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Mercury, Venus & Mars in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius

If your Mercury is in Sagittarius, then you are a good observer and communication style is very optimistic about full of hope. You are analytical, logical, optimistic and innovative, good with languages, social media, business, finances, management, law, politics, medicine, astrology, music, ethos, and the stock market. You are liberal, humanitarian, and independent, an optimist and realist at the same time, additionally, you are quite creative. You are a born philosopher, who thinks deeply and express your ideas through teaching or preaching. You are into spirituality, religion, and higher education, you love to study the subjects and share your knowledge and wisdom creatively and beautifully. However, this is only the matter if your Jupiter, (the ruler of Sagittarius) is well placed. If Jupiter is not strong in your chart, then your commutation can be not so pleasant, and you can be rather withdrawn.

Generally, you express your thought as a priest or guru, and you talk about matters of higher knowledge, wisdom, spirituality, or finances with a great deal of optimism. These are innate traits in you therefore you followed this path in your previous lives. Also, you love foreign travels and cultures. You are open-minded and tend to see the big picture. You love fun, comedy and socialising, you are on good terms with your siblings (at least later in life). Your childhood may be full of changes and challenges related to it. This may plant in you a certain level of self-doubt. Moreover, you may move aboard or have property in a different country. You may change your professions during your lifetime and be reckless with the money thus it is advisable to make partnerships with more practical individuals.

Still, to see how your Mercury behaves, you need to analyse the Moon and Nakshatras (the Moon mansions).

Though, if your Jupiter is good then you will be very intelligent, bright, inquisitive, wise and a fast learner. You will implement the learned knowledge and life experience together and share them with others in a beautiful way. However, the Moon placement plays a role too in your psychological wire. The good Moon gives you the sharpness and the ability to acquire and share wisdom based on evidence, facts, morality, the ability to think ahead, and experience. Also, brings you the support of your mentors, teachers, and gurus.

Furthermore, you are attracted to intellectual discussions and wise people. You like to explore different avenues of knowledge throughout your lifetime. Well-placed Mercury in Sagittarius may lead to exploring Vedas and liberation from this material existence.

If your Jupiter is not well placed then you will struggle in education, have a weak recall, be closedminded, may have a fanatical approach to life, and religion, be susceptible to the negative influence of wrongdoers, follow made-up idealism, be corrupted, shallow and scam others. Healthwise you may suffer due to mental disorders, and neurological, respiratory, and skin problems.

Venus in Sagittarius

If your Venus is in Sagittarius then you have a zest for travelling, studying, exploring, art, philosophy, and spirituality. This is what gives you pleasure. You are an optimist and feel happy with what you have in life. You love to teach and share your wisdom with others, you love to explore various cultures and religious and philosophical paths. You are very sexual but the brain is the sexiest organ for you, intelligence and wisdom are the traits which stimulate you more than physical appearance. You explore the occult, astrology but you do not go deep into those subjects as you are more into meditation and contemplation. Be careful to not be over-optimistic about relationships as you may already plan a wedding when the reality strike you and you will be disappointed. First, make sure that your romantic partner is at the same intellettuale level as you as this is the main thing that will make you happy in your long-term relationship. You are well educated, and you need a wise partner and friends too, to create a happy union. If you are a man then you look for a woman that is beautiful outside and inside, who looks after her look and develops her mind. You may meet your romantic partner during a long-distance journey, at a university, or he/she may from a different culture. You are a fan of fun, and comedy, and love to share your interests with your partner, this includes travelling and exploring different cultures and acquiring wisdom and knowledge.

If you are a man then you get a highly educated, philosophical, moral, and just wife. However, if you are not happy in a relationship you may leave your partner in a split moment.

Be ready as you may get into a long-distance relationship, also pay attention to your Mars placement as it may bring conflicts and arguments in your relationships. Intellectual compatibility is a must-be.

If you are an artist then your art will be about spirituality, religion, education, and wisdom.

You may find art, creativity, and wisdom from your father, mentor, or guru.

In your past lives you acted accordingly to law and ethics and were good to your relatives, and women, thus in this existence you will get a happy connection with your romantic mate.

You are very independent and a free spirit, still, ethical, and love philosophical, religious and any other studies.

Moneywise you will be always good, even if you lack money, it will come to you at the very right moment. Thus, do not worry too much about this aspect of your life.

However, if your Jupiter is not well placed then you may become a criminal but a criminal that always has some sort of justification for his/her actions.

Mars in Sagittarius

If your Mars is in Sagittarius then you will follow a religious or philosophical path, and you will have a strong urge to learn, explore and study some new knowledge, however, your father, teacher, mentor, or guru may be quite disciplinary or even aggressive.

Still, Mars feels well in this placemat, so you may be stubborn, and angry but you will use your anger and drive to achieve your goals.

However, to see how ethical you are you need to check the placement of Jupiter, dependent on this you may be ethical or not. If your Jupiter is good then you are a bona find priest, guru, or mentor and you are a very ethical person. Though if your Jupiter is not good you make a fundamentalist, orthodox, and fanatic and maybe self-centred, unethical, corrupt and a scammer.

Still, Mars feels good in this position as in your previous lives you persuaded religion, a philosophy so this is ingrained in you since your childhood.

Also, you may persuade political carriers, or become a teacher, mentor, or guru. You are a fighter, and you tend to overcome hurdles with wisdom, knowledge, and intellect.

Besides, you are a travel lover, a free spirit, and take hardly any constraints. You are very charismatic, you express yourself and your ideas in a way that people believe and follow you, even change their belief systems as you are a very passionate speaker.

Also, if your Mars is linked with the 10th house you may change your profession more than once and you will dislike a mundane job.

Still, you may come across many secret enemies, however, you will win over all of them due to your strong moral spinal cord and honest nature.

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