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Mercury, Venus & Mars in Pisces

Mercury If your Mercury is in Pisces, then it is debilitated. Thus you are not the most practical, logical or down-to-earth person. Your way of thinking is more abstract, and you are very intuitive and maybe a psychic. You are intelligent through imagination, and your mind and thinking are connected to the other world. You come to a logical conclusion by using abstract thought. Your intelligence and skills are developed by connection with the different world. You have a great imagination, and you make a great in the art such as writing, movie making and anything involving creativity as yours, which has no boundaries. Your primary education might be disturbed, but you will do great in any field related to art, creativity, and imagination, so this is the direction recommended for your education and profession. Travelling is perfect for you as you learn while you travel and discover different lands, cultures, and nations. In your previous existence, you were searching for the truth, deeply involved in spirituality, but you were let down. You developed great empathy and a profoundly thoughtful and helping nature. Still, in this life, you persuade the same path. You love to help, guide and support those in need, less privileged individuals, as you are not taking well boundaries, restrictions, and routines. Thus, it would be best to consider jobs that give you a sense of freedom, lots of space and the possibility to work in your way and pace. Any job involving creativity and imagination is good for you. You may be linked to travelling, or you may work abroad, or you may have many different positions. Still, consider having a partner more grounded in the material realm so they can manage the mundane aspect of work and life as you see the big picture but miss the details. A finical adviser or an accountant is recommended for you as you may lose track of your expenses and overspend. Be careful about your friends. You have a very loving, caring, and soft nature, and you tend to see only the good in others; thus, you can be even a bit naïve, and people may take advantage of you. Honestly, be careful, use your intuition, and if necessary, ask those you know that you can trust about their opinion. VENUS If your Venus is in Pisces, it is exalted. It sounds good, but Piscean Venus wishes to exit the material realm, so you get into complex, even toxic relationships. Also, you must be more easily convinced to get into a relationship. Venus in Pisces represents the heart chakra and is destined to attain the highest form of love for the divine. Moreover, you are knowledge thirsty, like to learn about everything, and are fond of travelling. You love seeing and exploring foreign lands, like intimate relationships, and you can have sensual pleasures easily, but it does not satisfy you. Thus, your search for a higher love, a union with the divine. Jupiter rules Pisces; Jupiter likes Venus, but Venus is relatively neutral to him. Pisces represent spirituality and selfless love to everyone. You experienced the spiritual, soulmate connection, the pure love in your previous existence. You were able to sacrifice for love, you gave love, and it was reciprocated. You were selfless, caring, putting others before yourself, and still like that. In this existence, you love to help, be at service to others, and care for all. These give you inner satisfaction. You have great intuition; use it. Still, be careful; therefore, if there is a connection with malefic planets, you may be a victim of deception and feel lost in life without direction. Still, remember to do it from the bottom of your heart without any agenda, and then you will be rewarded. You are an art lover, anything linked with music and beauty is close to your heart, and you make a talented artist. Using your art to benefit others will bring you happiness and recognition, but you must do it selflessly without any hidden agenda. Your perfect match is someone with whom you will have a spiritual connection, someone you may meet at a spiritual or religious venue. You may wait long for that person, but it is worth it as someone who is well of martially or even connected with you emotionally and intellectually will not bring you what you need and crave. You have a close bond with your siblings, and they can introduce you to your soulmate. One of the most important things to remember for you is not to forget about yourself and learn to be a healthy ‘egoist’. What I mean by this is that you have the right to express yourself and your needs too. Do not forget about yourself; you can exhaust yourself and become irritated and withdrawn. Others are ready to help you; you must just be open to it. Venus in Pisces in men charts is an indication of disappointment about love in early life but do not worry, the right person will come to you a bit later in life but will come. Moneywise, you are lucky. Keep helping others, look after the underdog, and be charitable; even when you do not make such sensible financial decisions, you still come out victorious and well-off. Although it is not an even line, you may experience ups and downs, but the universe always provides you. MARS If your Mars is in Pisces, your energy and fight, nature can be used in sports such as running, martial arts, kickboxing or Ti Chi. You may find yourself confused, so you can go into profound meditation and seclusion and make a great meditation teacher or go the opposite way and indulge in violence by becoming a great fighter or even a great criminal. Moreover, in your previous existence, you were deeply into spirituality, philosophy, and the quest for the truth but were very private about this aspect of your nature and life. Still, you were adamant and protective about your true beliefs, even flighty. As a result of this existence, you may be benevolent, companionate and charitable by nature. You love to help, care, support, and guide those in need. You use your energy to fight for the underdog. You can make a great charity CEO or any career related to helping those less privileged. Moreover, you are a selfless go-getter, self-motivated, fidgeting, do not like boundaries and restrictions, and full of energy that you may use to benefit others. You are a travel-lover, you need to be on the go, you love to travel widely, and you may even live in a foreign land. The experience of foreign lands and cultures boosts your energy level and the quest for a more profound connection with others and a deeper meaning of life. The reason for your migration might be a family conflict. Mars is a fighter, and Mars in Pisces will fight for the spiritual truth and the underdog. Moreover, you are exceptionally creative and imaginative, very artistic and may become a great screenwriter and do well in any field requiring empathy, imagination, and creativity. However, your energy might be a bit spaced out, and you may need help with a self-discipline routine, and you may have a problem focusing on the tasks you have to do right now; therefore, your mind is so creative and scattered. Still, you are easy to love and easy-going, and the good will surely come to you as you have done good deeds in your previous life.

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