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Rohini - The Blushing Bride

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Suppose you have Rohini Nakshatra in your chart. In that case, you are honoured, loyal, intelligent, enthusiastic, life-loving, passionate, excited, have great sexual magnetism, are sensual, and love luxury, wealth, and quality over quantity. You can be beautiful, artistic, musical, learnt, refined, philanthropic, lucky, slim, dignified, have good and clean habits, passionate, sexual, and sensual, charismatic, influential, loyal, elegant, good guide, loving, religious, into meditation and you love luxury.

Zodiac Range: 10 degrees 00’ – 23 degrees 20’ Taurus

Ruling Planet: Moon

Deity: Prajapati or Brahma

Symbol: Ox Cart, Chariot

Gana: Manushya (Human)

Quality: Dhruva (Fixed)

Caste: Shudra (Worker)

Animal: Male Cobra

Bird: Owl

Tree: Java Plum

Sounds: Oh, Va, Vee, Vu

Yoga Tara: 15 degree

Padas: Pada 1 Aries, 2 Taurus, 3 Gemini, 4 Cancer


You are blessed with growth, prosperity, and wealth. You desire to procreate and have children. If you have children, they are beautiful. You love material pleasures, fine food and everything of the highest quality. You can use the fertility of your thoughts and seed good ideas, intentions, habits, desires, and belief systems in others. If you have enough love and attention, you give back love, beauty, children, and prosperity. If you gave love and affection first you will get affection and attention too. Thus you will feel beautiful, creative, and productive without being clingy, psychopathic, and weak.

Everybody needs love, affection, and attention; then you should focus on things that Rohini can produce. Then you can attract the things that Rohini needs. Thus you can overcome overdependency on a source and make the source to nourish you with affection and love. By offering your love, happiness, and beauty, you attract love and attention and you can flourish. Thus, share, and then what you give will return to you. When you have healthy self-esteem and confidence, you are self-nourished and do not reject love and beauty next to you to chase something or someone else; then you can share your qualities and be loved back. You are fruitful, productive, attractive, fertile, creative, stable, grounded and joyful. Make others happy, and you will be satisfied.


You can be calculating, snobbish, critical of those who do not fit your criteria, favour some against others, manipulative, materialistic and psychopathic.

Moreover, Rohini is not beneficial for aspects of life that require reservations, objectivity,

calmness, and peace.

Rohini’s weaknesses are that you need love and attention from another person; however, when you do not get it, you are prone to waste your time searching for it elsewhere. Also, you may become overdependent and needy. You can cheat on your partner if you do not have the attention you need. For instance, if you have malefic planets in Rohini, such as Saturn, you may feel that you do not get enough love and attention and may have been overfocused on materialistic aspects of life. Still, benefic planets like Venus and Jupiter do well in Rohini.

Rohini - Men

If you are a man, remember that you cannot expect your woman to be beautiful and fertile and make you happy unless you give her enough attention, affection, and genuine care. Your woman will not stay with you if you refuse to water the plant of love.

Rohini - Women

If you are a woman with Rohini in your chart, you crave for attention, affection, and love. If you lack the essential nourishment, you may become psychopathic and unstable.

Firstly, accept the love and affection that you already have and do not chase other sources of love and attention that you desire, so, you can get fulfiment.

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