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Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in Gemini

Updated: Oct 1, 2022


If your Mars is in Gemini you love travelling, are interested in various cultures, countries and people, are restless and tend to get into unsafe situations that may result in accidents. You may get scuff marks, bruises, and burns on your shoulders and hands.

You can be good in mechanics, technology, building, writing, sports, medicine, and creating explosives. Generally, all crafts involve hands. However, you are also good at advertising and trade. You are fond of swiftness, and have firm connections with near relatives. However, your younger sibling may be vicious to you. This is a result of your previous life's actions. You also may be prone to anger. If your Mars is retrograded then you may become overly straightforward and forceful while taking things overly seriously. Thus, try to be mindful of your surroundings.

Your style of communication is rather powerful, even aggressive, you make sure that you are heard, and the job is done. Thus, often you must defend what you verbalise, but you don’t like to do it. You can take a forceful approach to induce your story. Nothing stops you from passing information, the truth, even the threat of death. Still, a lot depends on mercury’s placement, for example, if it is linked with your 7th house then you will have complications in relationships, or if with your 10th you will have a problem in your career area. Regardless of other aspects, you will always need something new in your life, new prospects, skills, or knowledge. However, your restless nature may mark your mental well-being. Lack of stability may lead to distress, sadness, and hitches with concentrating on objectives. Still, you can make lasting friendships, and meet individuals who help you. Business wise you may be successful because you are so clever in making deals. However, you can attract conflicts and litigations can, but you always win. For you, it’s best to work for yourself but if you are a worker then you will have conflicts with co-workers. Be wary because those conflictful situations may badly affect your health. Stress is your enemy; thus, try to find a way to relax. You can meditate or exercise to let off steam.

In general, you are very straightforward in verbal and non-verbal communication.


If, your Saturn is in Gemini you are not fond of travelling and are rather reserved. You are very thoughtful, far-sighted, and very focused but also very cautious in life, worried, and nervous in relationships.

Skills of communication, creativity, sports, and other skills evolving with delay for you. Your relationship with younger siblings is rather icy. You are incredibly disciplined and structured about your mindsets, and your verbal and written communication is well structured. Though in your youth you might have experienced issues around communication, even being critiqued thus you become self-critical and reserved in communication. However, with time you become well-articulated, worldly-wised, and great with mechanical and technical professions. Also, a great editor, author, and instructions writer in the scientific and medical fields.

However, if mercury is debilitated or combusted with the Sun you can experience speech issues such as stuttering etc. Also, you may attract dispassionate individuals or those who have speech, shoulders, or hand problems.

Saturn and Mercury are friends however there is an opposition of consistency vs inconsistency. This creates chaos with siblings and family. This instability and elements of manipulation come from previous lives. You are exceptionally intelligent, curious, and restless, and you may utterly change your life and leave everybody in one moment due to a lack of patience and because you feel smothered. You distrust yourself and others. Although you are very skilled in music, IT, writing etc you are not confident. Work on your confidence and patience and you will achieve what you want. There may be duality in you, even a sex change, disagreements with siblings and family. You may have a twin. In this life, you may get into the same scenarios that you were in previous lives. The lesson for you is to learn responsibility, support those who need you, stick around and comfort. If you learn your lesson then you will glow, be recognised and even famous. Use your knowledge, and skills to help others and develop your confidence.

If your Saturn is retrograded then there is no grey area for you, everything is black or white and that’s it. If your Saturn is badly placed, you can be prone to depression. Healthwise pay attention to your elbows, shoulder, hands, ears, shingles, tinnitus, and any chronic diseases.


If your Rahu is Gemini, you are conscious of the impression that you make in your environment. Further, your sibling may be an outsider. You like to have a good connection with your sibling, but your sibling is needy and drains you. This relationship is full of responsibilities and conflict. Still, another aspect may influence the nature of the sibling relationship. Also, your relationship with your father is disturbed in one way or another. You will reject the culture and religion of your family. You may have an untypical relationship with children. Also, you are a firm believer. You love travelling and experiencing various cultures, and places. You need to communicate, and you are unorthodox, communicate forcefully in a way that leaves an impression on people. You are multilingual, a mass communicator, a deceiver, an achiever, good at creative writing and a great blogger. Also, you are into fighting and fit sports. You are chatty and have many romantic relations. Although you are good-looking and energetic it is difficult to find the right mate for some time. This is due to your independent nature. Thus, you should work for yourself as you are a great moderniser and trendsetter. You are courageous, determined, and independent, so use it and discover your pathway, and be daring, then you will achieve great success and money. You always crave new skills, things, and ideas. Do not doubt yourself, go ahead against your fears and remember that you possess the ability to make things happen in the material realm. Be confident and believe in yourself.


If, your Ketu is in Gemini then comprehending the world around you makes you happy. Thus, you are interested in science, religion, and philosophy. You feel obliged to your family but may have problems with your family, but still, you stay loyal. You may be very involved in your belief system, and you are closed-minded. Writing a diary, or blog about your own experience and analysing it later may help you discover different avenues of thinking and open your mind. You may have an untypical father, who can be an unlawful, an artist, or work in the sex business. Also, you may think of yourself as Guru and that you are all-knowing when in fact you do not know. You have strong reminiscence from previous existences, where you were involved with various difficult relationships in all areas of life. You are a people pleaser, but you withhold your true self from others. You are well skilled in pleasing others, but you do not express yourself clearly and you know this. Thus, you put a lot of effort into being understood properly. You are fixated on information and knowledge that you search and collect endlessly from all available sources. Still, the real satisfaction you can find is in the knowledge of the heart. Generally, you are good with people. It is possible that from early on you have been on the move, changing places.

Ketu is your memory so may be fixated on the concept of reincarnation. Using this fixation for resolving your recent issues may be beneficial for you. You love history and philosophy, and want to find out answers to the question ‘Who am I’? You are comic, humorous, and amusing and you make friends with ease. Still, trying to look for an individual who understands you is difficult. You are never fully present; your body is here but your mind is somewhere else. Still, you are exceptionally sharp and have great insight. You must face your karma about your siblings and cousins. Miscommunication and secrets may take a place. Finding a new philosophy, different to the one that you were born in, will satisfy you. Explore various philosophies and religions and broaden your horizons it will bring you positive results.

Next week I will write about cancer. If you want to know the placement of your planets drop me an email with your name, date, time and place of birth.

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