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Bharani Nakshatra 27 Lunar Mansions, 27 ConstellationsWhat are Nakshatras?Nakshatra means 'that w

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What are Nakshatras?

Nakshatra means 'that which never decays', and Nakshatras are Lunar Mansions or constellations. Twelve zodiac signs are contained in a 360-degree circle, and there are 27 Nakshatras that are divided into 27 sections in the same 360-degree circle. Furthermore, each zodiac sign is 0-30 degrees, and each nakshatra is 0-13 degrees 20'. Additionally, this section of 13.20' is further divided into four parts called padas, and each pada is assigned to a zodiac sign. Thus, we have 12 zodiac signs and 27 nakshatras.

Zodiac Range: 13.20 -26.40 Aries

Planet: Venus

Deity: Yama, God of Death

Symbol: Joni, Volva – Female Reproductive Organ

Gana: Manushya (Human)

Quality: Ugra (Firce)

Caste: Macleccha (Outcast)

Animal: Male Elephant

Bird: Crow

Tree: Indian Gooseberry

Sounds: Li, Lu, Ley, Lo

Yoga Tara: 24 degrees

Padas: 1 Leo, 2 Virgo, 3 Libra, 4 Scorpio

Bharani: the river of souls (13 degrees 20' – 26 degrees 40' Aries) (Elephant) is ruled by Venus, who can give you artistic talents and is controlled by Yama (the god of death) – 'you have the power to remove things in life'.

Bharani is the star of restrain that represents the bearer of life, and the symbol is the Yoni or vulva, the female organ of reproduction.

If you have Bharani nakshatra in your chart then you may have experiences on the edge of birth and death that may be related to dealing with disgrace, dishonour, and legacy. Moreover, Bharani represents restrictions, struggles and obstacles in your life that lead to change, transformation, and breakthrough. This is like giving birth; the child inside is growing and feeling restricted, so the child comes out in pain and breaks through to overcome restrictions. This is the moment of death of the restricted environment and the birth of new life. The transformation is painful but grows a beautiful fruit of new life.

If you have Bharani Nakshatra in your chart, you may experience too many limitations so you feel like a prisoner; although you are not physically imprisoned, you may feel like you stuck in a situation or circumstance and cannot break through. To get out of the situation try to bring something good to the world.

Bharani may bring you profound restrictions and limitations, but on the other hand Bharani may signifies that you are inclined to put control and restriction on others. Thus, you should remember that there is a difference between bringing control and restriction upon someone for the sake of power and putting rules and restrictions on someone out of love, e.g., you tell your child to put a hat on because it is cold as you don't want your child to be sick.

Moreover, Bharani makes you philosophically inclined, open-minded, and conscious, of what can make you able to go through personal breakthroughs. You may often feel oppressed in life, and sometimes, you can project things onto others; if you are not feeling good, you may want others to feel the same way. You may be jealous, or others can be jealous of you. But you can transform junk into something beautiful.

Also, you can be revolutionist, or a fanatic. If something is restricting you then you fight to make a change in the world. Thus, you can be a politician and work for the government. You deal with the mystery of life and death and go through deep struggles that will lead to transformation. However, you will come to the other side transmuted and revolutionary. Therefore, you can make radical changes that others are afraid to do.

Moreover, Bharani can cleanse, purify, eliminate clutter, and bring death to everything unwanted such as substance abuse, eating meat, especially red meat, and other bad habits and thoughts. Bharani is linked with birth and death, dharma, regulation, growth, struggle, boundaries, discipline, responsibility, dedication, restrictions, social revolution, ethics, self-purification, virtue, development, generosity, food, subordinates, creativeness, truthfulness, forthrightness, intelligence, pure heart, beauty, strong willpower, tenacity, carrier success, joy, self-discipline, steadfastness, longsuffering, popularity, generosity, artistical inclinations, struggles, restrain and difficulties in life, resentfulness of limitations, jealousy of prosperity of others, infliction of repression onto others, fights for your freedom, wit, and gives fine things but can make you fanatical in your beliefs.

Moreover, if your Bharani Nakshatra functions well then you function good in life by employing self-control and self-discipline and input control and discipline on others out of love. If Bharani Nakshatra does not work well, you may drag yourself down, be oppressive, depressive and you go down towards self-destruction.

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