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Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in Sagittarius

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Saturn in Sagittarius

If your Saturn is in Sagittarius, then you should know that it is a good placement. You most likely follow the law, ethics, and rules. You are patient, think forward, mature, metaphysical but also sensible, reasonable, reflective, and self-critical, so you can continuously work on yourself. You are inclined spiritually, religiously, and philosophically. Your approach to these matters are healthy and you trying to use your wisdom to help others. Still, if Jupiter is not well placed or there is another negative placement you may present cynicism and disapproval to views that are opposite to yours. You may consider yourself above others and that only your views and perspectives are right, and anyone who contradicts you is wrong. This attitude may bring destructive consequences for other parties. Your father, father figure, mentor or guru may be very authoritarian and impose on you harsh discipline. You may get an interest in spirituality or religion of any kind in middle age, and your father can have you very late in his life. With age, you become wiser and you will become an authority figure.

Moreover, in your previous lives you mastered religions and philosophies, and, in this existence, you are prone to continue that path. You can do this as you are naturally very intelligent, quite intuitive and seek a deep meaning of life and existence. You are ready to renounce the material world for spiritual enlightenment, and need to know the truth about the sense and purpose of life, about who you are. Your wisdom and intelligence make you a great educator, but you may struggle to follow your principles as you love changes and may oscillate between extremes. You crave changes, love to travel. Making roots is a challenge for you. Still, you are very open-minded and thrive amongst various cultures, regions, and nations. You are also a congruent and moral person, a balanced believer, and a kind of preacher. Do not deviate from your moral path and you will be rewarded. Furthermore, you may be into astrology, the occult, and the esoteric in general.

Any profession related to: education, schooling, preaching, inspiring, religion, philosophy, yoga, astrology, law, occult, politics, police forces, insurance, building, real estate, mining, engineering, astronomy, study, history, medicine, psychology, writing, and mass communication is good for you.

However, if your Jupiter is not well placed then you may express false dogmas, extremism, hypocrisy, corruption and use religion for personal gain, or you can reject religion. There may be present deception around your father, father figure, mentor, coach, or guru. Your actions may bring disasters to others. You may also suffer ill health including paralysis and mental disorders.

Rahu in Sagittarius

If your Rahu is in Sagittarius then you may become a teacher, preacher, or mentor who has the qualities to inspire others to follow your way of thinking. You also may write about your way of perceiving philosophy, religion, and the purpose of life. You want to challenge any religion, religious books, tabu, and provoke others to think. There is also an element of obsession as you aspire to be the number one coach, and you want your followers to be A-level students. Still, you aim to earn from your teaching even if it is about higher knowledge, religion, or philosophy. There is a lot of optimism within you that you spread around your audience. Still, if your Jupiter is not well placed your ambition is to be the number one mentor, guru, or teacher. You may be overconfident about the level of knowledge you have, and will aspire to become the respected authority in your chosen field, even though you may provide misinformation and false doctrines; and will aim to share your ideas publicly on a big scale. Your father, mentor, or guru may be quite an unusual personality that lives outside social norms and ethics. Writing a diary may help you look into yourself and correct your mistakes. You also act around religion and spirituality, and are strongly motivated by financial gain.

Ketu in Sagittarius

If your Ketu is in Sagittarius then you have mastered in your previous lives all religions, philosophies, and spiritual paths. Thus, in this life, you tend to reject your religious background. You do not accept any doctrine blindly, and are ready to challenge any philosophical, spiritual, or religious trend with logic and reasoning. You are quite the sceptic who needs evidence and facts that support or reject any religious, philosophical, or spiritual path, and you must experience empirically the correctness or falseness of any given path. Therefore, you may become a strong critic of all the themes above. Scripts and words are not enough for you, meaning that you are highly intelligent. There is a saying that a fool accepts anything blindly and an unintelligent person rejects everything blindly, only the truly intelligent person expresses scepticism and finds the truth through challenging thesis, research, and practise.

This type of knowledge can bring the truth based on facts and experience.

This is the end of All Planets in Sagittarius. Next week I will write about Capricorn.

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