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Saturn in Pisces

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What is Saturn?

Saturn in Astrology represents karma, negativity, reduction, decay, oldness, death, sorrow, decrease, restriction, delay, scarcity, strictness, manual and dirty jobs, subordination, servitude, pessimism, scepticism, critical analysis, logic, realism, pragmaticism, also, poverty, beggars, bones, joints, and a windy constitution.

What is Pisces?

Pisces is a water sign that specifically represents the deepest and darkest water. Pisces is a dual sign that lacks the touch with the practical aspect of life. Pisces is private and like to stay in their world. Pisces likes solitude and tends to be constantly occupied with working on something, always on the go. Pisces has great wisdom, including spiritual knowledge about the purpose of life but is also indecisive. Pisces cannot focus for too long, and this is an obstacle to achieving material progress. Still, great intuition and imagination may bring you success in jobs that give you freedom and involve creativity.

Saturn in Pisces

If your Saturn is in Pisces, you may have issues related to your paternal grandmother. For example, she might die before you were born. Also, you may experience a form of isolation due to imprisonment, hospitalisation, or staying in asylums or ashrams. You may find employment abroad or be involved with intranational companies, but this employment will not fulfil you. You may encounter difficulties related to your visa, or the work abroad will disappoint you. You may suffer due to insomnia and not get sexual satisfaction.

Still, you are very deep, innovative, intelligent, intuitive, imaginative, wise, and rational at the same time. You use your intuition, intelligence, and imagination practically. These traits and empathy make you a great guide to others. The problem is that you are a great guide to others rather than to yourself. You may be anxious, indecisive, procrastinate and practice escapism, which is not helping in achieving goals and leads to missing opportunities. You may change your pathways many times before you find the right direction. Still, you are enduring, persistent, have firm life outlooks, have a long lifespan, age well and get well off at older age. After years and years of drifting, you will get stability and material success in life.

You might be into spirituality or not, but you can sense the presence of the higher power and quest for the truth. You were born with a pearl of innate wisdom; you brought the knowledge from your previous existence. The problem is that you did not utilise the wisdom in your past lives, so now it is your chance to do it.

Still, you gain experience and wisdom during your lifespan. Thus, you can make a great counsellor and guide as people listen to you. Moreover, you are a survivor but be careful not to be overanxious as it may control you and your actions. Moreover, you tend to attract a grounded, practical and realistically oriented partner. This type of partner is good for you as you do not need to worry about the practical aspect of life and focus on developing and sharing your spiritual wisdom. Ultimately, you will realise that the way you went was not wrong and everything was as it was meant to be.

Next time I will write about Rahu and Ketu, the North and South Nodes of the Moon in Pisces. If you want to know where your Saturn is and what it means for you, contact me at

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