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Mars & Mercury in Aquarius

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Mars in Aquarius

If your Mars is in Aquarius then it is a bit like Mars in Cancer, so it is debilitated.

What does this mean for you? You have a deep urge to use your energy in service to others on a grand scale. Thus, you will find yourself well working for big corporations, charities, political parties, and social programs. You may be also destined to attain success in science-related professions; however, you need to learn to be more patient, whatever you do, then you can use your exceptional skills to guide and help humankind to move forward for a better future for all.

Career-wise you may do well in science, technology, physics, insurance, astronomy, philosophy, astrology, aerospace, pharmacology, secret services, priest or monk and art, especially as a film director. Anyway, whatever you do you always present an innovative, even eccentric approach. You may even do similar things in your past lives, especially since you could be involved in politics where you were breaking norms for the highest good of all in society. To see how and what you do in this life you have to analyse the position of your Saturn and Rahu, they are well placed then you definitively can make an exceptional scientist and researcher and you will succeed in those areas. Moreover, you are a freedom lover, and you apply this to yourself and everybody else. You are always ready to fight for the underdog, animals, and social rights. Still, you may lack patience, you want freedom, and you want to move forward swiftly, and it may be difficult for you to adjust to a slow pace. Still, you are very determined, persistent, and dedicated in your way to achieving any of your objectives. Still, the most important fact is that you do it for the highest good of all, not for your benefit as you are selfless.

However, if your Saturn is debilitated, retrograded, or combusted and Jupiter is not well placed then it is a game changer, and the results will be alerted. Thus, your education maybe not be so great with lots of gaps, and obstacles or there may be no education at all. You may be closeminded, lack observation skills, crafty, deceitful, corrupted, addicted, indulged in sensual pleasure endlessly, get involved in all kinds of obscure professions, lack character, experience problems related to your employment, have marital issues (this applies especially to females), offspring issues, you wish for fame and approval, but it may be limited too. You may have problems with showing your feelings and making a connection in intimate relationships which leads to lots of frustration. Still, depending on the placement of other planets there is also the possibility that you go into transcendency, philosophy and self-realisation.

Mercury in Aquarius

If your Mercury is in Aquarius, then you have a great talent for making a network circle of friends, connecting with others and connecting people with people. It comes to you naturally as you love to network and socialise. Moreover, you are not timid and know how to deal with the masses and large professional groups.

Furthermore, you have a scientific mind that enables you to focus on hard facts, as well as to communicate with the masses. You make a great financial adviser for big corporations as you are good at balancing a budget, statistics, charts, reports, science and investing, and you are very detail-oriented. You are a sceptic, you do not accept or reject anything blindly, you must check and examine the evidence, and then you make up your mind, thus you are an essence of intelligence.

Furthermore, if your Saturn is strong then you are well-organised, disciplined, and hardworking, and you don’t make snappy decisions. Depending on the position of Saturn and Rahu you may become a political rebel. You may have traits that are consistent with Saturn such as traditionalism, interest in the past and history, and traits that are consistent with Rahu such as innovation, uniqueness, and eccentrics. Due to Rahu's influence, you might have an unusual childhood such as a different parent, loss in early childhood, or being adopted. Also, you are very intelligent, logical, and full of ideas, although not always practical ideas. Still, you may make a fantastic scientist, science teacher, researcher, mentor, psychotherapist, or psychologist as you are able to see through others and acknowledge their hidden agendas. Likewise, you are a restless, and go-getting idealist able to inspire others, especially the youth. Still, it takes time for you to find the right career for you and this does not happen straight away, but it will happen later in your life for sure. You may have a different way of verbal expression such as an unusual or strong accent but with a strong Mercury, you make a charming orator. Furthermore, though you have many friends in life they also disappear from your life suddenly and for no apparent reason which may be a stressful factor for you.

You love stability and changes thus during some periods of your life you may be very down to earth, and deeply attached to your routine and at other times you may seek changes and go on a travelling spree where you come across new folks, and attain new ways of thinking. It depends on what suits you best at a given time.

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