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How are Two Libras Different?

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Western Astrology: September 22 – October 23

Vedic Astrology:

October 16 – November 15

Sun in Libra

If your Sun is in Libra, then you should know that the Sun in Libra is the most debilitated in the first 10 degrees. The Sun is the emperor, but Libra is a common person thus there is a conflict. The ego is not prised, and you do not receive respect, and this creates low self-esteem, you have many self-doubts, and not much confidence. You may be reserved; you experience a lot of criticism, so it is hard to build your confidence. Opinions of others have a great impact on you and you try to get validation through relationships and connections with others. Thus, relationships play an important part in your life, you gain confidence through relationships. However, this is the most visible in the first 10 degrees. Your relationships with your father will be disturbed too. When your Sun is in Libra but above 10 degrees then you do not seek validation through relationships so much. Still, you love to build friendships, romantic connections with people and any type of relationship. Your father may be a creative person, an artist, work in the law field, or work on an online dating/matrimonial website. However, if your Venus is debilitated in Virgo then you will have serious issues in your relationship with your father who would experience his ordeals. Due to the difficult relationship with your father, you have low self-esteem as he and others probably too have been criticising you a lot. You may not feel worthy of being loved. If your Venus is in Scorpio, then your father may be very severe and commanded which will create many issues. If your Venus is in Libra, then your relationship with your father will be healthy. Your father may be an artist. Still, to see exactly how the Sun in Libra would work we need to consider your ascendant, the Moon, Venus, the house, and the degrees. To see exactly your relationship with your father the 9th house and its ruler have to be considered.

Moreover, there is the possibility of cancellation of bad effects but if it is not the case then you will experience reduced body energy, vigour, and vitality and suffer ill health. You would create your persona through relationships with others and you would depend on others’ opinions and doubt in your abilities and will have problems with making decisions. Also, you may blame others for your problems and may be unable to look into yourself. Still, stay withdrawn and timid. However, with age, time, and participation in social life, you will be able to build your confidence and improve your self-esteem, and self-love.

However, your Libra personality is also dependent on nakshatras:

Chitra: The Jewel (Mars)

23 degrees 20’Virgo-06degrees 40’ Libra

You are creative, bright, sophisticated, and charming and you always aim to improve. You are original and aim to balance your thinking and analysis. Still, you should try to control your sensual pleasure-seeking.

Swati: The Wind God (Rahu)

06 degrees 40’ - 20 degrees 00’ Libra

You are very elastic and liberated but also indecisive. You are fond of art, literature, and love to learn and are good in business and quite charitable. You are also scattered and fidgety so you should remember to find time to relax and unwind.

Vishakha: The Moon of Power (Jupiter)

20 degrees 00’ Libra -03 degrees 20’ Scorpio

You are go-getting, competitive, and persistent but may be obsessive. You should avoid burning out by finding an equilibrium between what you desire and what you must do to get it and avoid endless moving forward. Discover and acquire knowledge be patient and you will achieve what you aim for as well improve yourself.

Moon in Libra

If your Moon is in Libra then you have a lot of material desires, you are a social butterfly and dislike solitude. Your faithfulness and loyalty will be tested. You are very creative, and artistic and you search for harmony in beauty. You seek harmony in every aspect of life in any relationship, any disagreement puts you off your equilibrium and this makes you unhappy.

Your mother is a social butterfly, well-known full of charm and diplomatic, polite thus able to get along with all types of personalities. The same qualities your mother has have been ingrained in you. Still, a conflict with your mother may be experienced which might put too much pressure on you. Moreover, you are very sensitive to disharmony and conflict which may make you ill. You seek agreements with others. You make a great negotiator, and mediator, able to find a middle ground, and a good team player. Also, you are cheerful, helpful, and popular in the family and at work, however, you try to make everybody happy and at peace with each other so it may drain you and you may get angry and snap at others. You may have a sweet tooth and overindulge in eating. Be careful to not lose the aim of your life while trying to keep peace in the life of others.

Healthwise pay attention to keeping moderation in food intake and take care of your lower back, kidneys, urinary, immune and hormonal systems.

You are indecisive but you may have a very beautiful, active even impulsive partner who will compliment you here and decide instantly on your behalf. There will be very intense chemistry with your romantic partner, but you may fail to look deeper into a person which in the long term may cause issues.

Furthermore, you are good in business but also caring at work for co-workers. You cannot stay in a tense and unfair environment but when you work in a positive environment then you are happy and able to withstand there for long.

Moreover, any type of relationship is important for you, as you are a diplomat you will never say what you think just to keep balance and peace. You actively seek recognition, and attention and this gives you emotional fulfilment. You are fond of travelling, literature, fashion, art, culture, beauty, comfort, pleasure, luxury, extravagance, and flamboyance, motivated by materialism unless there is another aspect that suggests spiritual inclinations. Depending on the aspect you may be a good entrepreneur or an artist. Still, you may be unfaithful and not loyal and have problems with commitments which creates marriage issues.

Jupiter in Libra

If your Jupiter is in Libra then you are driven by materialism, money, and properties, and you desire status and sensual pleasures. You are focused on making money, but also you are very imaginative, glamorous, and stylish and you like to be seen, you like attention. You will get an intelligent spouse and business partner. Your partner may be domineering and more of a guru or father than a lover and partner. You will be given wisdom but not love. Jupiter in Libra will give good results, so you make a fantastic businessperson, negotiator, and expert in many artistic areas. Also, you are well-mannered, ethical, and fair. Still, you should be careful while dealing with others and not trust everybody, think about what motivates people.

If you are a female with Jupiter in Libra then you will get a handsome, wealthy, and artistic husband.

Still, whether you like it or not, even if you are polite, gentle, cooperative, moral, and caring you will experience hurdles in marriage and work and be misled by others. You will do well as self-employed and in management.

The weakness of Jupiter in Libra is that you neglect the spiritual aspect of life which is equally important as the material aspect of life.

You may have spiritual knowledge but do not apply it in life. Still, you are a practical idealist, if your Jupiter is in Sagittarius then you are an idealistic dreamer. Factually, you will get wealth, and spoil yourself with material pleasures, however, because you balance seeking a person you may discover that the material world is an illusion or matrix and then seek spirituality, to discover reality. Still, to see exactly who you are you need to see your ascendant, the ascendant’s ruler, Venus, the Moon etc.

Jobs you will do good in acting, direction, music, politics, government, logistic, marketing, journalism, law, astronomy, cosmology etc.

If your Jupiter is afflicted then you are materialistic, driven by sensual pleasure, tend to substance abuse, even addictions, are very egocentric, corrupted, prone to taking bribes, do not do your job and liabilities correctly, your false ego is big, experience marital problems due your infidelity, dishonesty, deception, deceitfulness, and duplicity. You do not respect anybody including your parents, spouse, friends etc. You are driven towards the bad association of drug dealers, mafia, prostitution and any illegal activities and immoral people.

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