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How are two Leo different?

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Leo dates:

Western astrology July 23 – August 22

Vedic astrology August 15 -September 15

Leo is a positive, fixed sign, that occupies the 5th house, the element of Leo is fire and the ruler is the Sun. Leo represents creativity, stability, courage, power, and determination.

The Sun

Thus if your Sun is in Leo, you are regal, confident, like to be in the centre of attention, and admired and you are great in performing arts and politics. You incline strength and courage to others, and act morally, doing the right thing, you love to be a parent or work with children, you are into politics, tend to earn money from stock, and study classical knowledge and mantras. You need to be in charge and that includes intimate relationships. You need to be admired and valued by your partner to be able to express your love.

Still, plenty depends on the placement, e.g., if your aspect is in Jupiter, you are a teacher or preacher, peaceful, positive, and active. If your Sun is in aspect by Ketu then you may lack confidence, feel lost, and be confused about who you are.

However, if the Sun is placed with Saturn, then you may become overconfident, too strict, have no empathy, be attention seeking, suck energy from others, and you must be number one in all circumstances. You demand respect and are arrogant.

Still, you are independent, better doing self-employed than working for others. Your father also is an independent spirit, a leader in all areas of life. Could be a businessman, or government representative etc.

Still, to see the full picture, you need to consider your ascendant, the Moon, and the Sun, to see the 3 dimensions of your personality.

Healthwise Leo represents the heart, liver, stomach, and small intestine.

There is another aspect to consider in the full picture of what type of Leo you are, such as the degree of the Sun in Leo and Nakshatras.

Here are three Nakshatras that are in Leo, but the trick is that your Sun in Leo can be in any of 27 nakshatras, which adds more spice to who you are in this life.


Magha: the forefathers 00 degrees 00’ – 13 degrees 20’ Leo,

Ruler: Ketu

You are a proud and traditional person who follows the tradition of your lineages. You have a big heart and are luxurious but care about others. You are an enthusiastic person who treasures power and luxury so be careful to not be too snobbish.

Purva Phalaguni: the world three goddesses 13 degrees 20’ – 26 degrees 40’ Leo

Ruler: Venus

You love life and are affectionate and passionate. You have a good life but be careful to not over-pamper yourself as you might become a narcissist.

Uttara Phalaguni: the marriage goddess 26 degrees 40’ Leo – 10 degrees 00 Virgo’

Ruler: The Sun

You love sensual love and all material pleasures. Prosperity will be present in your life. You are very creative and have good fortune, but you are compassionate towards others. Relationships are important to you but be careful to not get stuck in a relationship that will hinder your creativity and progress. You are into mysticism and tantra yoga.

The Moon

If your Moon is in Leo then your nourishment comes from power, as in your previous lives you had power and fame. Thus, now you derive gratification from those things. Your mother has a strong character and engraves strong self-esteem and self-confidence in you. You self-realise through motherhood, and you are an active mother. Your mental stability is grounded in the admiration of others. You seek admiration for your actions, not for your ego, anyway you are always being noticed. You respect authorities, and rules, and make ethical choices, you are fond of arts, are creative, and are good in dramatic performances. You have a great sense of style. You love antiques, and your home is decorated sophistically. You are not vain but need to be acknowledged for your efforts. You have the need to be appreciated, and you rather make less but be in a position of power. You stand out and may be perceived as showing off, but you are unaware of that. Still, you are a positive, charming, sociable, persuasive businessman and trustworthy, loyal, and faithful companion but maybe resentful. You are self-motivated. When you fail something, you seek isolation, then you admit to it to receive admiration. When you feel blue then you overspend. To be in psychological equilibrium you need to feel appreciated by those close to you.

You are an artistic entertainer, like stable-long term relationships and projects, dislike changes, good in business and others are drawn to you. You make a good CEO, manager, and leader. If your moon in Leo is in 1, 3, 5, 10, 11 or 12 house you should have a creative job.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Rahu and is in opposition to your Moon in Leo, this brings you a partner later in life or he/she will be older. Your partner will be different, a maverick. You are likeable and popular, but your relationship will be difficult.


If your Jupiter is in Leo then children will provide huge prosperity in your life, and your intellectual abilities will rise after having children. You experienced fame and affluence in previous lives and your mentor from past lives might be your child in this life. Still, this Jupiter may signify problems related to having offspring. Moreover, you are a very creative, hypnotic, and amazing teacher. However, you have a hidden agenda as you teach to gain status and live inheritance. This Jupiter is very original and makes you feel superior. This may cause trouble with establishments. You do everything your way, so your best option is to work for yourself, for instance, create your school e.g., a yoga school. Additionally, you have healthy self-esteem, are dominant but charming, funny, peaceful, caring and make others feel good. You are into politics and use your position of power to guide and help others. Women with this Jupiter get a respectable husband.

Still, if your Jupiter is afflicted you are an overachiever, and overconfident. Regardless of obstacles you keep high self-esteem and get out of any situation. You are idealistic, follow ethics and rules, are devoted, dedicated, and committed in all areas of life, and desire material achievement, and power. You are persistent and never surrender. Still, a lot depends on the placement e.g., with Rahu your ego becomes inflated and you overcritical towards others. If you serve or share your knowledge you, do it for personal gratification e.g., respect, and acknowledgement. You see yourself as all-knowing and superior. You can overlook spirituality. Still, you are good in administration, banking, finances, law, education, and coaching. You can be a professor, medic, geneticist, investigator, anthropologist, reporter, dancer, and any creative area. Afflictions with Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu along the weak Sun enhance the ego and you can become a hypocrite, controlling narcissist. Healthwise you may have problems related to cholesterol, sleeping, liver, gallbladder, and spleen.

Mercury in Leo

If your Mercury is in Leo and your Sun is strong then you are very ambitious and intelligent, have a strong ego, are into politics, and power and your deeds mirror your way of thinking. You are dedicated, brave, purposeful, risk-taking, and dignified and you always keep your word, a good manager, in admin, politics, judiciary, schooling, stock markets, acting, drama, writing scripts, fashion, selling, and sport.

Still, it depends on the placemat and aspects e.g., if the Sun, the Moon or the ascendant are afflicted then you may have low self-confidence and self-esteem or be overconfident, and arrogant. Your willpower and determination are poor.

You become a narcissist, a control freak, who never listens, and you are always right, you hear what you want to hear. You are never satisfied and always want more admiration, domination, and money. You have too much ego, pride, stubbornness, domination, anger, aggression, attention-seeking, and a bossy attitude in the way you communicate.

Healthwise take care of your heart, spinal cord, and mental balance or you may suffer panic attacks.

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