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Moon & Jupiter in Pisces

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Escapist, dreamer, creative, intuitive, traveller, hermit.

Moon in Pisces

If your Moon is in Pisces, you love travelling, including spiritual travelling beyond the boundaries of society. You searched for the truth in your previous lives and experienced isolation and confinement due to imprisonment or hospitalisation. In this life, you continue your spiritual path. You are like the two fish that are always on the go, but they go in opposite directions. If you go into spirituality, you are not necessarily religious, as you do not blindly follow tradition and rituals. However, you can go the opposite way to spirituality.

Moreover, you are private and interested in self-realisation, mysticism, astrology, astronomy, occult, and holy scripts. Therefore, you are secretive and like solitude, and you socialise with others cautiously. You must be alone once a day to contemplate nature, meditate or pray to connect with your inner self and hear your intuition. Otherwise, you will be confused and lost. You like to be surrendered by intelligent people like you, who see beyond the scientist's glass and eye. You may have just a few friends but feel okay about it. Still, you should choose your friends carefully as the wrong folk can drain you. You are a true giver; evil people can use and exhaust you. It would be best to have more knowledge and clarity to make correct decisions. Still, caring for others gives you fulfilment.

Saint or Drunk

Suppose the ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is well placed, and your Moon is waxing. In that case, you aim for higher learning, wisdom, and knowledge in various subjects and hobbies. Also, you are optimistic, transcendent, and fond of nature, peace, and solitude. Also, you love travelling, have a great imagination, are creative, fair and follow moral principles. You are a hermit as you like privacy, which gives you peace of mind.

However, you tend to be a hedonist if your Moon is waning. So, you may escape the harsh reality by isolating yourself and indulging in alcohol, drugs, and bed pleasures. Still, other aspects may make you focused on sustaining yourself and your family. Thus, you are not blinded by a hedonistic lifestyle and are neither a saint nor a drunk, as you see a different purpose in life than hedonism.


A practical partner like Virgo, who is down to earth, is a good match for you. They will ground you but may be overcritical, but you are okay with constructive criticism.


You may have complex relationships with your mother as she may be too consumed by her problems related to life circumstances and mental and physical health. She loves you but probably cannot give you the care and love you need. Still, she imprints kindness to all living beings in you.


To see your vocation, check your 10th house. Your work cannot involve routine as you must have your freedom. A job related to travelling and teaching is good for you. You are good in art, music, entertainment, acting, dance, drama, and creative jobs such as writing and poetry. Also, medical, water-related employment, transportation, oil, gas, import-export, astrology, occult, mystical, social works, and philanthropy suit you. Also, you can be a yogi, monk or priest, and you can have few sources of income. Try to find a vocation, as you cannot be happy if you do not work in the field of your interest. If you cannot find a vocation you can become a drifter and go into substance abuse.

If there is affliction by Rahu, Ketu, Mars, or Saturn, then you lack a direction, and your mind is overloaded. You may have multiple jobs, relationships, and friendships and can be indecisive. Remember that contact with nature heals you, so go into the wilderness as much as possible.

Negative Aspects and Placements

Suppose your Moon and Jupiter are in malefic houses, signs, or conjunctions. In that case, it will bring negative results such as excessive confusion of mind, bad decision-making, impaired sense of judgment, getting involved and befriending the wrong people, loss in a dreamy world, too much daydreaming, you may desire many things, but you want to get it without effort. You will be superstitious, orthodox, and fundamentalist.


Moon regulates water in your system, so you must intake pure water, not alcohol, or you may have health issues. You can experience commotions during childhood but get stronger later in life. Watch out for your weight, nervous system, and feet. You may suffer from mental disorders, blood infections, the sympathetic nervous system, and stomach problems.


Jupiter is an important planet that influences many areas of life, such as education, children, and husband in women's charts. Moreover, Jupiter represents gurus, priests, mentors, spirituality, lecturers, professors, assets, higher knowledge and education, religion, wisdom, duty, philosophy, good habits, moral principles, management, fat, liver, spleen, sympathetic system, brainpower, prosperity, growth, wealth, and protection.

Jupiter in Pisces

If your Jupiter is in Pisces, you learned about transcendency in previous existences. Although you did not achieve moksha (liberation from the material realm), you still developed a deep companionship toward all living things, including animals. You explored nature, opened to investigate the most profound aspects of existence, and got into karma's law in everything around you. So, you came here with a pearl of great wisdom. You desire to know the spiritual reason for your existence and embrace the most profound spiritual truth about the Highest Power. You are interested in yoga, self-realisation and making high spiritual progress. Jupiter, in this existence, always gives you what you need, even during a crisis. The money comes to you at the right moment. Jupiter provides for you due to your good deeds from the past.

Moreover, you are not motivated by mammon and wealth, but you know that you will be provided, and you are provided. The more you focus on spirituality, the less you must worry about the material aspect of life. Prosperity flows to you when it is needed. Even though you are not here to focus on material wealth, you have good wealth-creation abilities.

You are highly metaphysical, searching for a profound reason for any situation and everything. Your wisdom is apricated by your friends, social circle, and relatives, and you may even be a guru or mentor to others. Those close to and around you may not even see that, but they seek you out for your deep wisdom and helping nature.

Saint or Drunk

Jupiter in Pisces may bring a loss of material desires, loss material things and draw you towards transcendency, art, creativity, isolation, seclusion, silence, and peace.

Moreover, you can connect with the other realm and have dreams, even premonitions. Still, Pisces are two fish that are always on the go but go in opposite directions; thus, depending on other aspects, you can escape via drugs and alcohol and feel lost and confused or go into spirituality. Sometimes you can be a mix of both. Still, you must check your whole chart to see which type of escapism you are prone to. Nevertheless, you are companionate, sensitive, gentle, loving, generous, spiritual, and religious. Still, your spiritual life may be very private, even hidden from your friends. Still, you should check your Moon and ascendant ruler to define your real nature more precisely. More, you are intelligent, have good recall, will get a higher education, and are a good speaker and writer. Your interest and knowledge are vast and relate to many fields. You love to learn and are an eternal student.


If you are a woman, your husband may be a deep thinker, soulmate, open-minded, and guide. Still, to define it, you have to check other aspects. Moreover, you are not very much down to earth, so ensuring your partner is grounded and practical and caring for everyday endeavours may bring a good balance in your life. Virgo may be a good match. Still, there may be too much criticism, but you can take it. You are more interested in meditation and the spiritual realm and are dreamy, so a practical partner makes a good match.

Jupiter in Pisces brings happiness in marriage and good relationships with your offspring, but still, you must check other aspects. Moon, ascendant and ascendant's ruler will tell you more.


Jobwise, you will do good in psychology, medicine, ayurveda, art, social welfare, philanthropy, botany, research, philosophy, astrology, and sector of education, spiritual teacher, yogi, monk, priest, adviser, consultant, management, law, and jobs related to oil, and fuel. Moreover, this Jupiter is suitable for a financial career. Still, to define it, you must check your 2nd and 11th houses, including their rulers. These will show if there will be good or bad results for you. Still, you can succeed wildly in foreign countries far from your homeland.


Jupiter in a malefic house or afflicted by Mars, Rahu, or Ketu brings health problems related to the lymphatic, gastric and cardiovascular systems. You may also have insomnia, diabetes, thyroid, and liver problems. You can experience sudden accidents and health problems.

Moreover, you can be in debt and go through litigations. However, this Jupiter protects you so you will escape all the obstacles, hurdles, and problems.

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