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Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in Capricorn

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Saturn in Capricorn

If your Saturn is in Capricorn, you know how the material realm works and you know how to deal with it. Saturn here is strong because it is in his element of earth. Thus, you know how to work hard towards great wealth and success. You are very logical, down to earth, grounded, stable, responsible, rational, logical, and pragmatic. You have a scientific, analytical, and action-oriented mind. You have an inner discipline and are skilled in planning, organising, and creating structure and stability in your environment. You are also a persistent, ambitious, and action-oriented realist. You are also quite stubborn and patient, and you do not give up, if something is not working you will find a way to make it work, sometimes you may be prone to depression since you see the reality, death is not alien to you. Dependent on the placement of your Moon, Jupiter, and ascendant ruler you may be introverted or extraverted. Still, you have all the skills and traits essential to achieve your success, you know how to fulfil your ambitions, and you make a good leader and team worker. You are a tactful strategist. You respect authorities and follow the law. However, you aim to attain a position first to implant a good structure and organisation for the highest benefit of others and you like to be of service to others. You are always working on yourself to become the best version of yourself. You are more of a doer than a thinker.

Furthermore, you are dependable, honest, conservative, and traditional, and you value the family and your mother and live up to what you learnt since your childhood.

You are quite conservative and follow your family, social culture, and religion. Still, you can come across some issues related to your superiors and co-workers. Your success and career develop slowly but surely.

Furthermore, you are knowledgeable and may face great difficulties related to your father, guru or mentor and authorities. You know that everything in the material realm is temporary, you are familiar with birth and death, so you see beyond the Maya (illusion).

You will face some issues related to your family, especially your father or father figure. You may face an inner conflict between what is expected from you by your family and what you want to do. You must face your inner fears, and worries, doubt your abilities and get into dark places of your psyche but you can overcome all your demons.

You may like your solitude or feel lonely or detached in your relationships. Still, you will have a family but there will be problems, obstacles, and drama. Family members tend to come to you to seek an arm to cry on, advice, and emotional and financial support.

You will do well in a government job, where you are at service for people, in routine jobs, and in problems. Although you get some recognition you will face enemies who will smudge your name, although, you are a rock to others in your work and personal life.

You will do well in any government sector, management, administration, politics, law, defence services, police, bank, insurance, leather industry, real estate, forestry, steal, iron, coal, gas, oil, judiciary, social work, construction, engineer, machinery, technology, research science, healthcare, biomedical, transportation, geology, geography, history, archaeology, music, sports, philosophy, monasticism, oncology, and radiology.

However, if your Moon, Jupiter, and ascendant lord are not well placed then you are

lethargic, reckless, restless, untidy, disorganised, delay everything and have no willpower to work towards the fulfilment of your desires. You cannot focus and postpone everything. You may face unemployment, and debts and be very pessimistic, as well closed-minded.

You are very fixed in your outlook on religion, and tradition, and rather self-centred, cruel, corrupted, and opportunistic.

Healthwise you may face problems with bones, and muscle conditions, as well as hips, and knees. You may suffer due to arthritis, paralysis, rheumatism, and back, stomach, and heart problems.

Rahu in Capricorn

If your Rahu is in Capricorn, you like to organise and implement structure for others. You are responsible, well-organised, dependable, and hardworking but you do it for the sake of money. For this reason, you will climb the ladder of your career. If your Rahu is placed with Saturn, then you will climb high for a position of CEO, or in government such as a senator or even a president. You desire fame, recognition, and prestige.

You are obsessed with your work and love to meet people from different cultures, religions and countries but be careful to not direct your obsession towards any type of substance to avoid addiction. Still, Rahu gives you a tremendous amount of energy that you will use to fulfil your desires, ambitions, and objectives. You are very practical and competitive but not so much emotionally driven and you hold the power to influence those around you. You are a workaholic; therefore, your family life will be affected badly. You do not have much time for your spouse and children. Thus, sometimes it’s better for you and others if you keep a single status. If your Rahu is in the 1st house then you will have issues related to your health, in 4th conflict with your mother, 7th with your spouse, 9th with your father, guru or mentor, 10th with your superiors, colleagues, and 11th friends etc.

Ketu in Capricorn

If your Ketu is in Capricorn then you are not a family person, you are career driven and make a great leader.

You have inborn leadership skills in you, you know how to organise, plan, and build a structure. Still, what drives you is the ability to help others and you do not like to be in the spotlight. Furthermore, you will come across some unexpected changes in your professional life. However, any obstacles that you face will push you towards the spiritual realm.

Still, if your Saturn is not well placed then working, organising, structuring, planning and leading will not be so prominent.

Your Capricorn Ketu takes away satisfaction related to your career especially when you are in employment. Therefore you do not like restrictions in your work environment. Thus, after work, you will practice a form of escapism. By nature, you are loyal, and if you trust someone you trust fully. You are also humble, honest, and like to be in long-term relationships. Still, you do not fall in love easily. You do not make rapid decisions, firstly you have to analyse all pros and cons. You don’t like sudden changes, even when you are fed up with your circumstances. You take your time to make changes even for the better. Self-employment is a good option for you.

Your family life is rather serious, not so much mingling, talking, and joy. You try to implement discipline in your children and pass on to them the value of work. There is a high probability that you will live abroad, as you are drowning in different cultures. Once in your life, you will visit a country that will transform you. Moreover, Ketu in Capricorn may create separation from relatives, occupation, and professional and family life. You will do great in mathematics, and science, and be interested in spirituality, meditation, and yoga.

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