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Jupiter & Venus in Aquarius

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Jupiter in Aquarius

If your Jupiter is in Aquarius then you have a great circle of friends, and you gain knowledge and wisdom from your older siblings, through being a part of a large organisation and you learn through practice not theory. You may also leave a legacy. You are blessed with children.

If we are talking about your previous existence then you bring from the past into your present existence a scientific approach to life and philosophy, so you may be a nonbeliever, agnostic and believe in science and visible evidence. You are a social butterfly able to make new friends easily and you are very likeable as you make the best friend that one can have. You are always ready to help and serve others. Moreover, you are a great writer, and your writing is rather unique and innovative. You are a future-oriented realist. The past is the past, so you do not dwell on it.

Your income can come from science, technology and authorities-related jobs. You are good at technology, the internet, and networking. You think analytically and logically, and you are very inquisitive. Your search for answers and evidence to know and understand the world around you, and how is it made.

You may be inclined to search for transcending knowledge and explanations, but this depends on the placement of your Moon and Ascendant ruler. Generally, you are more drawn to the material realm and finding the truth about it.

You think out of the box and tend to find opportunities in places that no one would even think to look for there.

In love, you look for a friend-partner, someone who has the same ideas and passion to help others and carries many interests that you can share.

You may not be in the transcalency realm, but you are a philanthropist, and this brings a sense of security and blessing for you.

You definitively must go to the essence of any topic of your research regardless of the area, transcendental or material.

Venus in Aquarius

If your Venus is in Aquarius then you are great with large groups of people, and large corporations and you love to help others through your work. You may help others to make money and transform their lives. You are different, even eccentric, pioneering, love unity and helping others and you love working.

Still, in your previous existence, you went through heartbreak so you may be cynical about romantic or any other type of relationship. You brought into this existence the love for your independence, and originality thus you do things in your unique way, and you do not like to be told how to do or not do things. You may consider the given advice but in the end, what and how you do something is up to you only.

You may be rather reserved, and eccentric but you always want to go to the core of anything that you do, and you work hard to get there. You may do well in science as well as in the occult, every area that requires deep and relentless research. Also, you love to help others, and fight for the underdog, and the rights of animals. If you go into politics, your real calling is to serve others.

Your love life may be happy but the right partner you tend to meet later in life. Your romantic relationship may be different to the general norms of society, you may marry a partner from a different culture, or it may be a long-distance relationship, or may have two dwellings. There may be issues in your relationship not due to the physical distance but due to an emotional distance as you may have difficulties in expressing your emotions. You love your own company and do not like it when somebody else disrupts your routine and privacy. Thus you may have more than 1 marriage, however, if you have just one long-term partner it will be rather an unusual relationship. If you are a male then your partner will be very self-reliant, and maybe your long-term friend or somebody from your network of friends.

However, if your Venus is not well placed then you may be uninhibited, wild, and not really into serious relationships, however, this lifestyle will not give you happiness. Your freedom is everything to you thus you present yourself as cold and reserved. This is a self-defence mechanism that protects you from losing your freedom. Give yourself a chance and it may work, you can ‘kill two birds with one stone’, have love and keep your independence.

Moreover, you are determined, relentless, creative, forethought, open-minded, philosophical, a great observer as well as hungry for knowledge and getting to the core of a topic of your interest. You may attain success in life, which may also be related to self-realisation, however, this is dependent on the placement of other planets. Your financial success may be linked to large corporations, you may be prone to take financial risks but you are still able to control your expenditure wisely.

If, you want to know where your Jupiter and Venus are just drop me an email on with your Name, D.O.B., Place of Birth and Time of Birth. Next time I will be writing about Mercury and Mars in Aquarius, till then have a great time, whatever you do in your life.

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