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Krittika - Cutter, Divider

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Deity: Agni – God of Fire

Symbol: Knife, Cutter, Razor, Scissors

Planet: Sun

Element: Earth

Colour: White

Quality: Misra - Mixed or Sharp and Soft

Purushartha: Kama

Gana: Rkshash (Demon)

Varna: Bhramin (Priest)

TriMurthi: (Shiva-Dissolve)

Animal: Female goat

Bird: Peacock

Tree: Plaster Fig Tree

Sound: Aa, Ee, Oo, Aye

Beech mantra: Om Im, Om Oom

Yoga Tara: 6-degree Taurus,

Direction: Adhomukha/Facing Downwards,

Padas: Pada 1 Sagittarius, Pada 2, Capricorn, Pada 3 Aquarius, Pada 4 Pisces

Zodiac Range: 26 degrees 40’ Aries – 10 degrees 00’ Taurus

If you have Krittika nakshatra in your chart, you are fiery, acute, sharp, and involved in wars and disputes, but also wealthy and protective over your children or stepchildren. Moreover, you are ambitious and have a great digestion of food and knowledge. You crave information, exploration, and discoveries and are like an excavator. You may be interested in chanting mantras and music. You are strong, healthy, and very confident. Furthermore, you make a good leader and commander and are happy, passionate, sharp, penetrating, determined, focused and a justice fighter. Moreover, you are active, activating, initiating, and getting things starting and going.

Most things should be started in Krittika. However, if you create something in Krittika and need more preparation, remember that Krittika can be unforgiving when you do something incorrectly. It is like the fire that is not merciful; when you mess up with fire, it will burn you.

Krittika needs energy sources and wants to burn staff to realise energy to get the Joyti (energy, light). Krittika transforms fuel into energy like we eat food and transform through digestion into calories, so we have the power to act. This is how Krittika works, she separates things, and the energy is realised. We crush the food and transform it into energy.


Krititka is also Misra and is good for everything as everything needs energy. Misra also means sharp and soft, like the six Krittikas who suppose to kill Kartikeya with poison on their breast, but instead, they nourished him with care and love. Thus there is an element of sharpness and softness in Krittika.

In Krittika, you can observe a transformation (Agni) of fuel (Shukra) from an energy source into activated energy (Joyti).

Negative aspects of Krittika

Krittika is not sensitive and, when starving, may burn out, use up, and exploit people and circumstances. It can drain out energy from friends, relatives, and those around thus may lose close relationships and be left alone and hungry. Therefore, Krittika natives may be selfish and disregard the needs of others.

Krittika is a taught and fiery nakshatra that relates to cuts and violence. There is a story associated with Krittika about six crying sisters falsely accused of betrayal by their husbands. In my experience, if you have a prominent planet in Krititka, you may experience false accusations and problems with the legal system. Krititka may give you compulsive tendencies and make you prone to violence and aggression.

Still, Krittika is pricing and sharp, so you can deal with ending things, separations and divorces, and losing your head (not literally) with addictions and evil spirits. Krittika natives can be very stubborn and aggressive.

Positive aspects of Krittika

Krittika is good for starting new things, transforming potential into realities, and rowing material into practical things. Krittka makes you energetic and enthusiastic and gives you excellent mental and physical digestion. You bring heat and energy and make things go. Krittika can use energy from fuel sources such as your family, friends, partner, parents, siblings, and all people around you to transform it into something positive.

Kritika is linked to Kartikeya, a mighty worrier raised by the six crying sisters, so there is a connection between protection and battlefields. However, nowadays, it is optional for real war. You can be the protector of your children or take care of stepchildren. You can use your aggression and stubbornness to fight for a great cause and protect others.

Thus it is your choice. You can drain, use and abuse, or use your potential to help others, and by doing that, you help yourself. It is simple by inspiring, you are inspired; by empowering, you are empowered; by giving the energy, you receive energy; by feeding, you are provided. This will create a constant healthy exchange of energy. If those around you are happy, they can ingest happiness into you. Kriitka natives initiate action by getting fuel, so if you Krittika you need power, you need others; thus, be wise and respect and care about the fuel sources in your life, and everything should be ok.

Krittika is not soft and thus may not be promising for relationships, especially for women. However, men can expect to have a good wife.

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