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Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in Libra

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Saturn in Libra

If your Saturn is in Libra, then you are skilled in dealing with various folks from all backgrounds. Also, you are resourceful, and relationships are very important to you. You have the inner urge to be in a relationship and to be with people. You also need to help those less privileged such as disabled, sick, old, and poor individuals. You are a very fair person in all aspects of your life including business and romantic unions. You are a practical realist; you see the inequality and you want to fix it. You want to grow wealth but share with others a little bit like a modern Robin Hood, with the exemption of stealing from the rich. The fact that some individuals are better off is not a problem for you but you want balance and fairness. You excel in business and making deals and money, but money is not your drive, you make it and want to give away to those in need, you want to make the world a better place.

The significant figures that were born with Saturn in Libra are Lord Krishna and Lord Ram who appeared on the planet to restore fairness and justice, and in the more recent time and more materialistic aspects Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Still, both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates founded charities. Due to the persona that you are and present to society you are adored and well-regarded. Also, you build a solid and successful intimate relationship. This is a reward for your fair approach to difficult relationships in your previous existence. You bring to this life a baggage of trauma related to relationships from past existences so you may be weary and anxious in this area of life. Before you commit to a relationship you think thoroughly, however, when you decide to commit although you are not the most romantic, you are fair, loyal, and stable. You learnt your lesson as you dealt fairly with the utmost traumatic situations in relationships in past lives thus you are rewarded in this life with the confidence of creating a good relationship. You are very serious and fair in marriage and any kind of relationship. You are an attentive listener, and people are open to you because you always aim to elevate others.

Furthermore, you are serious, steady, self-controlled, methodical, and always make thoughtful decisions about business deals and relationships. Still, if your Saturn is retrograded or badly placed you may experience delays in your achievements however, you will get there in the end. Also, you may have doubts in yourself concerning relationships and you question if you are loved, desired, valued, am a giver or a taker and if is there balance and fairness in giving and receiving. Still, your marriage will sustain so do not worry too much. Furthermore, you will make a great lawyer, judge, and fashion designer, and you will do well in any job related to oil, steel, iron, and coal.

Remember, Saturn is a harsh teacher but when you learn your lesson Saturn rewards you and you will never have to suffer the same thing again. You learnt your lesson concerning relationships so you are rewarded. Good job.

Rahu in Libra

If your Rahu is in Libra, then you are diplomatic, soft-spoken, considerate, have a great sense of justice and, are fair-minded, look for an equilibrium in private relationships as well as at work. You want to maintain harmony between your revenue versus expenditure, and efforts versus prizes, and you have a solid ethical code in all activities in all areas of your life. You aim to be just in everything you do and you will do a lot to build a good, harmonious relationship with your romantic companion, spouse, and with your professional partners. You check all agreements and lawful binds to ensure that everything is in the right place and is fair. You always try to manage difficult situations in any relationship with tact and savoir-faire. You are like that because you had struggled in past lives in the connection thus, now you aim to achieve balance through open discussions, you do not like aggressive behaviour and harsh words, and you want to come to an agreement peacefully and meet halfway. Also, you are open to new concepts, dialogue, conciliation, and mediation. This attitude refers to your personal and professional life. Therefore you will make a great couple counsellor, advisor, and in any type of law area.

Still, this Rahu in Libra wants to build a flawless bond, which is impossible. Dependent on the house placement of your Rahu, you will aim to make a perfect bond in the area represented by the house; for instance, if your Rahu is in 3rd house you will want to have a great relationship with your younger sibling, in 4th with your mother, 5th children or lover, 6th people who are at your service, or pets, 7th spouse, co-workers etc. You need to be in a relationship.

Furthermore, you are a very artistic soul, and you always make everything around you more beautiful, you beautify your home, garden, and office. Another thing about you is that you always try to get the best deal, regardless of whether it is a small or big thing. Also, you are sensitive about your friendships, if there is a conflict, you take that very deeply and try to fix it. Being in a relationship creates harmony in your body, mind, and life force. There may be an element of obsession related to relationships. Also, you may always look for something new, and better, especially when you are unhappy in your union.

However, if your Venus is not well placed, then you may be on the opposite spectrum and detach from any relationships due to significant disappointment and hurt due to toxic bonds.

Ketu in Libra,

If your Ketu is in Libra, then you detach from relationships, you know how to create a bond, but you do not care or you experience some dissatisfaction in relationships. For instance, if your Libra Ketu is in 3rd house, then there are some serious issues with a younger sibling who may be a criminal, in 4th issues with your mother, in 5th problems with children, in 6th with pets, people at service, in 7th being in a marriage that can feel like a cage to you and may bring unexpected events and experience from your spouse who may be an alcoholic, drug addict or a sexual predator or all of these. If your Ketu in Libra is in the 8th house, then there is animosity between you and your in-laws, the 9th conflict with your father or mentor, or guru, the 10th conflict with superiors and workmates, 11th friends, 12th detachment from close people through separation or death.

When you get very hurt in a relationship, then you detach yourself, cut off all the bonds and focus on a professional aspect of life. You are a good businessperson, ingenious, and able to do a few things at the same time. Thus you will do good in your profession. Also, you like comfort and luxury however, you do aim to have money, though it is not what drives you, your drive is about beautifying your surroundings.

This is a transformation that you must go through. Overall by nature, you are a very gentle person who likes to help others.

This is the end of planets in Libra, next week I will write about Scorpio; every Scorpio should know why ;-)

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