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Mercury, Venus & Mars in Scorpio

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Mercury in Scorpio

If your Mercury is in Scorpio then you are an exceptionally intelligent person, that is also sensitive but has problems with the expression of feelings. Friendships are important for you, and you create a deep emotional connection that unfortunately always comes to an end due to possession and jealousy and unkind words (unless there is good placement with Jupiter).

You also show a great interest in things that are hidden, and not so obvious such as the occult, psychology, and science and become a great investigator, diplomat, secret agent, infiltrator, or police officer.

You may experience some conflict with your sister and there may be some family hidden events that may come out later in your life.

Workwise it’s better for you if you work for yourself but you are good at making money through investments, the stock market etc (check the placement of the Mares, if Mars is badly placed then be careful). Still, if Mars is well placed you are full of vitality, ingenious, rational, and intuitive, accurate, down-to-earth, think deeply and out of the box, and like to take risks. Your recall and mind are sharp, and you are great at scrutiny, and reasoning but also stubborn, manipulative, and deliberate.

You live in the present moment and when you desire something you do what is necessary to get it, you are daring and persistent. Nothing comes easily to you, but you are ready to work hard to get whatever you want. You scan your environment and see things unable to be seen by others. Still, to the past lives’ trauma, treason, hazardous war experience etc you have inner insecurities and be afraid of rejection.

However, if your Mars is not well placed then, your recall and logical thinking may not be so great and be delusional or have suicidal tendencies. Be lustful, greedy, and devious. You can be closed-minded, immoral, vindictive, jealous, manipulative, and cunning. You may abuse substances, and get into prostitution, money laundering and any other criminal acts.

Venus in Scorpio

If your Venus is in Scorpio, then you are interested in the occult, secrets, any knowledge, and anything that is hidden. You have problems with expressing your deep emotions to your romantic partner. You experience extremely strong emotions, maybe obsessive, jealous, and fear of rejection. Still, you may have a down-to-earth partner who is practical and realistic. You are a very loyal partner but also very sexual and sexual satisfaction and the connection is vital for you.

However, it may be a challenge to keep that relationship due to your unnecessary secrecy.

You are good with money but may experience many ups and downs in this area. You may lose some assets, but you should always stay honest and moral, no matter what.

You love to dwell profoundly for the veracity, enigmas, taboos, death, and rebirth of the soul.

You need to have a compatible unorthodox intimate partner as your sexuality is high and help to develop a profound connection with your love partner. You are loyal but only if someone is loyal and satisfies your sexual desires. It’s very difficult for you to mend your broken heart but suffering brings you into meditation, tantra, psychology etc. because you need to understand why something happened.

You may have unusual friends who may be involved in magic, the occult, and other taboo things. Generally, you come across many upheavals, but you are like a Fenix that rises from ashes, so your life is full of transformations that shape you.

Mars in Scorpio

If your Mars is Scorpio then you have an extremely strong will, tenacity, and determination and you always do what you want. If you want something then you will do everything to get it and you will never give up, you will fight to the end so that you may be a rebel too. Due to your intense and steadfast, charming, influential, energetic, powerful, and enigmatic nature you may attract a negative attitude towards yourself and be condemned and disrespected. Therefore, you may come across many enemies, and court battles. Do not worry you will win over your foes. However, remember to always stay upright, moral and in accordance with the truth. These traits will be your remedies, your protection. Still, you make a very good leader, journalist, especially a war journalist, surgeon, psychologist, and astrologer and be good with lands and real estate area, secret agent, investigator, or surgeon.

You may do those professions due to your inquisitiveness, obsession with the truth, stamina, bravery, determination as well as logical nature. You are also highly sexual.

Next time I will write about Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in Scorpio.

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