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Rahu/North Node & Ketu/South Node in Pisces

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What is North Node of the Moon/Rahu? Rahu represents explosion, an obsession that may be about love, money, having children, fame, and smoke; it also is about illusion, materialism, wealth, desires and everything foreign objects. Moreover, it represents dreams, utilisation of energy, and cleverness—passion for exploring and looking at things deeply. If your Rahu is in Pisces, you will do well in professions related to research and exploration. You have a sense of duty and responsibility towards society; you feel obliged to give something to the community, to do charity, and share and implement your ideas to help others. Also, you are very responsible. Moreover, you are good with money. However, you may feel scattered and need clarification about which path to take in life, you can make an excellent guide for others, but you feel lost in life. On the other hand, you may have ego-related issues. Still, you can make a great writer, especially in fiction novels like J.K. Rowling, who wrote Harry Potter. You have a lot of energy and potential but must learn how to use it. To find your way in life and how to use your potential, try to meditate 20 min a day; when you are relaxed, you see things clearly. You work better solo than as a part of the team. You can be a dreamer, or escapist, tend to use substances, love travelling, backpacking, or go into an ashram and may be confused about what is right and wrong. Thus, you can become obsessed with bad things and people. Another way to sort yourself out is to create a daily routine, go to work, have a pet, and take care of it. What is South Node/Ketu in Pisces? Ketu is the most mystical planet, representing separation from work, daily routine, and physical break from those you love. Also, Ketu needs more satisfaction. Even if you are blessed with something, you still feel unsatisfied. You can become a great researcher and scientist if your Ketu is in Pisces. You may find a goal in life through a spiritual journey; yoga and meditation may be your life's purpose. Going on this spiritual path will help you find a way to deal with your work, daily routine, pets, and enemies. You have a high level of imagination; creativity, so use it as it will bring you success. If you go into transcendency, e.g., kundalini awakening, then Ketu in Pisces will bless you with spiritual knowledge, and positive energy will always guide you. Still, be aware that Rahu on the opposite side will drag you into materialism. At one moment, you are strongly inclined to spirituality, then the other moment, into materialism. Thus, finding balance is challenging; this is your karmic life lesson. Moreover, Ketu gives you an understanding of people and relationships. Also, you are interested in astrology, palmistry, numerology, and the occult. Going into these areas is good for you. You may have just a few friends. This placement of Ketu is not easy, but you can get a guide to show you the right path in life.

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