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Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in Scorpio

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Saturn in Scorpio

If your Saturn is in Scorpio, you will experience lots of conflictual situations since early childhood. You have obsessive tendencies and are fearful. This is coming from your previous life experiences when you went through life-and-death situations. Those experiences lead you to transformations that are hard and difficult to accept and go through therefore you go through many upheavals. This inner fear will carry on even in your adulthood. You want to be in control of your life and emotions and are afraid of losing control. Still, any personal relationships including family and romantic ones bring quite traumatic and transformative results. Still, this Saturn makes you a great researcher as you like to go deep and slowly into any issue that you tackle. It may be related to science, history, and psychology. You intuitively understand others at a very deep level. You know what triggers others.

You are direct in expressing your opinions but be careful as people may take your honesty the wrong way, so it’d be good if you employ some diplomacy. Still, people trust you, like to follow you, and are open to you therefore you make a great leader. However, you tend to have love–hate relationships. There is nothing in between. Definitively you are something else and others are attracted to you. In personal relationships, you should be more reserved and not so clingy or obsessed. If a relationship is not working for you should sit aside and rethink instead stick to it even though the connection has stopped working for you. Just try to learn to let go and not feel inferior. When you release that then Saturn will reward you, just accept the changes and transform and you will become a better version of yourself and happier.

As I said you would go through sudden events in your life, so you can be not well off and unexpectedly become very well off or the other way round.

Another thing about the position of Saturn in Scorpio is the suppression of sudden events, joint assets but also longevity. Still, you should pay attention to your health, especially your reproductive and urinary systems.

Furthermore, you may be interested in mysteries, things that are not so obvious and at some point in your life, most likely in the second part of your life you may be into the occult, tantara yoga, psychics, astrology, tarot reading etc. Still, to see the proper results you should analyse your Mars and Ketu position. If well placed you are very determined and work hard towards your objectives, you fight for your dreams, therefore, you will get them. It’s never easy for you but it will bring a transformation.

Rahu in Scorpio

If your Rahu is in Scorpio then you should know that Rahu is debilitated, which means that Rahu is not happy here. However, this position of Rahu brings rejuvenation and transformation to you in this life.

Still, you may go through rough transformations, from rich to poor or poor to rich.

You may be interested in the unknown, mystery, occult, the world's secrets, and everything hidden. The one thing that you should pay attention to is not being over-obsessive and over-controlling.

Depending on the placement of Mars you may make a great businessperson, physician, healer, or astrologer, and that profession will give you a good profit.

Thus if your Rahu is stronger than your Ketu along with a well-placed ascendant ruler then you will be very logical, sensible, and focused on science and facts but also quite sceptical and analytical as well as having a different way of thinking and behaving. Also, you are passionate and even obsessive. As far as it is positively directed it is good for you. Furthermore, you are exceptionally bright, perceptive, innovative, see what is unseen for others, love to learn about what is hidden, love to take risks, daring, however, still full of fear, and anxious, rebellious, immovable, introspective, and open-minded. Transformation is part of your life, like it or not. You are confident and feel worthy. If you focus on something you do it, and you will get it. However, also very sexual, and lustful but struggle with expressing their feelings. You may go through an existential crisis. Transformation is a must you cannot avoid it but it may be a good or bad one, to see this you need to consider other aspects of your chart.

It may be positive or you may become a sadist, sociopath, psychopath, be blue, vengeful, arrogant, hateful, feel better or worse than others, be very anxious, disoriented, delay everything, sluggish, your self-worth depends on others' likes or dislikes, also you are full of prejudices and tend to believe in false information, follow unhealthy obsessions, have suicidal tendencies, all sorts of addictions, not sure about your sexuality, be full of unhealthy sexual fantasies, and get involved in all sort of criminal activities.

Healthwise you may experience various problems including misdiagnosis and mistreatments that ultimately may even lead to death.

Your marital life will not be happy due to your lack of commitment, and loyalty and your possessiveness and controlling nature.

Ketu in Scorpio

If your Ketu is in Scorpio then you may experience long-term illnesses, isolation, operations, hospitalisation imprisonment, and use your knowledge to blackmail others. However, it is dependent on your Mars placement. If your Mars is well placed, you may go through surgeries that will help you.

Also, although you may believe in occult knowledge and what is hidden and unexplained you will officially reject it. You will have multiple secrets, be quite violent, tend to crimes of passion, expose secrets of authorities, and use aggression to protect others. Everything is quite controversial.

If your Ketu is in the 5th, 8th, or 12th house then you are a psychic, and intuitive and you can use the skills for good or bad purposes. You are also very frugal although money is not important to you. Moreover, you aim to get to know the unknown, your sexuality and psychology so you can make a fantastic sexologist. Also, you may be into astrology and the occult, but you will not be good at it.

At the end of your life, you will end up in some sort of seclusion but still, you will leave some legacy.

However, if your Ketu is stronger than your Rahu along with a strong Moon, Mars, and ascendant ruler then you will be inclined spiritually, detached, and know who you are at the essence and what is after this life. You like to know what the purpose of your existence is and ask deep existential questions.

Still, depending on other planetary placements you may be interlinked with the materialistic way of living and attached to the material world which will bring disappointment and unhappiness. Still, you will be responsible in earthly matters but not greedy. You will be satisfied with the minimum even though you may get great wealth. Although you are emotionally detached you will still be empathetic and loving. You may be introverted and introspective, but if you decide that you want something you will do what is necessary to get it. You may be quite eccentric and reject social norms. You may be into yoga, mantras, meditation, astrology and spirituality which is different from being religious.

However, if the planets are placed badly then you may have destructive traits towards others and yourself, be a perv, sadist, hateful, terrorist, psychopath, or sociopath, emotionless and heartless, even insane, blue, confused, and violent. Still, to define exactly your psychological profile we need to see and analyse your chart comprehensively.

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