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Aries – why are two Aries different?

Sun in Aries

April 14 - May 14 in Vedic/Indian Astrology

March 21- April 19 in Western Astrology

What is the Sun?

The sun is pure, divine, God, masculine, malefic and sattvic. The sun represents the sense of self, the soul, ego, self-esteem, confidence, self-identity, vitality, light, energy, and healing. The sun is also a profession, father, authority, king, government, president, prime minister, manager, CEO, chancellor, general, as well as fire and burn. The Sun is a leash that links all 7 chakras and together with the Moon represents the third eye chakra (Ajna). The sun matures at age of 22.

What is Aries?

Aries represent the solar plexus chakra (Manipura), which is the storage of energy and Aries is fire and fire is energy. The sun is fire, Aries is fire and Mars, the ruler of Aries is fire thus Aries is a very fiery personality.


The sun in Aries means that you have a very strong ego, are self-centred but not necessarily egoistic, you simply put yourself first. You have a lot of stamina and strength. You are confident, a doer, initiator, go-getter and fighter. You are also fast, restless, enthusiastic, active, spontaneous, courageous, vigorous, self-driven, passionate, ambitious, energetic, full of life, optimistic, always moving forward, honest, and direct. If you like someone then you like him/her, if not then no. Furthermore, you are determined, decisive, dynamic, and interested in sports and new, exciting things. You like to move around and travel.


On the negative side, you are too self-focused and too proud which often leads to ego crashing. Also, prone to injuries, competitive, hot-headed, impetuous, short-tempered, moody, aggressive, impatient, and impulsive, so you are first to act, then you think. You get angry quickly, say something and a moment later you forget, but you do not hold grudges. Still, words can cut like a knife. Remember that when you hurt people, they may not forget as quickly as you do. Furthermore, you are most likely to achieve what you desire in your endeavour, but you also face many confrontations. You are a good leader but not a good employee because you are not good at taking orders thus it’s better for you if you are self-employed.

Aries Likes & Dislikes

You like challenges, changes, competitions, and speed and you dislike inactivity, laziness, delays, lateness, and doing something without full engagement or halfway.

Acknowledge that astrology has many layers, thus although two Aries have things in common, they are not the same. A lot depends on the house in which the sun is placed. For example, if your Sun is in 1the st house you are a leader, always in charge, the type A personality who governs your own life the way you want, and your father is a sportsman, soldier, businessman, politician, or works for the government. Still, it is noteworthy that the placement of the sun by the house shows the area of conflict in your life. For example, if the sun is in the 3rd house you will have a conflict with your younger sibling, 4th house with the mother (mother is a warrior, strong persona, the mother, and father in one, maybe a single mother but she may be harsh on you - look at the moon). If the sun is in the 5th house, then you have a conflict with children, 6th with your workers, servants, 7th house with your spouse or business partner, 9th house with your father, guru, mentor and/or grandsons, 10th house your father-in-law, 11th house older sibling or friends, 12th house with your maternal father and paternal mother etc.


Remember that Aries is ruled by Mars, thus, to give you a better inside about what type of Aries you are, about your confidence, self-esteem, energy, power, and ego you need to know more about your Mars’ placement (house, sign, conjunctions, aspects).

Generally, if your sun is in Aries, especially in the first 10 degrees, then your sun is in exaltation. Thus, your Sun is strong which will give you status in life. You have great health, stamina, and vitality and use your body, ego, and power to progress in all areas of life.

However, if Mars is in Scorpio and the 8th house, you will be cunning and use manipulation to achieve your goals. If your Mars is in cancer (debilitated) you will lack confidence and be unable to find yourself. This will build up frustration and anger in you. Both examples generate unhealthy behaviour patterns and weaken the Sun in Aries. Thus, you may be Aries but not so headstrong, confident, individualistic and go-getter person.

Sun in Aries and Nakshatras (The Moon’s Constellations)

There are 27 nakshatras (the Moon mansions) and 3 of them are linked to the Sun in Aries.

These are Aswini, Bharani and Krittika nakshatras and they add even more flavour and individuality to Aries people.

Aswini: the horse goddess (00 degrees 00’ – 13 degrees 20’ Aries) (Horse) is ruled by Ketu/South Node – ‘you possess the power to accomplish things quickly. You love life and are fidgeting. You cannot bare boredom and always look for some new stimuli, something exciting. You think and act quickly, even impulsively so be careful that you do not react too thoughtlessly, or you will suffer the consequences. It might be difficult for you to accept responsibilities. You want everything to be done swiftly and your way. If, something is not your way you become frustrated and aggressive. You love speed and travel; you are always on the go thus you may be a speed driver. You are also good with your hands so you may be a doctor, physician, or healer.

Bharani: the river of souls (13 degrees 20’ – 26 degrees 40’ Aries) (Elephant) is ruled by Venus and controlled by Yama (the god of death) – ‘you have the power to remove things in life'. You are sensuous, artistic, obsessive, selfish, shamanic, mystic, transform, struggle, and preserve. You are not as active as your fellow Aries from Aswini but you are more sensitive. You express your feeling and emotions and absorb emotions from others on yourself which drains you and you get emotionally exhausted. However, this trait makes you a good nurse, carer, adviser, psychologist, psychotherapist, or counsellor. If you are a doctor you treat patients with empathy.

You are artistic, sensuous, and passionate. Sometimes you may focus too much on your goals, so you become ruled by your goals it may become your compulsion or obsession. It would help if you learned how to control your emotions. To avoid struggles with willpower and impulsivity you should prepare yourself to go through an internal transformation. You may be into shamanism and mysticism.

Krittika: the star of fire (26 degrees 49’ Aries – 10’ Taurus) (Goat) – is ruled by Sun and represents knife- ‘you have the power to burn or destroy.’ You are extremely emotional and a rather radical believer. You must know and tell the truth at all costs, and you are truthful and blunt. Therefore, you should keep in mind that your words might hurt others and you will have to deal with the consequences. Thus, you should learn to control your tongue and become more tactful. You are proud and self-motivated. These are powerful tools but only if you can control your impulsiveness. You are witty and sharp. So may make a very good and truthful politician, or leader because you see things the way they are and provide constructive criticism. However, you are self-critical too. You are okay with criticising and being criticised because you are a perfectionist, and you want to do everything better. You also can be a good cook, artist, and businessman.

Knowing the degree of your Aries sign may help you to understand yourself better as well as understand why not all Aries are the same. Moreover, there is something like padas. Each nakshatra (constellation) is divided into four padas, adding even more individuality to your personality. This applies to all signs and because of that twins that were born 10 seconds apart are totally different. Still, you will have Aries traits if your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant are in Aries.

Next week I will write more about Moon and other planets in Aries.


The remedy for Aries is to meditate, this will keep you calm and help you to avoid conflicts.

Meditation means focusing on something. For instance, if you focus on food or a person you meditate but this type of meditation will not calm you. It is better to focus on your breath or nature, or you can try meditation with a mantra. 'Man’ means the mind and ‘tra’ – go above.

There are different mantras that you can meditate with, you can search and find yourself what suits you best. I have mentioned a few in my posts about chakras. A good time for meditation is in the morning, or evening, however, the first ray of light is the best moment to chant mantras.

Another remedy is aromatherapy, for instance for the Sun issues such as pride and selfishness you can use Water Violet; poor self-image, self-criticism use Crab Apple; lack of confidence, fear of failure use Larch; uncertainty or indifference to one’s path use Wild Oat.

Then for Mars issues such as impatience, and easily getting irritated use Impatiens; for intolerance and critical of others use Beech.

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