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Mercury, Venus & Mars in Capricorn

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Mercury in Capricorn

If your Mercury is in Capricorn, then you may have issues related to speech and self-expression in your previous life. In this existence you are very aware of your communication, you aim to express yourself well, in a polite and educated way. You may be interested in history and like to form long-lasting friendships and you tend to open up only to trusted friends which may restrict your sociability. Furthermore, you are very well-organised and work oriented. You acquire knowledge slowly but when you learn something it stays with you forever. You are a workaholic, everything that you do must be done properly as your work represents you and your reputation is important to you. Due to this trait, you may overstress at work and other areas of life including travelling, which is not compatible with the structure which is important for you. You dislike delays, procrastination and everything that causes you distaste. Remember to relax and find a way to make uncomfortable situations more comfortable by adding luxury to them. Practicality is your main feature. You make good investments as you avoid taking a risk in business and life. Try to avoid too much focus on finances and work life as it may make you sick. Just do your duties, work hard and the money will follow. You probably grew up in a household where the approach to money was quite strict. Also, you may be quite pessimistic thus having more optimistic companionship may help you to avoid or deal with depression.

Still, you are realistic, sensible, reasonable, methodical, and very intellectual. Your decision-making skills are sound. You are also committed, career-focused, dedicated, committed, as well as sceptical and you make a good leader and businessman. You understand the material aspect of the world very well.

You comprehend the law, politics, finances, pragmaticism, communication, and technology you base your outlook on evidence and facts. Still, you may be quite prejudiced and close-minded as you lack abstract thinking and not everything can be seen and comprehended by senses and logic.

You will do well in various professions related to medicine, media, finances, writing, consultancy, art, sport, and philosophy.

However, if your Saturn is not well placed then you will be illogical, closeminded, over-materialistic, anxious, have poor communication skills, may experience separation from family and siblings, you may have education and work-related issues. Healthwise you may suffer due to neurological, autoimmune, skin, arthritis, digestive and laryngological illnesses.

Venus in Capricorn

If your Venus is in Capricorn, then in your previous life you had a very traditional approach to romantic relationships, money, and any social structure.

Now you treasure security, structure, and order. This gives you happiness. You may be a workaholic, and you derive personal pleasure in working hard. You like everything that is tradition based including any type of art. If you are an artist, then you are a very well-organised artist. There is no space for spontaneity. You make your art an art of perfectionism. Also, in love, you are very traditional and practical. Your marriage or romantic relationship must be meaningful and traditional. Everything must happen in the right order. Ideally, your long-term partner should be from the same background. Unless there is a Rahu aspect. In this case, you may experience an inner conflict about opposite desires, you desire to do something different and traditional simultaneously.

You tend to meet your spouse later in life however it will be long-lasting. You also make a caring but strict parent. Men tend to meet older women or at least very mature, ambitious, stable, well-organised, and strong women who inspire them to move ahead.

You derive pleasure from organising, structuring, planning, and putting everything in order. You are very ambitious, willpower, and disciplined. You climb the ladder slowly but to the top. You spend money wisely, make sound investments, and achieve success and financial security even wealth but you are always prepared for the hard times. You avoid risky investments, and you make a good artiste. You need to live a comfortable life and for that, you work hard.

Your wife provides for you emotional, psychological, and even financial security, the household is structured and secure in all aspects. Your partner is loyal, faithful, loving, and devoted. Still, the marriage may be delayed.

If you are a woman then you are well-organised, ambitious, stable, structured, secure, loyal, faithful, hardworking and a go-getter. You love and care, but everything must be in order.

Mars in Capricorn

If your Mars is in Capricorn then, you should know that it is a very good placement for Mars as Mars here is exalted. This means that you are a very hard-working, ambitious, and purposeful person. In your previous life, you were systematically achieving your goals. Thus, in the present existence, you can attain your desires and ambitions. Nothing can stop or discourage you. You are very disciplined, and a go-getter, and you climb the ladder to the highest top no matter what hurdles you must overcome. Thus, wealth is expecting you therefore you are ready to work hard and long. Life without work is pointless and your retirement is not part of your plan. You live for work. You have great leadership qualities, you make a boss who motivates workers, however, you may be a bit harsh, even aggressive. This may make you the ‘horrible boss’. You demand a lot from workers, and it is hard for you to comprehend when someone does not have the same drive as you, thus you can be quite critical towards others. Moreover, you pay attention to your body and fitness. Routine and physical discipline is part of you. Also, your friendships and family life may suffer due to your competitiveness, and manipulative and controlling nature. Still, you achieve success and people respect you. You are an inspiration to others due to your inner drive, discipline, pragmatism, practicality, actions, sound decisions, and courage. You have an equilibrium in positively utilising anger and aggression and you are very confident.

You will do well in government, defence, any leadership position, industry, surgeries, sports, law, technology, engineering, technology, properties and building sites.

However, if your Saturn is not well placed then you are still ambitious but lazy. You may have serious health problems, get in debt, and your professional life although developing but not to the extent that you wish for.

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