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Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in Aquarius

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Saturn in Aquarius

If your Saturn is in Aquarius, then it is his natural placement. Thus, you like to work at large corporations and deal with the masses while trying to advance their life, and you love to be of service to others. You do well in large organisations, politics, and business. Moreover, you are interested in what is going on in the world, you are an innovator, you are on top of what is trendy, and you use intuition that guides you well towards your success. You are likeable and well known. Still, you are quite pragmatic, you do what is necessary and possible to achieve your objectives, and your job must be done well. You aim to better your environment and the life of society. Saturn is at home in the sign of Aquarius, and this makes Saturn very strong. In your past existence, you were an idealist, but you did not put your ideas into practice. You wanted to improve the world but did not necessarily succeed in your mission, however, in this existence you can finalise your job. To see fully the condition of your Aquarius Saturn you need also, to analyse your Rahu. Still, you are very determined, and you always finish what you start, no matter what. You work hard for your objectives while staying modest.

Additionally, if you have an older sibling, then he/she will be very mature and be your role model, someone very important in your life. However, your family and romantic life may suffer due to your commitments to society, so try to balance both areas of your life. You may be well recognised in your circle, but you are not driven by this, your real agenda is to help others and improve the world. You come from a good and supportive family that makes your start in life stress-free. You can feel free to implement your talents, and innovations in practice as by doing this you are destined for success and material wealth.

Additionally, you have the potential to gain knowledge and understanding of the true nature of yourself, and the world. Still, to define that precisely you need to check the placement of your Moon and Jupiter. However, generally, you are down-to-earth, thoughtful, perceptive, pioneering, realistic, inquisitive, scientific, very patient, tenacious, reserved, withdrawn, and a great observer. Also, you are quite a private, tactical, diplomatic, unconventional, strategic and innovative thinker, and philosopher. You are open-minded, and action-oriented but not competitive. You aim to fulfil your desires, but you do things at your speed, thus you do not like cut-off dates, and you realise your deadlines. Your work is important to you. You crave knowledge, but you dislike routine. However, you are fond of modern technology, science, innovations, and transformations that facilitate the life of all people. You do not like boundaries and things that limit you, you are open to the future and the new. The placement of the Moon, the ruler of your ascendant and your 11th house will determine if you are more materialistically or spiritually inclined and if you will get fulfilment out of your aims in life. Still, there is an inner calling inside you to find the answer to ‘Who am I?’

Jobwise you will do well in politics, law, police forces, insurance, professions related to secret services, HR, agriculture, real estate, oil, iron, steel, building, manufacturing, science, engineering, transportation, especially aviation, logistics, supply, medicine, especially as a surgeon, pharmacology, geology, geography, history, entertainment, sport, philosophy, astrology, astronomy, and spiritually connected positions such as a yogi or monk.

Still, if your Jupiter, Moon, and ascendant ruler are badly placed then you may be full of desires but sluggish without having the abilities and determination to achieve them. You may be lifeless, have a low level of energy, and suffer due to fatigue. You will not be well organised, have tendencies to postpone all tasks, and lack enduring, discipline, focus and ability to work hard. Even if you try to work you must deal with a lot of obstacles, hurdles, great issues, impasses, mismanagement, and doing things without positive results. Furthermore, you are rather closedminded, deceitful, a liar, crafty, heartless, money-oriented, tend to have bad associations, waste your time and life, scheming, unscrupulous, may launder money, be into prostitution, mafia, trafficking, white collar crimes, and even murder.

You may also suffer from depression, anxiety, fear, epilepsy, insomnia, paranoia, and any type of mental disorder. You may have issues related to blood circulation, digestion, bones, joints, heart, and any chronic irredeemable conditions.

Rahu in Aquarius

If your Rahu is in Aquarius, you are a social butterfly, you thrive while amongst many friends, this is where you feel alive in a big social circle. You need to be wealthy, you wish to be a part of a big corporation, and having a leading position, and earn big money, you want to be seen, recognised, and respected. You want to be someone special.

You have full knowledge about money, wealth, and material aspects of life. Still, you need peace in life and are very mature as you have experienced the good and the bad in life, gone through many obstacles, hardworking, and psychological stress but these taught you a lesson so you are wise and modest. You may possess great material wealth but inside you are humble. You do not mind dedicating your life to helping, supporting and aiding others in making their life better. As you are knowledgeable, so you tend to stay on your path regardless of any obstacles, and issues. You become mature when you turn 35 years old, and you will achieve all your objectives in life. Romance-wise you are quite a free spirit, open to new excitements thus you are also quite experienced in love relationships. You are an idealist and peacemaker, and you work to improve the world. You are prone to acquire a piece of great knowledge about the times that you live in. Still, if your Saturn is not well placed then there may be different results, not necessarily so good.

Ketu in Aquarius

If your Ketu is in Aquarius you love to be a part of big corporations, be at service for big organisations and be included in society. You may be engaged in saving and protecting wild animals. Moreover, you have an inner need to be close to your older brother or sister, and also to be a part of a network connection. It is your destiny you should be at service for a big organisation that is involved in helping others, as it will help you to find the right way in your life. You are very analytical and insightful and have a great imagination thus you tend to make good decisions as you think ahead, and consider different scenarios, no detail can escape you. You analyse everything, if I do this, this happens if I do this, this will happen, you will judge every detail. You are a workaholic, and you gain wealth and fame, however, it is not what you desire, those things just come to you due to your hard work, and intelligence.

Jobwise you will make a good engineer, in banking and finances, and technology-related professions. Whatever you do you do it because you love it so you put your heart into it and this brings positive outcomes. Also, you may not have numerous friends but those who are the closest to you have a similar mindset to you.

If there is a negative aspect, then you may work nonstop, or you will not be working at all, and this may affect badly your family and social life. Although you care about your close ones, due to your workaholism or lack of work you may be separated from your close and loved ones. You are original and different from others, your mind and actions are very analytical, and innovative thus others have a problem understanding you. Your focus is on a big scale, the world, new technologies, artificial intelligence etc. and this absorbs you completely thus issues related to family and social life appear. Your hard work will bring you fame and wealth, but this comes at a price. One more thing, you tend to change the area of your work from time to time, as you like changes.

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