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Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in Taurus

Mars in Taurus

If your Mars is in Taurus, then you earn through hard work and taking risks. You are a good businessperson, accountant and with finances in general, so you can accumulate great wealth. However, you have a tendency to overspending, so be careful to not waste the source of your security. Still, you are like a bull, go slowly but surely to achieve your desires. You never surrender. Your family is important to you. However, you might be a victim of abuse during your childhood and may experience some face injury.

In previous lives, you were sensual, sexual, and possessive in relationships so there were some conflicts present. The past life experiences might still reflect on this life as you have tendencies to be possessive, and distrust may play a role in your relationships. You can also be needy and over-attached to your family. You have the need to be in control. Furthermore, you are artistic, an art and music lover and able to make money from it. You love to eat and drink so you may have some eating disorders. You love to explore diverse cultures. You do not get angry easily but when you do you are ferocious, and you talk harshly and directly, without a filter. If your Mars is retrograded then you have many wants, that you tend to follow, yet you never feel fulfilled.

Saturn in Taurus

If you have Saturn in Taurus then you will experience fear of financial loss, fear of death, and fear of insufficiency. Your personality may be described as stingy, cheap, and pessimistic and you crave security. You also are neither very rich nor very poor, just well off. Still, inconsistency in finances is present and you can be underpaid and have difficulties with producing sound financial plans. Still, you are happy to have a long-term position and dislike changes. Also, you experience distress due to your family, and there may be a lack of money during your childhood or your parents had reservations about providing for you. This sense of insecurity embeds deeply into you, and you find it hard to experience material pleasures because the feeling of guilt is always present after spoiling yourself just a little bit. For you a sense of security and stability is essential, thus, to achieve it you should try to find inner peace and acquire persistence so you can survive financial hardships. Eventually, you will find security, but it will be a slow process. Also, you will learn how to manage and save money and become a good team player.

Still, pay attention to your realtionship with food, drinks, and shopping, some moderation is required. Otherwise, you may have food, drinking, and shopping related issues. You should be grateful for what you have and resist going overboard. If you acquire the ability to be satisfied with what you have then you will find happiness, security, success, and rewards will come to you. Physically speaking you may have dry skin and age earlier.

Still, take into consideration other factors, like placement, conjunctions etc. For example, if Saturn is retrograded you may be over-attached to old principles and any changes, transformation may prove extremely difficult for you.

Rahu in Taurus

If your Rahu is in Taurus you might have unusual financial talents and you should become an expert in standing on your own feet and working with your own revenues. Also, you tend to earn and waste money, especially during your youth. You may unconsciously lean on others in hardships, but you should learn how to be able to help and fulfil yourself. Your family may be different in a way and, you may have problems with your family. You might not be heard or struggle with expressing yourself or your family does not understand you. Still, with age and experience, you become a great speaker, and financier. However, there is a warning: do not get into debts. Additionally, you are attracted to exotic food.

If your Rahu is in Taurus then you are less wicked and able to avoid crosscuts because

even if you are not rich, you know how to accure money and other objects. For example, if you are about to acquire a property, it may not be the most expensive but it’s going to be the best possible one.

Ketu in Taurus

If your Ketu is in Taurus then, you will be prone to focus on something more than money and possessions in life. You like material possessions, and you are an expert in making money but you also know that there is something more to life than material pleasures so you are not attached to wealth. Still, if you focus too much on gathering material stuff you may not develop the deeper purpose of life. Making money comes easily to you but you are not attached to it and during your lifespan you may experience changes in your finances.

You are attracted to the unknown and are interested in occult and astrology but you will not be an expert in that area, however, you can make a great psychologist. Ketu in a house gives you easily the things that are represented by the house but also severe you from something represented by the house, so you will experience dissatisfaction in this house. If your Ketu is in Taurus never forget about taking care of your family.

This is the end of planets in Taurus, next time I will write about Gemini. Meantime if you want to know where your planets are just send me an emali on I will send you your chart.

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