also have great recall and are good at communication, you argue based on evidence and reason but in a diplomatic way, and you have a talent for languages, are a great curious observer, and are a perfectionist. You consider evidence along with conceptual thinking; you are seeing the details and the big picture. Also, you are pioneering and creative, you achieve your material desires, but you still feel empty inside. However, you make a fantastic entrepreneur, financier, and scientist, and you do well in the stock market and technology.

Still, if Mercury is not well placed then you may be very egocentric, and blindly hedonistic, you will only care about money, lavishness, showing off, sensual pleasures and nothing else. To achieve your materialistic objective you will employ manipulation, you will not play fair, and will use the highest and most sublime type of deception techniques such as you say half-truths and half-lie in a very perverse carefully well-thought-out way. You may experience financial instabilities and debts, and you may launder money. At the same time, you will be fearful, anxious, cynical, and immoral and may suffer various phobias, OCD, and psychosis, and you can be a sociopath. Additionally, you may have problems with the digestive, and neurological systems as well as a tendency to addictions, gambling, sex addictions, and chronic conditions. You may think that you are better, smarter, and above others, and are not able to think in a long-term way. Therefore, you may lose in the stock market and gamble. So, you may be very high and end up in rags. You may spread misinformation to instigate chaos and gain something from that.

Ketu in Virgo

If your Ketu is in Virgo, then you may tend to escapism so you can be into drugs and alcohol. Also, you may be very critical and self-critical. You are naturally and effortlessly good in finances and anything related to numbers as well as in the law industry.

You are also inquisitive, private, and into mysterious topics, but still rational, and comprehend things in depth via reasoning, not blind dogmas (strong Mercury).

Still, if Mercury is not well placed then you will experience fear, anxiety, lethargy, and no drive, or commitment. You want things but do not do anything to get what you desire. Also, you are irresponsible, and pessimistic and suffer due to mental problems, insomnia, nightmares, substance abuse, hox plots, death contemplation, existential crisis, powerlessness, irrationality, PTSD, and abuse through marriage, work, and family that may lead to bad transformation.

When Mercury and Ascendant's ruler is well placed then you are introverted but reasonable, sceptical but analytical, practical but insightful, and detail-focused. You do not understand emotions and do not know how to express emotions and do not like to talk about feelings. Thus, you prefer relationships based on intellect that involve a lot of intellectually stimulating discussions. You may suffer due to existential anxiety. If there is no good placement of your Jupiter, then you disregard intuition. Not well-placed Mercury, the Moon and ascendant’s ruler then you may spread misinformation and deceive yourself, be envious, rude, manipulative, sadistic, sociopathic, and psychopathic and never happy.

If you want to balance your Ketu then try to meditate for an hour a day and apply a routine to your life.

This is the end of planets in Virgo. Next time I will write about Libra, meantime if you like to know where are placed your planets just let me know and I will email you your birth chart.

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