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Mercury, Venus & Mars in Libra

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Mercury in Libra

If your Mercury is in Libra then notice that Venus, the ruler of Libra is a friend of Mercury, thus this is a good placement. If we are talking about previous lives then it means that you had a good marriage, and partnerships, you were a team player, sociable, and had great communication skills.

This has been transferred into this existence thus you are very diplomatic, charismatic, sophisticated, sharp and feel comfortable in social situations (if your Mercury is placed well). Furthermore, you are a creative person that makes a great dancer, fashion designer, and actor. You are also intelligent and a great debater that sees both sides of the coin. You make reasonable assumptions, and you are not necessarily into academic studies and your education may suffer, however, if your Saturn is also in Libra then you have great scientific skills, can make well-adjusted inferences, as well as you may be good in business and money. Also, you possess useful skills in financial matters and any creative business where you are finding pioneering schemes to make the business work. You are good with money regardless of if you are a businessperson or not. Money simply comes to you. If your Venus, the Moon and Jupiter are well placed then you are very intelligent, easily learn any subject, seek balance in all areas of life, have balanced communication, and relationships and need balance in your environment. You always aim to alleviate confusion and pressure; you need harmony to be able to function and think clearly so you are finding it hard to work under pressure. Having balance gives abilities to act and think in a logical, diplomatic, sensible, and creative way. You make a great negotiator, and you can be quite manipulative but in a good sense because you want to help not to destroy. You also do well in journalism, media, accountancy, stock market, hospitality, law, transportation, commerce, aviation, sport, and any type of art and you have an innate predisposition towards making money.

The only disadvantage of this Mercury is that you are indecisive. However, you make great partnerships and have good relationships with your siblings, and friends, you are a social butterfly and make new friends in life. Still, to see the exact result of Mercury you must consider the placement in a house and nakshatra (the Moon Mansion).

However, if Venus, the Moon, or the ruler of the ascendant are badly placed then you are less logical, have a poor attention span, make wrong business choices, you have a tendency to associate with the wrong people, who are corrupt, wrongdoers, prostitutes, drug lords etc. You may be blinded by materialistic desires and whatever you achieve, materialism never gives you inner satisfaction. Still, you may be verbally abusive to your partner and your relationship will end due to your harshness.

You take special care of your health, especially regarding urinary, respiratory, and reproductive systems as well as skin, kidneys, and neurological systems (paralysis).

Venus in Libra

If your Venus is in Libra, then you are blessed. In previous lives, you experienced harmonious relationships. In this existence, you make a fantastic negotiator because you understand people and have the skills to get the best out of people. Still, you badly need to be in a relationship, to have another half. You are good-looking, trendy, in harmony with others' needs, and enchanting, and people are attracted to you. Furthermore, you always weigh the pros and cons of relationships, not necessarily staying in one perfect relationship, however, when you find the synchronisation with your partner then you give all to that person and that relationship. Additionally, you are quite skilled in beauty, and arts and you dislike disharmony, but you love a calm, and serine atmosphere at home, with your partner and offspring.

Also, you make a superb entrepreneur and mediator because you know how to appeal to others.

Depending on the house placement you make a great negotiator and focus your emotions in the area specifically assigned to that house, e.g., in the 7th then you do great in business, and you are a very tough negotiator. Also, before getting married you will get a prenup. You will do this because you want to be fair or because you are a gold digger. If you are a man with Venus in Libra, then you will attract a very beautiful and stylish woman that will keep harmony in your family. You make a good team with your spouse; you may do business together.

Furthermore, you know how to get harmony in your family and business, or work environment and you bring lucrative income. You make a good leader, and manager as you can make people work together as a team and this way you make good money. This placement of Venus is the best for generating a great deal of income.

Mars in Libra If your Mars is in Libra, it's in a neutral position. In previous lives, you went through violence and trauma in a relationship. Thus, now you want to avoid it. You are enchanting and well-liked, and you bring people together. You have an inner fear to assert yourself. You dislike violence and you may experience low energy levels or low sex drive, but this depends on other placements. You may over compromise, and become a bit detached from an emotional situation which creates disharmony. You are a people pleaser, and this may keep you in a stalemate in your work or personal relationships. Also, you may have suppressed anger and frustration which may lead to mental or physical distress. You should learn how to assert yourself. Still, you are a worrier but a peaceful worrier you fight via diplomacy and words. You make a great lawyer, political diplomat, architect, engineer, interior designer, art, fashion, politician, or architect, everything must be finished and balanced. You are also a great leader If Venus is well placed then you are determined and dedicated, but leave everything to the last moment to finish it. If Venus is badly placed by sign and house, then your Mars is immobilised, and you may have bad associations, make bad decisions, may be susceptible to other individuals, be lustful, and even a sexual addict. This may lead to marital life problems, especially for men and especially if your Mars is placed in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, or 12 houses. You may be diabetic and suffer urinary or kidney problems. You may be sluggish and have little determination and dedication to achieving your desires. If your Mars is in Chitra nakshatra (the Moon mansion) then you are comfortable, social, and creative in all types of art and entertainment. If your Mars is in Swati nakshatra then you have an incredible drive, but you procrastinate things and experience confusion in life. Still, you make a great diplomat, lawyer, or IT specialist and you are very lustful. If your Mars is in Vishaka then you experience two extremes, one negative and one positive, to see exactly you need to see Venus’ placement. If Venus is well placed then you have marvellous determination and commitment, perseverance, and you are very motivated, but you like peace and dislike ferocity. You make a good diplomat, politician, and lawyer, however, if Venus is badly placed then you make a ‘great’ criminal.

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