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Reiki, Emotions & Health

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is life-healing energy that unblocks chakras (energy centres). It cleanses and opens the chakras and raises their vibrations so that healing can happen.

The Japanese word 'Rei' means 'Universal Wisdom', and 'Ki'- means 'Life Force Energy'. The founder of Reiki was Dr Miako Usui, who discovered and used Reiki in the 1920s.


There are seven main chakras: root chakra, sex chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. To find out more about check the links

Your emotional body is governed by the two chakras: stomach and heart.

Emotions & Sickness

There is a relationship between sickness and emotions. For instance, back pain is linked to a lack of emotional support, headaches to invalidation; knees to inflexibility, fear and stubbornness; arthritis to a pattern of criticism of self or others, bladder infection to holding on and fed up; burns to boil fevers to anger, constipation to an inability to let go, ears to difficult to accept what you hear, feet to failure to move forward. Thus by healing the emotional body, we can heal the physical body.

Reiki Session

After a Reiki session, you sleep better, feel less tired, have less pain and, in general, feel stronger and highly relaxed. Usually, you will feel less anxious, stressed, and emotionally reactive. Reiki can have transformative results in conditions such as OCD and depression.

Some healers believe that emotions are the root cause of diseases and that blocked and untreated emotions must eventually lead to an illness.

Whatever your view, we can agree to disagree as healthy scepticism is required to check the facts, and blind faith can be destructive; thus, the best way to discover the truth. My first Reiki Healer, Lind, was the biggest sceptic, a banker with a regional, logical mind who went on her first session to change it and prove that it was not working, and she was confirmed the other way around. Since then, she became a Reiki healer and aimed to drop her bank work and commit 100% to help others with Reiki.

I returned to Reiki and got my certificates for levels 1 & 2 when I was hopelessly sick; (check the link I cannot say I fully recovered because I have had flare-ups, but I got better; the difference is between death and life. Still, to understand that you have to experience ME/CFS. This is one of the things that you have to experience to understand. If you were never starving, you would not understand the starving person.

Reiki can speed up the healing process after surgeries. Thus, Reiki can heal on many levels, including your emotions, mind and body and can be a complementary treatment to conventional medicine, including medications, psychotherapy and surgeries. I love to mix Reiki with crystals, music and even yoga; thus, I do Reiki in Corpse pose. Although Reiki can be amplified, It is optional as Reiki itself has the full power to heal.

The deep relaxation is hard to compare to anything else, but it is a beautiful experience I can recommend to everybody. I remember my teacher saying that we happily spend money on many things, such as nails, hair etc., but we do not invest much into our energy and health. What is worth a beautiful haircut if you are sick and lying in bed?

Health is wealth. If you do not know or can't find any Reiki healer, you can try what I did before I became a Reiki Healer; I put on relaxing music, e.g.,

or , and put crystals on my chakras. Each chakra has assigned a different crystal, e.g. Root Chakra - hematite, red jasper; Sex Chakras - tiger eye or copper; Solar Plexus - serpentine, citrine; Heart Chakra - Jade or Malachite, Throat Chakra - Angelite, Sodalite; Third Eye Chakra - Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli; Crown Chakra - Amethyst, Clear Quartz or White Topaz. Reiki and Crystal Therapy can heal independently, but you can boost the effect by interlinking a few practices, not only Reiki and Crystal, but you also can mix conventional and unconventional. Reiki has no side effects, but you cannot do it if you are pregnant or have a peacemaker. Reiki can also help children, animals and plants.

If you are interested in a Reiki session, contact me at

If you need psychotherapy, you can contact Chvonne Parker on 07835397446.

Here you can find confidential and professional help.

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